Nan Rong Magic was surprised to see Yang Zhen-kui, a horse at Yemen’s mouth, aware of Yang Ye’s meaning, so he shut his mouth and turned his head to continue to look at Ru Yan in surprise.

Ruyan stared at some scared and took a step back involuntarily.
Yang night turned to Yang Zhen’s embarrassing voice and hesitated with a smile and asked, "Mr. Yang, can you avoid this …? Otherwise there are some things I can’t say in front of you. "
Yang night is absolutely true. Many things can’t be said in front of Yang Zhenkui.
And Yang Zhen-kui is already finished at the moment, and these people in Yang night and summer throat are facing Jun. In his eyes, these weird guys in black robes and masks are the benefactors of the whole Yang family. Although there is some doubt in their hearts, they don’t hesitate to nod.
"I don’t know. I’ll send servants to guard what happens nearby. Just ask the doctors directly." Yang Zhenkui smiled and left the door and continued. "I’ll send someone to prepare the dinner. I must treat one or more people well!"
"Thank you for Mr. Yang" Yang night nodded and said.
Summer throat toward jun, south glory illusion, scorching sun and MuYangZheng also nodded toward Yang Zhenkui at the same time.
Yang Zhenkui smiled and took the door outside.
Then the room was left with a black robe and a Bai Sensen mask, Yang night, summer throat facing jun, scorching sun, Nan Rong illusion and Mu Yang Zheng, and their shoulders trembled slightly like a lamb.
South glory illusion looked at Yang night first called to get up "turned out to be such as yan deeply! I also want you to be a woman! I didn’t expect it to be Ruyan! "
The hot sun aside at this time also surprised way "? Mother, is he the Ruyan with the red dagger? It’s really beautiful! "
MuYangZheng there eyes looked at RuYan hesitated and finally called out "RuYan elder sister RuYan elder sister I am small is …"
I don’t know what happened at the end of my summer throat, but I suddenly asked, "What the hell is going on!" "
Like Yan Yan and Xia Hou Chao Jun’s reaction base, he was scared by the words and deeds of a few strange guys wearing masks in front of him, and his thin shoulders shook even worse.
Yang night at the summer throat toward jun low said "old summer is black domain Lord kidnapped me several women this matter I’ll explain it to you later"
Say that finish Yang night turned to RuYan raised his hand and slowly took the mask to eyes looked straight as Yan ran after step by step toward RuYan walked past.
Ruyan stepped back a few steps slightly, stare big eyes and watched in horror as he approached him. Yang night, his hands could protect his chest and opened his mouth, but he could not speak.
Yang night expression excited rim of the eye are some red step by step to RuYan face gently laughed out and said softly, "RuYan? ! It’s very kind of you to see it again! "
"What?" RuYan one leng stare blankly Yang night at a loss.
Yang night eyes also become gentle, raise my hand to touch RuYan face gently said "you lost weight …"
Ruyan leaned back slightly and hid Yang Ye’s hand and mouth. He hesitated and said, "Sir, I told you I didn’t know you."
Yang Ye was dazed for a moment, and then he let it go slowly. He sighed gently and shook his head and said, "I love you the most, but I don’t know how to tell you because you won’t believe me!"
Ruyan hesitated for a moment and suddenly looked up and said, "I believe you!" "
Yang night was such as yan deeply words make one leng "? Do you believe me? "
Ruyan nodded and said softly, "Because no one will be so gentle with me yet." Looking at Yang Ye in confusion, she asked again, "Who are you?"
Yang Yeyan smiled with a slight surprise, then took a long breath and suddenly said, "According to this time, I am your husband ten years later. After ten years, you gave up your original life because of me. I have worked hard to come back here and do all these things. I miss you as much as you do. I really miss you. I miss you so much!" Do you believe it? "
Ruyan Ma shook his head "don’t believe"
Yang night closed his eyes and lowered his head and said, "I can’t blame you. I think what should I do …"
"But I think I know you …" Ruyan suddenly interrupted Yang night and stared at Yang night.
Yang Ye raised his head in surprise and looked straight at Ru Yan, nodding his head and definitely said, "Absolutely!"
RuYan again skeptical tone said "and very well …?"
Yang Yemali nodded "Very well!"
Ruyan’s slight head portrait said to himself, "Ten years later …" Then he looked at Yang Ye. "How do we know each other?"
Yang night see RuYan vaguely remembered something like happy face smiled gently, and then took a deep breath again excited and said
"I’m Yang Ye, a person who comes and goes in the bustling streets. You are like Yan Yan’s wonderful love. From me, I beat those foreigners who tried to be brave and bullied by the Republic of China. As soon as I turned around after playing foreign talents, you suddenly gave me a yellow silk handkerchief with the words" Today, I occasionally see heroes, but I am heroic and frivolous. It is a heroic courage and integrity that makes my daughter appreciate the road. It is the virtue of Chinese military personnel and the hero’s failure to report his true identity, which makes my daughter praise; I know you’re not Huo, but I’m curious about the hero’s surname. If the hero is willing to enjoy my meager sensibilities, please invite Fengmingxuan to get together tonight. My daughter should prepare wine and food, meet you and drink with you.
"After the development, I can say that I suddenly came to a place called Fengmingxuan. At that time, you sent your maid Cui Hua to lure me to Fengmingxuan and invited me to your boudoir.
"The so-called time flies is really good, because it was only in a blink of an eye that you got to the point. That night in your boudoir was the time when feelings broke out. At that time, I was desperate to touch you, and you were desperate to touch me. I also made a vow of never parting.
"It’s a pity that happiness is always short-lived in exchange for exhausting pain and sighing. What will you disappear? I found out the truth when I was crossing the Red Domain Master and my own official status, and I finally found out that you were kidnapped by the villain Black Domain Master! Finally, boss, I still can’t get you back! I’ve saved the kidnapped Yunxin at the same time, but I can’t find you all the time. So the last time I crossed through the door, I’ tweeted’ and went back to the original ten years ago … That’s it. "
Such as Yan deeply silly wait for a while straightened his neck and stared at Yang night with a dull expression for a long time before he recovered his mind a little and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "You … what do you want now?" ?”
Yang Ye sincerely looked at Yan deeply and said softly, "I don’t have to take you back to get married when I see you."
Ruyan stared at Yang Ye’s face with his eyes open for a long time before he hesitated and said, "I … I just woke up and came to the third floor to clean up the room today. Suddenly, the manager Qiu called me here. You suddenly married me … I haven’t brushed my teeth yet!"