Maybe that’s why he got into the habit of tearing clothes. Isn’t it to stop his way forward? That’s a stumbling block. You have to kick … Uh, bullshit!

Ye Han smiled, and it was nothing. Just before she came to her front, she had already stretched out her hand and pulled off her white gauze skirt. Because the gauze skirt was slim, it was easily torn and eventually scattered in the pool and drifted away, and finally disappeared.
In a blink of an eye, a slightly charming beauty dressed in white became a beautiful body. Ye Han couldn’t help but want to stretch out his hand to touch it. First, his hands seemed to be very disappointing, so he chose one place and regarded the rest as things.
At the sight of this Ye Han, he grabbed his key at first, but he immediately flew straight to her eyes, but he enjoyed this feeling very much. Although he had experienced a month, every time he seemed to have new feelings, which were, in the final analysis, just comfortable …
But her contact with Ye Han is the shortest after all, and now she is embarrassed by him in front of Ye Han, and she is still a little shy after all, which he can’t find for several women.
It is precisely because of this that Ye Han’s infatuation with her occasionally surpasses his several women, which makes more than a few women slightly dissatisfied, but I think that everyone is Ye Han’s woman, so I didn’t care so much.
And her seems to be afraid of being squeezed out by everyone. Every time Ye Han is in front of her, she tries to say that she can’t be so nervous, but every time the result is that Ye Han is interested in giving, she still can’t hide her emotions.
This time, of course, it will not be an exception. She felt that her whole heart would fly out, so she raised her arms and wrapped her arms around Ye Han’s neck. A pair of * * couldn’t help but ring his waist.
Ye Han said that his heart was full of fun, but there was no change on the surface. It seemed that he had found some kind of opportunity to deliberately pull her body while her body was wrapped around him, so that he found a breakthrough directly.
On her, I don’t know the so-called accidentally caught Ye Han Road. When she reacted, she found herself charming and couldn’t help shivering. The whole person seemed to have fallen into a wonderful situation and couldn’t extricate herself or pull it out …
Ye Han smiled and kept his original posture, but his hands were no longer infatuated with her chest. He found that his hands had fallen on her ass, so it was just enough to meet the needs.
Soon her breath is repeated. Although she wants to keep some reserved in front of all the girls, Naiye Han seems to be deliberately trying to stop her charming songs, so she suddenly puts on a heavy hand, which makes her afraid to stop, but the sound suddenly increases.
Ye Han was very satisfied with this situation, but her seems to be a little scared. Gradually, she never dared to leave room for herself. Before Ye Han, she finally showed her own department!
As her charming shout Ye Han made a final sprint, she was completely immersed in the peak of despair, and then she helped her properly. Once she pulled it out, she would lay aside and rest.
Then he naturally found another goal to cast out all kinds of strange means to bring Ye Ping cold and cheerless Laner and Haner four people to the peak and make them completely minister!
Ye Han’s victory was finally satisfied. He climbed to the boulder and lay on the female body, so he lay quietly looking at the direction of the water and hesitated.
He knows that this happy time won’t last long. Soon, the Sun, Moon and Yuan demons may rush out of the seal, just like the former beast mountain line. Although he has experienced many twists and turns, he also deeply feels that the imposition of the Sun, Moon and Yuan magic body seal won’t last long.
However, it is not that someone wants to release the moon, the moon and the yuan demon, but that the seal period is coming soon. According to this trend, the devil may rush out of the seal and return to the people without waiting for the 10 thousand yuan meeting
When the time comes, all the easy life will be broken, and it will be a birthday contest [976] [repair breakthrough]
It’s always hard to hide the worry in the heart of Ye Han, the demon of Sun, Moon and Yuan. After so many times, he hasn’t died, and I don’t know what kind of storm will be rolled up this time.
Thinking of all that in my dream, Ye Han is dying again. What should I do to save it?
It took him a long time to return to absolute being, turn around and lie prone on all the women’s bodies, and look at nine women lying on their bodies. His heart was filled with worries. Did they really follow their dreams?
Nine swords were annihilated in the world, and Ye Han couldn’t help but feel a wry smile. Maybe that’s the fate. One moment we can be happy together, but the next moment we may meet each other.
But he also knows that all this is not the daughter’s own idea, and it would not have happened if she had not been possessed and controlled by the moon, moon and yuan magic.
Thinking that he had gone to sleep before he knew it, this time he was not involved in the dream. It seems that he was inspired by Kyubi no Youko and tian hu. He knew which dreams only appeared because he was too worried about the Sun, Moon and Yuan demons.
Recently, he tried not to think about the moon, moon, yuan and magic things as much as possible. Even if he occasionally thinks about it, it is not enough to make him think about it day and night. After all, the number and degree of thinking about it are no longer the same.
He seems to have realized this in the month before. After all, in that month, he was almost immersed in the arms of all the women and rarely thought about the magic of the sun, the moon and the yuan.
It is precisely because he didn’t think about those dreams that should have appeared that they never appeared again. Perhaps this is also the result of his understanding. He knows that he shouldn’t think too much, and he will always live in a relaxed and natural way.
All those nightmares will be wiped clean and never reappeared.
When I came, Li Ye Han also tried to accompany all the girls and took them to play in the misty land during the day. This place is very large and the landscape is very beautiful, so they didn’t feel tired of playing around here.
Especially, every night, they will have a long all-night battle, which adds a lot of fun to the play, so it makes everyone enjoy it even more.
In this way, everyone plays everywhere in the misty land, and they hug each other and sleep every night. They are also very happy, and everywhere they go, they are bound to leave some fragrant memories, which will attach a layer of ambiguity to the whole misty land.
When time flies, it’s more than a month. The secret of smoke and clouds is still immersed in peace and tranquility, and nothing big has happened in the outside world. The whole world is extraordinarily calm.
And people in the misty cloud have been immersed in a happy life, and they have not felt the passage of time, as if everything had not gone too far yesterday.
On this day, the quiet life was suddenly broken unconsciously. It was the night when Ye Han still held a huge competition. Seeing that he was about to win, he couldn’t bear it at the last minute and finally let it go!
It’s not that he doesn’t want to resist. After all, he hasn’t beaten his body and daughter. He won’t give up his arms and surrender, but it’s a pity that the sudden feeling is too strong. He finally can’t help but lose his true identity.
This time, her girl was praised by all the girls. This girl has been pulled to the battlefield by Ye Han for the second time. At first, everyone gave him a pity look. I’m afraid this girl will be killed by Ye Han in turn today …
But to everyone’s surprise, this girl is incredibly disappointing to everyone. At ordinary times, few people can let Ye Han passively escape. Half of them are his initiative. Today, she didn’t insist on it. Finally,
Ye Han feels strongly that feeling is from his own heart. He knew that he had broken through Yuan Xin’s realm just a moment ago. At first, he complained that he couldn’t help but want to find out the two beasts of inflammation and cold. Did smack that do this to people? You two will break through without saying hello in advance. Is it embarrassing now?
However, when he just wanted to run into the body to scold them, he heard Xueyuan beast cry out in a hurry, "Master, don’t be confused. Let’s talk about it quickly. We didn’t mean to do this. If it weren’t for the master, you had too much fun, and we didn’t want to disturb them, it wouldn’t have happened!"
"oh? So you mean I should also thank you for embarrassing my own woman? " Ye Han smell speech is not in a hurry to teach them a lesson, not to mention that they are serious about it or they just want to fix it stably. He can’t penny wise and pound foolish!