Otherwise, wouldn’t it be like hitting Yun Guifei in the face?

Although Yun Guifei’s father died, her brother inherited the title of General Yun …
However, to dongyang’s surprise, the moon emperor did not move or send someone to give him a verbal warning.
But at the same time, the emperor did something that shocked the whole palace.
An imperial edict: the shallow princess of Fengyang Palace is gentle and graceful, elegant and graceful, dignified and resolute, and has a dragon heir.
Since then, most of the shallow princesses in the palace are the shallow princesses in Fengyang Palace.
Feng Shao also fell asleep in her bed, but she didn’t know that the outside had already changed because of this imperial edict
When Yun Guifei in Fengqi Palace heard the news, her face was still pale except for her eyebrows at first, and there was no expression on her face. It seemed that all this was rooted in her.
The moon is not white. Why can an empress have such a good temper and not be angry when she touches such a blocked heart?
Although others in the palace are not white, how can she not be white?
This point is to hit them naked in the face of Fengqi Palace!
Just because of what she said today-just because she said that her master is a high-ranked imperial concubine and that the shallow princess is just an ordinary concubine, should the emperor take such practical actions to tell them that the shallow princess is not a small concubine, but a spoiled sixth house, and people can be enemies?
Not too cruel!
"Empress Huang, he really went too far!" Moon clenched his fist tightly and almost bit his silver teeth.
"When the general comes back, the empress must tell him about it and let him talk to the emperor about your promotion to the imperial concubine!"
At this point, her face was ferocious and twisted, and she stamped her feet with reluctance.
"How can the emperor bully you like this!"
"Don’t Hu said" YunGuiFei eyes color lightly swept her one eye.
For a second, the corners of the mouth evoked a Gherardini radian. "It is really good for the emperor to be shallow to the phoenix."
Let’s continue to rob the building ~ Zhangmian grabs the sofa 818633586689611, and each of the ten floor girls has 1 coin. If you grab it repeatedly, one of the floor girls will go to the V group to find me. The unified distribution will not expire tonight. Group number 7616974.
Today, there are three chapters 384. Will that be the result?
Compared with YunGuiFei reaction is the most calm in each palace.
Those in his palace are either so angry that their hearts, livers and lungs ache, or they are shocked that they can’t eat and sleep well.
A few months ago, a young master who didn’t even have a title became one person and ten thousand nobles in such a short time. Who can stand it?
If you go like this, is it just around the corner to give birth to the emperor?
Feng Yi, the queen of the palace, knew the news and shook her whole body.
Others think it’s the imperial concubine, but she thinks it’s the queen.
Although the significance of this position is not as important to her as ordinary people, if it is inexplicably pulled, it will become a generation of waste …
Not too scary
The queen felt frightened when she thought about it.
Is it to wait and see what position her emperor has in mind, or to unite with her father and discuss this matter with him?
At that time, the queen was in a dilemma.
When the news arrived at Fengming Palace, the Queen Mother was so angry that she dropped the meal directly-or her hand brushed it directly.