According to the rules of fighting between evil spirits and evil spirits, if it weren’t for the fight between life and death, one side would have to give up, and the other side would have to stop all the attacks immediately. Brother then was present. Willy didn’t want to see Ouyang in charge, but also stopped all the attacks. They slowly withdrew their expressions and bowed their hands to No.1 arch. "Brother No.1 accepted."

No.1 looks very ugly. I never dreamed that I would be folded in the hands of a six-story friar in the foundation period. The spell routine is also a ghost. No.11 is also some think impassability. Is this mind so powerful? A mere six-story repair can summon a three-level ghost guard? Moreover, it is absolutely impossible for him to have an explanation for the level of ghost guard training in his age. Then all three ghost guards are things, but even if they are all ghosts, how can he explain the degree to which willy can command the third-level ghost guard?
It’ s a pity that I can’ t get rid of the ghosts, otherwise I can still repair the 12 th floor and command the 30 th level ghost guards, even if I have one or two levels. If that happens, the war situation today will not be so simple
It’s not the turn of No.1 to get one or two ghosts by chance in the Sect. Although the value of this thing is quite rare and good, the problem is that the bodhi old zu of the extremely clever elixir may not grab it from you, but even the monks of the elixir are eager to grab it, so it’s very desirable for some monks in the construction period, but the ghosts are too rare.
I personally surrendered to No.1, no matter how angry my heart is, I have to give a gift to throb with a wry smile. "Teacher Lei is too modest, and your strength is already qualified to grab the post of captain, but now you are No.1, and now you can call me No.44."
Everyone has heard that throb is very fierce, but it is not much to think that throb can beat number one. Many people look at throb with a lot of awe in their eyes. Even the two monks are stronger or weaker than the previous number one. They are also wary of throb with some recognition. It seems that they agree with this newly joined partner very much.
"Good, good," Ouyang also showed a very appreciative expression for willy. "Ray No.1, you are strong and unexpected. Do you still want to challenge the position of captain? When you have an hour to rest "
"Thank you for your praise," willy said respectfully, "but it is the limit to recognize the number one position."
Ouyang Shuai also agreed to nod his head. "It’s good to say that after all, you are the six-story monk in the foundation period, but I believe that it is easy to be a captain when you stay in the war hall for several years. Now that the test has been completed, there is still a horizontal position. You come with the seat and the rest are temporarily retired to practice on your own."
"Yes, it’s the leader," a group of monks who can be widely respected outside said respectfully.
Three people are back to the main hall, and Ouyang Zongtang is extremely rigorous, registering the name of willy into the war hall. In a short time, someone sent a token, willy, and took a look at it from Ouyang Zongtang. On the back, it was embossed with the words "Two Great Wars", but the words "Yin evil spirit Zongzhantang third commander Ouyang Mi Hui No.1 soldier willy" and so on.
Willy touched a token, and now it’s a very comfortable feeling that I don’t know if it’s made of material.
"This is the token-refining method, and some rules of the war hall." Ouyang Mi gave a jade slip to willy again. "Once you sacrifice this token, you will immediately know and track down the murderer without revenge. In addition, this token will sense each other. You can sense other war cousins in tens of thousands of miles, and there are other small functions such as recording your merits. You must be familiar with Rule No.1 or you will be severely punished if you violate the rules. Do you understand?"
"Listen to understand" willy devoting and awe way
"No.1, this is Zhang Heng, the captain of the first team. At present, you are all your own brothers after you are temporarily assigned by him. Get close to Zhang Heng. He is a ghost house. At present, it is already the twelfth floor of the foundation period, and he is about to reach the peak." Ouyang Mi said and introduced Zhang Heng, but soon his face turned sour. "I know that there is some bad blood between the ghost house and the ten thousand ghost caves, but if you want to stay in our war hall, you will have brothers. Have you two heard the prejudice?"
"White" willy that horizontal qi qi should way.
"Zhang Heng, No.1, introduce our third scope of responsibilities, your first team responsibilities."
"Yes, Commander-in-Chief" took a serious look and showed a friendly expression to Willy. "As Commander-in-Chief said, there is life in the war hall. We rely on brothers to deal with things in the war hall. It is time for us to go out and kill people after those guys who are in charge of decision-making and negotiation fail. If our department is not United, it is tantamount to killing ourselves. No one wants to kill himself, just like the previous No.1, although you defeated him and destroyed his ghost guard, if you go out with him, he will never publish personal vendetta. I will entrust my life to you because we are all members of the war hall. We are all brothers and sisters in the war hall, and I hope you can do the same, otherwise the rules of the war hall will be heartless. "
"It’s the captain". It’s no wonder that his master seems to miss the past in the war hall. There is something different about the war hall, which is different from what he thought before he came in.
"If you have personal enmity with each other, you can solve it in the challenge, but it is not allowed to have a life-and-death fight in the battle hall." Zhang Heng said something serious. "If you have a real solution, you can apply for a life-and-death fight as an ordinary brother of the war hall Sect, but I hope you remember that once you leave the war hall, you will never come back."
"Keep it in mind" willy answered seriously.
"I won’t talk too much anymore." Zhang Heng’s attitude is relaxed. "If our third Lord is responsible for the scattered disputes in the southeast, it will come from the south of Tianmai to the Great Rift Valley, including all the islands in the East China Sea. All the places outside the territory directly under the non-sectarian sects belong to our third collar. In this area, we have two huge forces, namely Tiandao League and Tianyin Palace, but Tiandao League is a loose alliance, and its external control is far less powerful than Tianyin Tianyin Palace. Therefore, Tianyin Palace is our biggest enemy in that area.
Willy is very serious. While listening, I think about the map and plan the scope of my own handling.
"But anyone who has interests scattered in the land is unwilling to let the fat fish go. Just because I said that Tianyin Palace is the biggest enemy doesn’t mean that our only enemy is Tianyin Palace. In fact, every scattered land will have various top sects or other forces. Some sects have strong control over the same area, and some of them are weak. Our third leader is responsible for the strongest Tianyin Palace, followed by our Yin evil Sect." Zhang Heng Kan Kan talked about "Now you are a member of the war hall and a No.1 soldier. You also call us Yin evil." The strategic goal of living in the southeast region in the next 30 years is to reach the level of influence on scattered land control in the southeast region, which is very difficult, but perhaps this is also an important reason why you are assigned to the third collar. "
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Flying boat machine
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"willy well after thinking about it for a while, I already have some concepts in my heart, so I primly said," Please ask the captain to make everything obey and dispatch. "
Zhang Heng is very satisfied with this attitude. In his imagination, Willy is relatively young. Even if he is less than forty years old, he can reach the strength of the No.1 soldier. It is impossible not to put himself in the eye. Just now, Ouyang Zongguan said that he woke up. Willy should respect the company’s meaning. Unexpectedly, this willy is more knowledgeable than he thought. After that, there is no disdainful nod because of his good strength. "In that case, I just need to lead a team to patrol the Star Island area in the East China Sea recently. This time, you can go with me to patrol with me. It is
Zhang Heng is physically strong and very tall, and his brow is full of masculinity, which is the opposite of his family’s ghost bodhi old zu. People don’t let willy feel uncomfortable, so his affection for him has also increased. "It’s the captain."
"The Star Island in the East China Sea is close to Tianmai, and it belongs to the scope of the first team of our third collar." Zhang Heng took the initiative to explain, "I don’t care whether you have heard of the Star Island, but I also need to wake you up in advance. The Star Island in the East China Sea is not just an archipelago, but dozens of large and small star clusters. According to statistics, there are so many islands that have been die-cut because of the geographical changes of Hengduan Mountains. There are still many islands that have not been discovered or occupied by humans in the vast expanse of the East China Sea. There are many kinds of rare monsters. Natural resources and treasures can be seen everywhere, so monks who like adventure and make money will go to the East China Sea to take risks. Taobao has also caused a situation in which the number of robbers in the East China Sea is mixed with dragons and snakes, killing people, "finding a personal island to hide" and then leaving. This situation is often seen. "
Willy listened carefully, and Zhang Heng talked about all the things in the Star Island one by one. "Some East China Seas are famous and have surnames. Don’t mess with the old monsters and all kinds of dangerous sea islands. At the same time, Zhang Heng gave him a jade Jane. Remember that some maps of the East China Sea marked some dangerous or extremely dangerous places, and at the same time, Willy also made some preparations in a month.
Two months later.
The third leader, the first squad leader, was riding a medium-sized battle boat with a total of nine people. The boat was 20 feet long, with a beautiful streamlined body. If there was black gas and thunder, I learned a little about the main body of the boat. This wooden structure is light but extremely tough and soft, which can effectively resist the bombardment of some spells. However, it is very difficult to plant the incense tree. It will take hundreds of years to build the flying boat, and the self-produced flying boat of Yin Evil Sect is naturally made by the heart of the selected incense wood.