"Eh, Moer, Moer, what are you doing?" Suddenly, I rose to Ann and obviously didn’t realize it. "Moer let me come!" Ann kept beating Liu Ximo.

It’s so fast! Root is not like walking in peace … Looking back at the cake step by step, I can’t bear to drool. Uh … It’s too fast now.
Mother put too much acetic acid in her cooking.
The speed is too fast now
She can’t see behind. Feed her dear cake. Then … I really can’t see anything for a moment … She was put into the car … The famous car really did.
It’s loaded! ! !
"Moer, go back, okay?" At this time in peace, Liu Ximo was absolutely ignored. Liu Ximo was merciful and looked at it in peace-by peace of mind.
"Ink son …"
"Moer, you’re the best." He said, and he didn’t forget to lick his lip powder. small tongue was so cute around.
So Liu Ximo is still angry and uncomfortable. Don’t overdo it. Obviously, I don’t know what Liu Ximo is angry about.
"Moer" came in a coquetry soft voice. "Moer … what’s wrong with you?" Ann tugged at Liu Ximo’s skirt sadly. "Are you sick?" Looking at Liu Ximo’s red cheeks.
An An’s hand was about to reach Liu Ximo’s forehead when he was photographed by Liu Ximo.
"Aye, Mo ‘er, what’s wrong with you …" Even more pitiful, tears are crowded with red eyes. "You hate being safe, don’t you …" pursed lips showed how dissatisfied you were.
Alas ….. Ning Anan is really! Liu Ximo blushes and is angry with you!
"Alas ….. I can’t help you." Liu Ximo dragged her arms in peace.
The person who waved in peace was rubbed in Liu Ximo’s arms tightly. "Ink hurts …" It is absolutely false that the pathetic expression comes out again.
But Liu Ximo obviously panicked. "What’s wrong with the baby?" Gently carried her out and sat on her leg. "Stop crying and be good" and gently wiped the tears from Ann’s face.
Ann cried that she was sadder than her.
"Where’s Mommy Moer Yezi?" In peace, it suddenly occurred to me that before S found Mammy assists himself … how could she go to eat cake with Yan Lingxi gnome male-"… giggle koo.
"Mommy …" Liu Ximo embarrassed Yezi Mommy …
But it’s really nice to suddenly laugh and call mommy.
Mother put too much acetic acid in her cooking.
The corners of the mouth are slightly inclined to Ye Zi’s mommy. It’s really gd. [GD = Hook up] I got Ann’s baby to call Mommy, but it feels good.
"Eating cake at home?" The ending "Na" indicates that he is suddenly in a good mood.
Ann didn’t turn around …
"What a strange man!" He muttered in peace that he didn’t dare to be heard by Liu Ximo … It was really strange that his face was black for a while and his heart was like a flower for a while.
Write depending on this metaphor was Liu Ximo know how to die in peace sometime.
"What did you say, baby?" Liu Ximo blew a sigh of relief at Ann’s ear around Ning ‘an ‘an evil spirit …
"Itchy …" It’s itchy to twist in peace. "Mommy assists in eating cake? !” ++← Suddenly Ann’s face sparkled like a picture.
This is really slow.
"Yes," Liu Ximo didn’t want to let Ann go at all. "Baby, you said that you got lost and worried Mo Er. What punishment should you have?" Said also blinked.
"I’m sorry meowed ~ I’m sorry, Moer meowed ~ wow ~ ~" said Ann, crying, and her face looked a little pink in vain because of worry.
"Well …" The pain didn’t come as expected. Waiting for peace is a feeling of wet lips.
"Moer, what are you going to do?" Ann’s words are incoherent. It’s really ink. It’s so insidious to "play with darkness" and Ann pouts.
"Well …" Liu Ximo smiled and kissed Ann’s lip again. "It’s very sweet." She stuck out her tongue and licked Ann’s lip, which was much more delicious than the cake.
Ann also learn to Liu Ximo sample …
It’s a lot astringent.