Meng Rongxuan’s collection already has such a gold coin, which is not so good. If you can buy this one, it will be a blank in your collection.

Zhuo Qiang came to sell these gold coins, of course, he wanted to sell them.
"Yes, I just want to sell it. I wonder if anyone will accept it?"
Meng Rongxuan felt a little joy in his heart and it was best to buy it, but it was the best of his own ancient gold coins.
"The current price of this gold coin is about 4,000 yuan, but it is better. How about I pay 5,000 yuan?" Meng Rongxuan’s price is very real because he introduced himself and never took advantage of others.
Zhuo Qiang hesitated and took out a few identical gold coins from his bag and said, "I really don’t want to sell one, I want to sell more."
Meng Rongxuan was busy picking up the gold coins in Zhuo Qiang’s hand. A total of seven pieces were in a good position. Where did this guy get so many?
"I’ll take it, but the price will be a little lower if I want it, because I usually have one or two pieces in each currency. If there are more, it won’t mean much. How about I give you one of these and calculate 4,500?" Meng Rongxuan knows that these gold coins will never lose money, otherwise he really doesn’t need to buy so many in the same currency.
Meng Rongxuan’s family was very good, but because the collection occupied too much money for him, he is not well off now.
These gold coins are too good to meet buyers, but you can still make a small profit and help this young man kill two birds with one stone.
Zhuo Qiangyuan also wanted to say that he didn’t just sell these, but there was a Wang Dapeng in the house, so he kept his mouth shut. The less people knew about this, the better.
It seems that if you have a chance to come back later, even if Meng Rongxuan doesn’t eat so much, you can at least find his sales channels through him.
A little disappointed Zhuo Qiang took tens of thousands of dollars and Liu Xiaolei out of the door. I didn’t expect to make a trip in vain and sell tens of thousands of gold coins. It’s not worthwhile to spend half a day.
Walking listlessly, Zhuo Qiang suddenly heard someone shout, "Hey, young man, please wait a minute!" "
Looking back, it was just that Wang Dapeng sitting at Meng Rongxuan’s house. He was coming hurriedly from behind.
"What can I do for you?" Stay Wang Dapeng came to ZhuoJiang a little confused to ask.
Wang Dapeng gasped a few times and said, "Find a place ahead and talk slowly!"
As it was already noon, several people came to a quiet hotel and found a small table to sit in.
"Zhuo brothers I also don’t beat around the bush said! I want to ask you how many gold coins do you have? " Wang Dapeng speaks very readily.
Zhuo Qiang sees that the other person is older than his father, but calling his brother is a bit unbearable. He said, "I have to call you an uncle, but I can’t!"
"Would you like to call me anything? Anyway, I call you Zhuo Brothers. All business fields are brothers! Tell me about Brother Zhuo, do you still have that thing? How many more? " Wang Dapeng leaned forward and stared at ZhuoJiang asked.
Zhuo Qiang didn’t want to reveal it to outsiders, but at present, this man’s generous personality made him unable to guard himself.
"I still have hundreds. How do you want them?" Zhuo Qiang doesn’t want to show his bottom too early. He wants to see each other’s reaction first.
Wang Dapeng seemed a little disappointed and said, "Only a few hundred pieces? But it’s not too little. I want it! "
ZhuoJiang a listen to a gate and asked "when? I’m ready for a "
"The place this afternoon will be decided in the words then!" Wang Dapeng, a foreigner, has left a mind’s eye.
Zhuojiang also white will no longer say more about eating.
When leaving, two people exchanged phone numbers and then left separately.
When I got home by car, Zhuo Qiang asked Liu Xiaolei to go to the dock and take out 500 pieces of the hidden Long Yun square gold coins and sell them to Wang Dapeng in the afternoon to see his appetite first. If his appetite is big enough, I will make plans then.
Zhuo Qiang should be very careful in such a thing and shouldn’t trust others so easily. But when Wang Dapeng didn’t plan it, the opportunity was accidental, and there would be no trap.
And Zhuo Qiang’s level of viewing people is passable. This Wang Dapeng doesn’t look like a traitor.
When Zhuo Qiang was nervous and excited, Huang Xueyao called
In the words, Huang Xueyao asked Zhuo Qiang when Dong Xiaowei was eager to see the level of Liu Xiaolei martial arts!