After the handmaiden went in and reported, Huang Er ran out happily. "Brother Yu, you are back!"

Girl’s voice is looking forward to being cheerful, not annoying and lifeless.
I can’t help thinking that it’s because she still doesn’t understand, right It’s also a good thing that you don’t understand or don’t understand for a generation, right?
"Brother Yu, what are you doing in a daze?" Huang er came to pull him. "Why did you just walk away?"
"Just go out for a walk" read royal laughed.
"Ah … royal elder brother, you are really you don’t say and don’t say clearly … where will people know so much!" Burn son sighed.
I was in a panic. What did she know? What can be so calm?
Burn son waved everyone back foot ground painting for a long time raised his head "royal elder brother you that day I didn’t know you said it was us, if others, I would feel a little strange … but … it’s our words, I … I never thought about it … 986 … 986 … Will you be successful when you don’t give me anything?
I can’t tell you the taste in my mind.
There are surprises, guilt, impulse to turn around and leave, and impulse to face it calmly.
"Royal elder brother … you never say anything? If you talk, I may accept the present … I have moved a little bit to Di Yan. Will you dislike me? " Huanger pouted.
"Of course not!" Speak out
Burn son snickered "hee hee is very rare. I don’t think it’s what men and women like. Maybe I’ve never been in contact with northern desert people, right? Mother said it attracted me because he was different. "
I blush when I say something, and I don’t know what to say.
"Royal elder brother, I want to go to the north desert, will you accompany me? Uncle, it should be very safe there, right? Shall we take more guards to play? " Huangerdao
Miss Yu’s heart thumped-is she going to find DiYan? But didn’t she say that doubt is not a relationship between men and women?
"Do you … want to find DiYan?" Read the imperial question
"No, he is not a primitive man? I’m not going. I’ve always wanted to go, but dad won’t let you take me. Dad will promise, "Huang Er smiles." If you like a person, you have to be a brother … I have to be a brother. "
"You … you accept me? Don’t feel ridiculous … I … "Read the royal nervous.
"I haven’t tried it before for a long time, but now I’m very smart. When I go to the North Desert and meet many different people, I will know that Di Yan attracted me. Well … you should take good care of me and I will know that the royal brother is the best." Huang Er lifted her head and said.
It’s a special way. I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. "Well, I’ll go and ask Dad."
"What’s the hurry? You just came back to rest for a few days! You are not allowed to hide from me "burn son way.
"Good" read royal smiled and stretched out his hand to rub her head as before but hesitated.
Burn son stare big eyes dissatisfied to see him.
Read royal is rubbed and rubbed after all.
Suddenly, I grabbed her and took a deep breath.
How good is it to lose the girl forever and give him a chance to get close? Heaven treats him well after all.
"Royal elder brother you don’t always escape? You like me, but you still have to run away. Will you still have a chance? " Huang Er picks his back.
Read imperial pine she nodded shyly.
The sunshine man is handsome with a shy blush.
Huang Er suddenly smiled, "It turns out that Brother Yu looks better than his brothers!"
It’s not that the emperors inherited Yan Gui’s handsome robes, but that they were all so enchanting that they celebrated their longevity.
Only the mind is handsome, and the appearance is very masculine.
I’m sorry to say, "Where is the eldest brother and the second brother out of the dust?"
"But the royal brother also looks good! Really! Royal elder brother have one thing to trouble you "burn son carrying a hand deliberately way.
"What?" Nianyu likes her very much. He is willing to help her with anything she needs.
"Well … royal elder brother you draw a picture for me? Just draw yourself. Don’t draw ugliness. Draw beauty, "said Huang Er.
Read the royal silence for a "I …"
"Do you want to say that you are not good at drawing characters? Ha, ha, ha, I saw all the pictures in your drawer! Have a good look! I want you to draw yourself! It’s so beautiful to draw! " Burn son said with a smile and ran back to the house.
I suddenly smiled after reading the imperial place for a long time.
Painting? Draw yourself? I really can’t do this. Okay, go find my second brother.
But … today is really a good day.