See Li Mao and others back Du Yun face smile also instantaneous convergence suddenly a powerful momentum suddenly broke out all over the sky blood ShaQi send out around Du Yun let him as if wearing a layer of scarlet gauze.
"He is crazy to have to deal with so many people alone!" Many monks looked at Du Yun with incredible color on their faces.
"What’s the trick? Just make it out and I’ll go with Du Yun!" Du Yun sneered at Fang Tian’s painting halberd and rubbed the ground gently, and the flowers flashed extremely brightly.
“!” The monk of Jane Han Empire looked at his face and didn’t know who had spoken. Soon all the people made moves.
Suddenly, all kinds of lighter light burst into chaos, and the energy was overwhelming. All the monks who came to this misty and misty city knew that there was going to be a war here.
"Swallow the Monty Classic!"
Du Yun also don’t talk nonsense, a person against so many people is still a lot of pressure, so he didn’t warm up the slightest plan to swallow monty by instant display.
Soon the earth suddenly shook around, and the aura of heaven and earth in all directions turned into a huge whirlpool. The center point was a thick hair, Du Yun.
Riots in heaven and earth will soon gather into a long dragon flying, and then turn around and rush to Du Yun. The scene of Wanlong returning to its home is extremely shocking to people’s vision.
The flowers, trees and plants on the earth wither in an instant and then vanish in smoke. Even the vitality of the earth is absorbed by Du Yun alone, which makes people feel that there is a kind of omen of the end.
Hoo hoo!
Du Yun’s hands were lifted, and suddenly thunder and fire came up. His left hand was filled with thunder and his right hand was beating with fire. It was amazing that the elemental body of Ji Lei and the elemental body of fire spilled out of the source force.
"Go!" Du Yun’s mind moved his left hand and Leili slammed it out, and then he appeared in an instant. His eyes narrowed slightly into a line, and soon he saw that the two merged.
The scene of a trembling square painting, a combination of thunder and fire, and an extremely frightening wave sweeping through and shaking the earth and collapsing made the monks of Zhenhan Empire dumbfounded.
On the ground, Du Yun’s face was sad and solemn, and he saw a flash of cold light in the eyes of all kinds of oncoming lighter, and at the same time, a fairy force flashed through the long handle of Fang Tian’s painting halberd to alternate red and white light.
"Thunder and fire field!"
Du Yun suddenly swept to the long side, but instead of retreating to the oncoming overwhelming lighter, the red and white alternating light suddenly turned into thousands of light spots falling from the sky.
It’s like a meteor shower and a flint falling from the sky. The field of thunder and fire was realized by Du Yun through the source force of thunder and fire elements. Today, it is finally sent.
It’s no big deal to deal with the first-order monk of Dengxian, but it is pervasive in the field of thunder and fire when fighting, which means that this area has been wrapped in thunder and fire now.
The thunder fire, the lighter displayed by the monks of the rare empire, collided with each other. The power of the seemingly starlight thunder fire surprised everyone. It was a one-sided scene.
Come to Du Yun, even if you are more severe, you can barely stop many monks from attacking the rare empire. But it seems that Du Yun has not only stopped their attacks, but also spared no effort to fight back!
Many monks gasped when they saw this scene, and Wang Li suddenly turned pale. Now the two sides are intertwined and he can’t come if he wants to make moves.
The red and white light spots are overwhelming. Du Yun has absorbed so much power by swallowing the Monty Classic. At this time, adding two attributes to the source force broke out. It can be said that this is a very fate attack.
Bang, bang, bang!
Being touched by red and white light spots, the monk’s face turned pale instantly, and one by one, his figure plunged backwards, and he fainted. In the past, there were five half steps to become immortal, and the strong man was barely able to resist at the moment.
"Raytheon possessed!"
Du Yun occupied the wind, how can it be idle? When Du Yun displayed this enhanced body, Raytheon’s possession filled the sky with Lei Guang, and he was wrapped in a Leijia.
Body movement Du Yun suddenly and violently swept out and instantly came to a half-step immortal monk. One punch blasted out the half-step immortal strong man. Even if he didn’t come to stop, he was punched by Du Yun and took Lei Guang through the body, and then he was destroyed in form and spirit.
Almost at the same moment, Du Yun painted a halberd in the hand of Fang Tian, and after a while, Brother Dengxian felt that he had spent a flower at the moment and then his head was thrown away and burst into a fog of blood.
Bang bang!
Du Yun corners of the mouth sneer at his three monks trying to escape, but how can the speed be better than that of Du Yun? See Du Yun figure that there are two half-step fairy godsworn behind two fists blasted out two half-step fairy godsworn suddenly inverted like a broken kite and suddenly fell to the ground and put on a hundred meters long trace stopped.
Du Yun’s hand painted a halberd and hurled it out in a flash, chasing another friar who escaped half a step and went straight through his chest and nailed a mountain.