"It’s a big teacher elder sister"

After that, fierce light flashed again in the pupil of the female brother who kept the house, and at the same time, the sword holder raised his sword high and cut it as fast as a rainbow.
However, Rogge reacted faster.
For a moment, the female brother’s sword hit Rogge’s sword hard. Rogge quickly blocked the enemy’s sword, and then choked a female brother’s sword and threw it straight into the middle. Rogge’s sword had reached the female brother’s neck.
The tip of the sword touched the skin of the female brother’s neck a little bit, but at this time, if the woman moves a little, the blood may flow along the neck. If Rogge sword moves forward a little, the woman’s life will immediately fall, and Rogge’s swordsman does not move.
Rogge looked at life, took control of his own hands, and the face woman stood with her jaw high at the moment and looked at Rogge obliquely for fear that Rogge would accidentally kill her.
At this moment, there is no fierceness and arrogance in the eyes of women. At this moment, she finally knows that there are people outside the world, and she can no longer judge by appearances. At this moment, she finally tastes the threat of being threatened by a sword. At this moment, there is weakness in her eyes, pleading for Se as if she were pleading for a sword.
"I said it long ago. I said it again. You can’t blame me if you don’t listen now."
Long Xiaowan’s eyes are wandering and he is in a state of panic of the Six Gods.
At the moment, I watched them from a distance. The elder martial sister suddenly started, carrying a sword like a left arrow, and rushed to Rogge’s chest.
Rogge has come out of the way because their senior teacher elder sister is actually stronger than this one. Rogge didn’t expect the other party to suddenly rush in and catch it off guard.
Consciousness Rogge will just block himself with a flick of his sword.
Just now, the female brother’s eyes didn’t change the strange fear. At this time, her body had been pierced by a sword in the middle of her heart, and blood immediately flowed down her robe to dye her skirts.
Their elder sister’s body was slightly bent, and she still held a sword in her hand and deeply pierced her sister’s body, but she still didn’t know it.
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Chapter seventy Blood gushing
However, when she knew, it was too late.
When their senior martial sister looked up, she suddenly drew her sword and blood splashed. However, at this time, the senior martial sister was already stunned, and her eyes were replaced by panic and confusion as if she were unbelievable.
She killed her second sister!
The female brother’s body crashed to the ground, and the blood spread from her chest to the grass. Her eyes were wide open and her face was unsatisfied.
The elder martial sister’s eyes slowly turned to Rogge and looked at Rogge at the same time, and the murder in her eyes became stronger.
"It’s you who killed my school sister. I want you, blood out!" The teacher elder sister face upwards nu shouted.
Rogge said, "How can you say that I killed your sword? It’s ridiculous to pick up the butcher knife, but you still have your sword mark on your sister’s chest. Don’t deny it. You can’t deny it."
The teacher elder sister then mercilessly stared at Rogge. She suddenly became angry from embarrassment. "So what if I killed her? Now that the result has been caused, I will never regret it. "
The elder martial sister slowly looked up and her eyes were burning like flames. Her sword was still stained with Yin Hong’s blood. Now she pointed her sword at Rogge again. "Kill you and want you, blood out!"
The elder martial sister suddenly rushed over, and the sharp tip pointed at Rogge’s heart and heart.
Rogge didn’t dare to slack off. His heavy iron sword was also stretched out at the moment.
"In this case, go to hell!" Rogge also drank a lot and then flashed like a rainbow.
Bang bang bang!
Keng Keng!
Two figures are flashing back and forth to see the sword shadow flashing, but the process of two swords hitting each other is extremely fast, which is difficult for even the naked eye to record and hear.
After several obvious blows, Rogge’s whole body qi has been full. Rogge’s whole body is flushed with blue Se light. Blue Se light covers Rogge sword and the other side is also the other side’s qi. After overflowing, it turns into a red light, dazzling red light and full of killing red light.
At that time, I saw two groups of light in the grass fighting with each other, and the red light and the blue Se light moved southeast and northwest, and the skills of both sides were extremely profound.
A gust of wind blew through Rogge’s hand, and the sword suddenly struck hard.
The sword in the elder martial sister’s hand suddenly broke into two pieces, and the other iron fell to the grass. The elder martial sister is holding a broken blade at the moment.
Rogge took advantage of this godsend opportunity to send his sword forward fiercely.
"ah!" The elder martial sister spouted a mouthful of blood in her mouth and her eyes were full of incredible light.
"How is it possible … how is it possible …" The senior teacher elder sister moved her head very slowly and looked slowly. Slowly, she saw a sword in her heart, and then she went away along this simple black iron sword. A moment later, she saw Rogge’s face, but one end of the sword was really held in his hand.
"I … I … am I going to die?" The elder martial sister’s mouth was hard with blood. Zhang said this slowly, and her expression became distorted because of her physical pain. She had never killed anyone in her life. However, when she had to face this moment herself, she was afraid to die. A fear of J and jīng God arose. She begged Rogge for mercy and said, "Help me … help me. I won’t dare to do it. Please, I kneel down for you. I don’t want to die. I really don’t want to die."
Speaking of which, her legs really bent, and she knelt down on the grass, and her chest sword remained untouched. Rogge looked at this scene and his palm didn’t move again. He wanted to see what tricks the man put on before he died, but from this moment on, he felt that everyone’s life was mean, but he couldn’t imagine that she was mean, but she had reached such a point that she was not worthy of sympathy.
"Do you think you can still live?" Rogge’s sword slowly pulled back.