Although the efficiency of two construction robots is very high, it is not every ten days to complete the project because of the large construction area.

Just as Zhuo Qiang felt very chatty about everything on the sea every day, Zhang Junjie called again.
"Brother Qiang finally caught a big fish this time, and the injured foreigner and his accomplices appeared."
Zhuo Qiang listened and asked, "Do they have any new moves?"
"No, they never dared to meet lu, but my brothers found their hiding place. After observation, they must be the foreigner’s accomplices!" Zhang Junjie said with certainty.
"Good, good, still don’t move lun, let them toss it first. I have my own way." Zhuo Qiang ordered Zhang Junjie.
After listening to Zhuo Qiang’s words, Zhang Junjie knew that he might have a new plan. Ma said that he would try his best to restrain his hands from provoking these foreigners.
Let Zhuo Qiangma contact those soldiers and ask them to strengthen their vigilance and analyze and judge the people around his house 24 hours a day to absolutely ensure his family’s safety.
When those foreigners wait for them to take action, he will decide on a concrete action plan.
After the South China Sea returned to calm, Tang Jinguang also called to thank Zhuo Qiang again and again. In the words, Tang Jinguang praised Zhuo Qiang assiduously, saying that he was a model of patriotism and the most talented young talent in Daxia country, and solved the crisis facing Daxia country with only one person.
Zhuo Qiang made a ha ha and praised these nutrients. He also said a few words. This is what I should do. What everyone will say in their hearts is another matter.
Speak out
In fact, he was not happy that he came to the South China Sea, but the main purpose was not to make trouble here, but to draw out the hateful sneak attacker. However, this plan did not seem to achieve the expected results.
For this result, he also knows what this is because of. After knowing his great strength, he will definitely not dare to provoke his fleet easily.
"Regardless of him, building the base well is the current focus on this sneak attacker. I don’t believe it can hide for a generation." Zhuo Qiangsuo ng will not consider the sneak attacker first.
The late project of the base is being carried out in an orderly way. It is also necessary to look at the progress every day, which will not help.
"When a pirate is so difficult to rob several ships, it’s really impossible for someone to take care of this day." Looking at the merchant ships coming and going on the water, they chatted with Zhuo Qiang without being depressed.
Liu Xiaolei returned to Long yun No.2 after delivering the materials. He listened to Zhuo Qiang’s words and was very busy. "Now that uncles and aunts are not very safe now, it is better to take them over. Why don’t you go to Yu then? 46 Prepare for action.
46 prepare for action
For Liu Xiaolei, although he has a heart, he may not be able to get his parents and relatives to the Long Yun or emigrate. It depends on his parents’ own opinions.
Chinese people in the summer have a very unified concept that they are unwilling to leave their hometown, and it is a little difficult to convince them to leave their hometown.
Zhuo Qiang hasn’t planned to do this until he has to. Although some people in the South China Sea are trying to pull some tricks, they won’t be in any danger for the time being with several powerful hands to protect them.
The water surface near the guard base has passed in a flash for more than ten days, and the autumn is getting stronger and stronger, and the sea breeze is not so hot. Zhuo Qiang takes a fishing rod to fish and blow the sea breeze every day, but it is very pleasant.
On this day, Zhang Junjie finally called and said that those foreigners in the hotel could not help but have a new round of action.
They walk around Zhuo Qiang’s house every day and then return to the hotel without much movement.
This situation has been going on for three days. Zhang Junjie intuitively knew that they might have new actions again, so he called Zhuo Qiang to prepare him.
"Are you ready? It seems that I need to go back and see the excitement. "Zhuo Qiang is having a very leisurely time these days and is looking for something to do.
He can’t help much with the water base project. Besides, it’s time for him to go home
"Long Yun No.2 and Long Yun No.3 set off for Nanxi." Zhuo Qiang ordered two warships to sail north during the night se.
In the early hours of the morning, two warships have arrived at the sea near Nanxi. Zhuo Qiangma ordered everyone to take a boat to their dock.
Zheng Hejun and Wang Rui, two dockworkers, greeted the captain at the sight of his return. A captain called him very affectionate.
Although the two of them are guarding the dock, they can’t be ignored. It is impossible for ordinary thieves and habitual bandits here to take a needle and a thread from here, which saves his father Zhuo Wenhao a lot of heart.