Until another Dawson’s cold voice sounded, "Feng Shao, this is all karma! Your crime department has rewarded your child. Remember that warmth is your death … "

"No, don’t be warm, don’t be-!"
"Shallow shallow …" Jun Moying lit the candle and looked at her pale face, shocked and worried, shaking her body, but begged her to wake up quickly. "Wake up!"
Phoenix suddenly jumped out of bed and sat up, full of panic and cold sweat. Her eyes were wide open and her eyes were staring straight at the tears in front, but she kept slipping from her eyes and was blurred. Obviously, she had not recovered from her nightmare.
"Lovely shallow don’t be afraid don’t be afraid … it’s just a nightmare."
The warm embrace firmly wrapped her in the cold body and finally regained consciousness bit by bit. Jun Moying wiped her face and kissed her forehead lovingly to appease her.
It took a long time to wake up from the general nightmare in evil influence. The eyes were still red and flushed, and even the sound was full of trembling. "Jun Mo Ying I … I just saw that Wennuan was killed by someone …" Just after a sentence, tears overflowed from her eyes, and "They came to kill me. What Wennuan suddenly appeared? How did it turn into Wennuan … Kill me? What didn’t kill me? What should be done to such a child!"
In the end, it became a trembling pao 14. Chapter 14 A horse can die!
"Feng Shao, calm down!" Jun Mo Ying looked at her like this, full of love, patting her back gently over and over again, but she had to raise her voice to stop drinking. It was almost evil influence. She "It was a dream! It was a dream! Dreams don’t come true! Warm and cold children are now in good health. There is a cold night in the palace, and nothing will happen to them. Do you hear? "
"But I’m really …" The dream was so real that although it was different from those she recalled in the past, it made her whole heart tremble like a warning or a sign. "Shall we go back? Jun Moying, shall we go back now? "
"Shallow, calm down. It’s midnight. The gate of South Vietnam hasn’t yet."
He can’t bear to see her like this, and naturally he can’t bear to refuse her, even if she had a dream, even if it was simply to appease her, he would leave at once.
But her body doesn’t allow him to do this. What’s it like to go by carriage in the middle of the night when she’s pregnant? Doctor Tai told me that her body couldn’t make any more mistakes. How could he let her have sex at this time? What happens then, he must be annoyed to death!
"Be a good boy and sleep for a while. When you wake up, we will go back to Beijing early in the morning." Feng Shao also wants to say something. Jun Moying has not given her a chance to interrupt directly. "Even if we leave now, it is impossible to go back to Beijing immediately and ask me to make them walk faster. Can we still make up for it in these hours?"
Say that finish, just pull her back and hold her with a compulsive gesture to let her have a good rest.
But Feng Shao can’t sleep anywhere. It’s said that mother and daughter are connected to each other. What should she do if something happens to the palace …
The cold and warm in the palace are all taken care of by the two wet nurses in the palace, and Long Wei sleeps in the room next to them.
It was when she heard the noise that she went to bed and put on a dress.
Frowning and tiptoeing near the house, I saw that the candle was still on inside Long Wei’s heart suddenly flashed a bad feeling and rushed in.
The people inside probably didn’t expect anyone to come, and suddenly they were surprised, holding silk in their hands and warming their faces, smearing the poison given to her by the queen mother, so that people could die if they sucked it in!
Princess Long Weiduan, this is to suffocate and warm up. She looked at the already unconscious nurse and immediately rushed over to dump the woman without thinking about it.
On the verge of failure, the princess put all her eggs in one basket and directly put her handkerchief over. Long Wei quickly gave her a roundhouse kick and kicked her.
With a scream of "ah", Long Wei faintly seemed to hear something, but it was covered by this pain.
Cu frown, she hurriedly to check warm existing nothing.
Show that the child who has been woken up eagerly looks at her black grape-like eyes in the dark.
Long Wei was slightly relieved.
Just when she wanted to see the cold son, there was a sudden burst of footsteps at the door, and when she turned around, she saw that you were cold and handsome, and your eyebrows were tight and shocked. Chapter 143 deserved to die.
His eyes focused on Pheretima Wei and looked suspiciously down his line of sight. The princess on the side of the carriage stared her eyes wide and fell to the ground. I couldn’t see anything wrong except that she looked up slightly and her strange facial expression told the unusual sight, but suddenly she found that the blood was gradually spreading. There was a kind of more and more trends …
Long Wei suddenly a surprised.
Jun Hanxiao at the door hasn’t come yet. She came in and heard Princess Duan’s little girl Xiuzhu hurry up. "Princess Wang has disappeared from you …"
When she spoke, she went to the door. When she glanced inside, she saw the princess lying on the ground bleeding profusely.
"Ah … Princess-!"
Show bead suddenly screamed a pale face is full of unbelievable to see the man want to jump in the past, but like in a state of extreme panic.
Long Wei realized that things were not good, and her heart suddenly hung to her throat. She consciously argued, "It’s not that I didn’t … I kicked her. I don’t know …"