The waves calmly walked to the rockery and said, "Have you seen me?"

Liu Fuli said, "I see you. Come to Room 131, Block G."
The waves knew that Liu Fuli had left an eye to see if the waves really came to send money alone.
Waves sneer at a way in the heart "kill you this scum also others? I am enough to kill you ten times by myself! " However, the waves know that Liu Fuli has a sense of vigilance, and he also has a sense of vigilance. Later, he should be careful when he starts work. If Liu Fuli really keeps his hand, he will really be in trouble.
According to Liu Fuli’s instructions, the waves came to the 13th floor of Block G, went to Room 10 and knocked on the door.
Liu Fuli poked around the door and looked behind the waves. There was no one else in the corridor to rest assured.
The waves laughed. "Liu Kechang, aren’t you so careful?"
"Be careful to sail a ship for ten thousand years" Liu Fuli’s face is not red, so let the waves in.
The waves laughed and said, "It really deserves to be the chief of the Ship Management Division who never forgets to sail carefully for ten thousand years."
Liu Fuli looked at the package in the hands of the waves and said, "Did you bring the money?"
The waves smiled, raised their files and patted them.
Liu Fuli smiled and said, "Good!" Reach for the file bag
The waves hid Liu Fuli and looked at the waves warily.
The waves laughed. "Liu Kechang is a clever man. Why doesn’t he seem to know the rules this time?"
Liu Fuli was really stunned when he saw the waves laughing. "What are the rules?"
The waves laughed. "Can we sit down and talk slowly?"
The waves dragged on to see if Liu Fuli had any tricks.
Liu Fuli wanted to make a pact with him for three chapters before giving him money, but he was impatient and said, "Please sit down."
After the waves returned to the Red Chamber, they went straight to the blue star office on the seventh floor.
Blue sky star screen returns others and leaves waves alone in the office.
The waves opened the office door and said, "Manager Lan, I have stabilized Liu Fuli. I can start work tonight."
Lan Tianxing didn’t speak. Sitting in the rotating chair behind the desk, he took out a pistol from the drawer and carefully played with it. The golden light flashing turned out to be a gold-plated pistol.
The waves laughed. "Colt Company has produced a total of 100 gold-plated gift pistols, and Blue always has one."
Lan Tianxing smiled and said, "This is an American friend who gave me a gun a few years ago, but that friend was killed in a gang fight. Now I don’t do anything myself. I’ll give it to you without leaving this gun here!"
The waves said, "This kind of gold-plated colt pistol is very precious. I dare not accept this gift. Besides, killing people is different. You have to kill people with a good gun!"
Lan Tianxing said, "If I send you a gun, you can kill people with a bad gun, but you can kill people with a good gun. Tonight, you can send this pistol to that Liu Fuli Buddhist paradise as if I killed him myself."
The waves picked it up with both hands, but I saw that this colt pistol was well-made, exquisite in pattern and unique in style, and it was indeed a pole in the gun, which not only allowed people to enjoy playing, but also killed people.
Lan Tianxing looked at the waves and said, "Liu Fuli is a modest official anyway, so don’t leave any trouble."
The waves said, "Manager Lan can rest assured that no one will find out that we did it."
Lan Tianxing nodded and said, "When will you do it?"
The waves laughed. "I have an appointment with Liu Fuli. I believe I will come back for dinner at nine o’clock."
Lan Tianxing smiled and said, "I’ll wait for you to come back at nine o’clock on time for your celebration dinner."
The waves laughed, "I am warm and good wine! In ancient times, Sir Zhong drank wine and chopped Hua Xiong. Today, I will drink wine and chop corrupt officials on the waves! "
Lan Tianxing shook his head and said, "I’m not afraid of corrupt officials. I like corrupt officials. Without these corrupt officials, can we do business?" This Liu Fuli is wrong and dares to blackmail me and rip me off! "
The waves laughed, "Liu Fuli will never bother manager Lan again."
Blue sky star smiled and waved and let the waves go.
The waves went back to the room to see Lina watching the disc alone in the main room and laughed. "Why don’t you go to your little sister’s room to play alone?"
Lena said, "Some of them sleep artificially. One of them is chatting. Fortunately, I can see you every day."
The waves said, "You can go outside and buy some beautiful clothes and high-grade makeup." Then he took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it to Lina, saying, "Give me more flowers if you don’t have enough."
Lena shook her head and said, "You’ve given me enough. Other sisters work harder than me and don’t have as much money as me."
The waves laughed. "Do you compare yourself with them when you are a young lady? They accept money from guests, you are my little lover, and my money is your money. "