That Lai Ye looked at Yang Ye and froze for a moment. He quickly turned back and rushed a few hands and shouted, "What are you still doing?" Give it to me! "

When those hands heard shouting, they rushed in. Lai Ye stepped back and looked down at himself. Those hands tried to stretch for two times. Suddenly, they heard the screams in front of them and suddenly looked up. His hands were lying in a coma with only one breath left, groaning in pain, while Yang Ye was still there, staring straight at Lai Ye.
That Lai Ye was stunned. It took only two seconds at most. Why did they just … and this man seemed to be finished without starting work! This is really a ghost!
Yang Ye smiled and finally walked to Lai Ye, who was too scared to move and looked at the man in front of him in horror.
Yang night raised my hand and patted Lai Ye on the shoulder. This Lai Ye felt that his daughter was heavy and his legs were soft and "plopped" and he knelt down.
"The hard way! Shit, uncle lai! It’s free to fight foreigners in the old city. I want you to give me a face here. You actually pretend to be a gangster gang with underworld nature with me? " Yang night mercilessly stared at Lai Ye, learning to scold him word by word.
"Big … big ye! I was wrong! Please spare me! " Lai Ye held the hand that injured Yang Ye at night and cried in tears.
At this time, the building has already rushed a lot of people with pots and pans, sticks and shovels. Fengmingxuan people shouted and rushed out of the stairs. When they saw this scene, they were shocked and talked about it.
"What happened? Isn’t it said that someone is like a girl’s room? "
"I guess it’s this gang. Look, it was cleaned up by that uncle alone!"
"That’s amazing. Who’s that uncle?"
The crowd was really sociable and took a wide look at Yang Ye and said in surprise, "Isn’t this Mr. Liu Erhao Lu?" He is a good friend of Yuan Shao! "
This made people greatly surprised. "Ah ~ ~?" Liaoyi
When the procuress heard this, she looked up at Yang Ye in surprise.
That Lai Ye also heard this. At that time, he was even more shivering. He didn’t leave himself a face and started to say, "I’m sorry, Mr. Lu! Sorry, sorry! Little people have eyes but don’t know mount tai! Mr. Lu spared the villain’s life! !”
Yang night looked down at him and said softly, "Don’t come to Fengmingxuan later. No! After that, you have to come to Fengmingxuan every day to spend more money, but don’t harass Miss Ruyan! "
"Know know! Yes, villain! The villain obeyed! " Lai Ye kept banging his head.
"Go away!"
Stunned that a few Lai Ye’s hands were carried by Fengmingxuan people, and that Lai Ye also ran away. The procuress took out a handkerchief and wiped her nosebleed. A Lu called her eyes more grateful than awe.
After the building people left, the door slowly knocked out. A female Yang night saw that it was the girl who pulled up the car to send her silk scarf. She smiled at Yang night and said, "The hero has drawn out his sword again. Hee hee, please come in."
Yang night also nodded and smiled and turned to look at the madam. Madam leng was grinning and said, "Mr. Lu, please come in! Come on in! I’ll go downstairs and prepare the dining tables! Mr. Lu is our great benefactor of Fengmingxuan! " Said and turned and ran upstairs.
Yang night looked at the front girl scratched his head and took a step forward.
The girl gently covered her mouth and said with a smile, "What’s the matter, is the hero still embarrassed?"
The horse in the room said, "Cui Hua, ignore it!"
Ah! That’s the sound! Yang night was a quiver.
The girl named Cui Hua smiled and stepped aside, smiling and gesturing please.
Yang night beach thought even Xi Shi Zheng Dan stayed at my house! I’m still afraid of you, the number one brothel in the late Qing Dynasty? So he walked into the room with his head held high.
Just walked in, the door behind him "snapped" and Cui Hua came from the outside with a smile. "Miss, you and the hero talk slowly about our building to stew sauerkraut!"
Yang night embarrassed and a little excited thinking about this solitary man few female * * things don’t blame me!
Thinking about taking a few steps into the room, I finally saw a woman’s back standing in front of the window, and her hair was smooth and smooth. She was wearing a small thin coat with grass-green wide sleeves and satin embroidery at the back of her head, and her body was also grass-green. Ma Lian had a long skirt and a slender waist and neck.
That delicate little thin coat is tied tightly, which makes it more curved. Although the long Ma Lian skirt covers the feet, it can be seen through the thin skirt that a pair of * * stands upright inside, which makes people feel more imaginative …
Yang night is trying to extrapolate at this time, and her mind is still relishing the charming line of Ruyan girl. Her eyes are unblinkingly looking at the window, and Ruyan slowly turns and stretches out to Yang night with a reserved smile and bows slightly.
Yang night almost fell into Ruyan’s eyes, and a pair of almond round eyes and shiny black eyes were wrapped in long thick eyelashes, especially when they smiled. The eyelashes seemed to get together and flashed a charming light, and the delicate lips were small and the makeup eroded the little face, and a few tiny freckles were faintly visible, which made the whole person look fresh and natural.
Yang night saw some doubts in his eyes. Could this be a prostitute? It’s the Republic of China, and it’s not like I used to be a part-time prostitute for female college students in modern society. Could there be such a pure prostitute in this period? There is no smell of dust at all. Seeing her is like eating Explosicum Peeing Bull Pills. There is a smell of running to the beach in white gauze to recall the first love …
"Sir?" RuYan see Yang night straight wait for a while looked at himself a little shy with gently awake.
As soon as this sound awakened the imagination, he coughed awkwardly and smiled. "Uh-huh, you are Miss Ruyan, right?"
"Yes, sir," Ruyan nodded slightly. "I heard you just now. Are you Mr. Lu?"
"ah? Oh! Yes! My last name is Lu Erhao. It’s Lu Erhao! Hao is Lu Erhao! " Yang Ye still looked at Ruyan’s mouth and thought that there was a beautiful woman who was almost as beautiful as Xi Shi Zheng Dan in the Republic of China!
Ruyan paused for a moment and wanted to be laughed at by Yang at night. He gently raised his hand and put a finger on his lips and smiled a few times and said softly, "Mr. Lu is so humorous."
"Hehe, it’s not humor, it’s nervousness. This is my first time to come to this place." Yang Yeyi blurted out without thinking.
Ruyan’s eyes dimmed, but Ma changed into a smiling face. "Mr. Lu, please sit down."