"Adult guerrilla generals suddenly appeared in the tinker, and then there was no reason to ring the knot. Now thousands of soldiers in the tinker are there in silence," said Pro-Wei, looking a little weird.

"What? Bearers were prepared to go to the East Gate with the official. "Fan Xiwen listened to the in the mind. What the hell is Liu Ke doing? Fan Xiwen said just visible to Tian Feng and said," Don’t drive an adult, it’s better to go and have a look with the official. "
"It’s just as well to see the general style of lean guerrilla." Tian Feng agreed without thinking.
So the two men went straight to the east gate with several relatives riding fast horses.
At this time, the East Gate tinker was in silence as pro-Wei said. It was not that the foot soldiers lost their temper, but that Choco gathered all the foot soldiers here and didn’t say a word. Everyone was uneasy and looked at Choco and Choco, who had always been a grim image in the army. Today, even if they didn’t talk for a day, no one would feel strange. It was that the atmosphere was really depressing.
"It’s not right to ring the knot today. That’s because the Nangong mountain thief is getting worse and worse and will need to be transferred to the army again." Before that, he refused to say that Choco suddenly spoke because of his long silence. The sound really made people have an impulse to cover their ears
Choco’s voice has not yet fallen. Fan Xiwen and Tian Feng’s horses have already rushed to Yuanmen. Liu Keshi is still really accurate.
Fan Xiwen took the lead in Martin Fengyuan and planned to ride a horse and rush in directly, but after watching Fan Xiwen’s sample, he gave up his plan to be a good boy and followed Fan Xiwen into Yuanmen.
"What happened?" Fan precious little wen approached Choco know perfectly well past ask and said.
"Mountain thieves are powerful, and I want to transfer the army again to destroy them in one fell swoop." Choco said stiffly that he should play a role in the future, which is quite necessary.
"Mountain thieves are so powerful that so many troops have not wiped them out?" Fan precious little article reveals a rather surprised expression.
"Well, now I have mobilized troops to surround the mountain thieves in Fuliu area, and it will take about 3,000 men to design the encirclement before, so that they can be captured in one fell swoop." Choco said.
"Then how many troops can be mobilized?" Fan Xiwen seems to have vowed to play dumb today. I don’t know what to do. This situation really makes those tied up foot soldiers dumbfounded, but knowing that this commander’s temperament is not going to touch Fan Xiwen’s forehead at this time to see if there is a fever. What they have to do at this time is to sit tight.
"At present, there are 5,000 troops left in Le ‘an, and the rest of the troops are almost tied up in Fuliu area. There are only a few military forces left." Choco continued that the tone is still the same, and he didn’t even blink when he spoke. It was quite calm
"You transferred the army department in the past. Wouldn’t that give those who want to make trouble a chance?" Fan Xi-wen shouted. At this time, all the foot soldiers really decided that the two adults in front were really acting today. Le’ an troops sent troops to suppress thieves, but there are more than 9,000 people, and there are still less than 20,000 people to deploy in Le’ an forces. Anping has long been taken over by the three-way thief suppression army, and no one dares to make trouble.
"Be sure to wipe out these mountain thieves at one go, otherwise it will be difficult to have another chance." Choco said firmly with a face.
"Is it General Liu, the guerrilla general of Le ‘an?" Tian Feng hurriedly ran out after listening to the dialogue between Fan Xiwen and Choco and said that if Choco really transferred the Ministry of Human Resources, wouldn’t it be yellow for the secretariat of adults to transfer two thousand troops? At that time, it will be a complete failure to study the military system of Le ‘an Army and strengthen the combat effectiveness of Jizhou Army, which is not allowed.
"It’s you who don’t drive Tian Feng’s adult in Jizhou." Choco just transferred Le ‘an Army Department out in front of Tian Feng, causing a shortage of soldiers and major generals to Tian Feng. If Tian Feng still wants soldiers, then you’re welcome to go back to Choco. Today, he is going to play a scholar and meet soldiers. I can’t tell for sure. Now Tian Feng can’t help jumping out, so waiting for him is Choco, the general of the earth. Liu Kelai is unreasonable. Now he really knows that he is more cold and stiff to Ford.
"Well, it’s in" that Choco’s attitude is very wrong. Tian Feng thinks so. In this era when the civilian status is higher than that of the military attache, Tian Feng is a secretariat, while Choco is just a small guerrilla general. Choco’s tone of voice is disrespectful to him in Tian Feng’s ear. Now it’s Le’ an barracks. In layman’s terms, people’s territory should bow when they should bow in other people’s territory.
"I heard that there is a resurgence of rehmannia towel thieves such as Zhongshan Changshan?" Tian Feng flinched, and Choco immediately seized the lead. I didn’t want to know that Tian Feng had lost the most advantage, and waiting for him would be a rout.
"Is the adult want to deploy two thousand lean army to listen to the general can it be settled now? Before this matter, Fan’s adult has also agreed. "Tian Feng doesn’t like Choco’s aggressive posture and feels like he is a few times lower than Choco. It’s also impolite to speak.
"As you can see, it’s a little too much to suppress thieves. It’s a temporary method to deploy military forces." Choco actually said half because he dug a big hole for Tian Feng in the back and was waiting for Tian Feng to jump inside.
"No, the yellow turban insurrectionary thief can’t recover. If it can’t be wiped out, it may hurt the people in several counties. You can’t ignore the lives of the people in several counties just because of the thief suppression." Liu Ke made Tian Feng feel quite uncomfortable, so he spoke unceremoniously without any discussion.
If Choco was from this era, he might not have spoken so angrily to Tian Feng after knowing that the status of military commanders in this era has always been lower than that of civilian officials. It is a pity that Choco is not from this era. He comes from an era in which the principle of "equality for all" is proclaimed every day, which is even worse. Today, Choco is trying to find trouble with Tian Feng, where will it easily give in?
Chapter one hundred First mover (subscription)
"Seeing me, Le Anjun should first protect the lives of Anping people. Besides, the lives of Anping people are threatened by mountain thieves. If they are not stopped, how do you know that he will not develop into another yellow turban insurrectionary thief?" Choco retorted unceremoniously, disdaining to make Tian Feng angry.
"You, you are a common man." Tian Feng really has some way to refute this remark, pointing to Choco’s constant trembling, which shows how angry Tian Feng is at this time
"If there is no rhetoric, let Anping Mountain Thief not send his troops for a day without destroying them." Choco said coolly, and then blocked the road. Tian Feng went to the Le’ an Army, which had been tied up, and ordered the foot soldiers of the Le’ an Army, "Everyone has to help Liu Ba immediately."
"Yes" Le Anjun just understood the feelings of the problem department. The secretariat is here to be important. This situation will show that the commanders are unwilling to give people a joint teacher to perform such a play. After understanding this, all the soldiers immediately left the camp with Choco, and the speed is really unbelievable. Where are these people willing to be treated in Hotan Feng from Le ‘an? You can’t find anyone who will be willing to put on comfortable training and don’t go to other places to suffer. Isn’t that silly?
"I’m sure I’ll report the matter to the secretariat’s adult when I go back." Tian Feng pointed to Choco’s back and left his sleeves to tell on Wei Jun.
"Ah ah adult good (Liu Kezi) is an impulse, please forgive me." Fan Xiwen is quite happy in his heart. This play sings well. This is the effect. Fan Xiwen plays the bad COP and Choco plays the bad COP. Tian Feng must be stimulated without reason. If Tian Feng can’t stand going back immediately, so much the better. What is Tian Feng’s identity now? To put it mildly, it’s called the inspector, and to put it mildly, it’s a spy. He’s here to steal Le ‘an’s development mode, so you’re welcome to such a person.
"Adults let go if you don’t punish this vertical, how can you hate my heart?" Tian Feng’s sleeve was grabbed by Fan Xiwen. Although Fan Xiwen was also a civilian, after all, he often exercised his strength much more than Tian Feng’s pure broken life. Tian Feng took it and couldn’t move.
"Vertical vertical" Fan Xiwen roared, "Are you more capable or talented than Jia Jia?" Although I was acting there just now, this line often appears in the play, which really makes people accept that Choco is his brother after all, so why should he say that with a small Jizhou driver? In Fan Xiwen’s heart, even if the emperor is old, he is not qualified to say so. "I respect you as an emissary of the secretariat of adults, and I don’t care about it. You’d better get the old horse out of Le ‘an. If you see you old in Anping, you can call once." There was a time before when Fan Xiwen followed some gangsters in the school to talk vulgar and not to say it was quite threatening.
"You let’s see." Tian Feng was livid. At this time, Fan Xiwen had already released his hand, so he put a malicious word and left the tinker directly. Fan Xiwen deliberately made efforts because he offended Tian Feng. It was because these things didn’t have much impact on the overall situation that Fan Xiwen didn’t care if it was possible. Fan Xiwen even thought of posing as a farewell team to send Tian Feng out of Anping Tian Feng all the way, but did the spy leave him in Lean so that he could steal Lean’s development method? But now that the Ministry of Human Resources has been taken away by Liu Ke, where can anyone do these things?
Tian Feng’s front foot has just left the school, but he was told by the Royal Guards and Jia Xu that he must watch Tian Feng return to Weijun with his own eyes. If Tian Fengzhen still wants to come back, he will dress up as a robber on the road and wipe Tian Feng’s neck directly. Anyway, the border of Jizhou is not very peaceful recently. It is quite normal to die one or two or a group of people.
Sooner or later, there will be a battle between Han Fu and Fan Xiwen, which is inevitable. If Fan Xiwen wants to be a position, he has to step on Han Fu’s body to go there. There is no room for manoeuvre. Therefore, Jia Xu gives a plan to start early and have soup to drink. But now, because Le’ an army has repeatedly dispatched foot soldiers and is a little tired, it is not appropriate to face it for the time being. Jia Xu suggested that a small group of elites should be sent to other parts of Jizhou to harass themselves. On the one hand, it can effectively destroy the enemy. Just like guerrilla warfare in later generations, it can continuously destroy the enemy
This suggested that Fan Xiwen didn’t want to agree, because Fan Xiwen had a profound understanding of the benefits of this tactic.