It’s really different to look at the Iraqis in a row, but what’s coming at her? I announced the evil deeds of the elderly in Lianjia. Isn’t it impossible that this matter didn’t reach Lianyiren? It should have been at the entrance of Lianfu at that time. It’s okay for others not to know about it, even for family members. It’s self-deception if you say you don’t know.

"The mood you learn from me? It is a bit strange that the two are linked together. "
"Elder sister, don’t get me wrong. I feel that the princes like the same people." Even Iraqis have always been smiling, but their faces are almost full of hypocrisy.
This kind of expression makes Lian Jian really a little naive. Is this like yourself? Points is to learn the same as those palace princesses, but why? The question of who is making rumors may also be on the agenda.
"Princess, this should be the future princess of our Yue Wangfu." Gu Smoke looked at even some curious Yue Wang in the eyes of Iraqis, who was not good at painting. She saw the portrait, and both of them were alike, but if it comes to expressions, it is more similar to even a smile.
Even the Iraqis couldn’t help smiling after hearing the words "Yue Wangfu". "Who are you?"
"My name Gu Qingyan is the side princess of Yuewangfu."
"Gu … is your father a junior supervisor?" Even the Iraqis seem to have investigated the Yuewangfu people.
If it was impossible for even the Iraqi to know these things in the past, she was not interested in these things, but now she can suddenly say this sentence, which can say that she has really worked hard, but in Lian’s eyes, this is achievement, and even the Iraqi can’t delay now. It is time to talk to Yue Wang, preferably before Lian Yiren takes the initiative to trouble her.
Chapter 26 Jinse Trouble
Even the eyes passed through the crowd and chatted. Everyone saw a little girl holding her body in a golden dress. In the court, each color has its own emphasis on wearing golden clothes. Although the embroidery is a crane instead of a phoenix, it can be seen that she is now the only one who is honored.
Jinse looked around, and finally it was right. Lian Wanjian’s eyes immediately pulled her daughter to come over. She was of western descent, and this appearance was attractive enough. In front of everyone watching Jinse, Lian Wanjian came.
Even the cockroach can’t tell what order she is. "The princess pays her respects to the empress."
"The mother princess of Wuyang told you that there is no mother in this palace. You should call her aunt."
Wuyang pouted. Her little head can’t hold so many things. Salute "Wuyang pays his respects to my aunt."
"I don’t know if the empress is already an order?"
"The imperial concubine’s title has not changed"
"Qin Guifei is looking for a concubine?"
Jinse tried to make her tone a little arrogant, but she couldn’t hide her respect in the face of the embarrassment. "I heard that Princess Palace is extremely good at piano. Can you invite Princess to enter the palace to learn from each other?"
"The imperial concubine talked and laughed, and the four arts of male and female servants all learned some fur, let alone learn from each other. Such a noise is blasphemous even if it enters the ear of the imperial concubine."
"If the Empress Dowager comes to ask Wang Feike to be willing to accept it," Jinse said today (Monday). She should have come according to the instructions of the Empress Dowager, but I really don’t know what happened now. Even Jinse nodded slightly to show her understanding.
Even Jia Jian smiled. "As the saying goes, if you don’t take this porcelain job, you can’t be forced."
"It’s the first time I know that the princess will refuse people."
Even Jianji noticed that many palace ladies were paying attention to this side. For them, this brocade is a strong enemy that suddenly appears and is invincible. After all, there are only a few left in this old man. Now you are extremely prepared to hear that even this draft audition has become very difficult.
"The banquet of the Empress Dowager is coming soon. Now the Empress Dowager is the head of the sixth house. Should she take the lead in welcoming the Empress Dowager?"
Jinse hummed and turned away. "Wuyang, let’s go to meet the emperor’s grandmother."
Even the face is a little worse. Many imperial concubines look here and can’t let them realize that they are really with Jinse.
Even Iraqis pay attention to this side, although they can see the dissatisfaction of the face, but in her mind, she always feels that this imperial concubine is not particularly hostile to her, perhaps because she doesn’t want to be the second Lin Guifei? But if you really don’t want to, it’s necessary to ask for it in the past
Even the Iraqis found themselves knowing that someone in this family was in the palace. A woman, "Miss Yang and Qin Guifei are people?"
"I heard that it was the teacher’s workshop that received a pianist from the Western Regions. When the first emperor was alive, he had an affair with the position, but no one knew exactly when he was sealed as a talented person. Even this princess Wuyang seemed to appear by virtue of her appearance, but it was only in these two months that she changed from a talented person to a noble woman that she could take shape."
Even the Iraqis thanked her, and then quietly observed that this brocade looks a little older than Lian’s. Although it is said that it is from the Western Region, it doesn’t look very different from them. Is this someone Lian used to know?
Lian Jian felt that he had waited for a long time, but he still didn’t see the Queen Mother coming and looking up and turned to play Shelley. "Is this banquet not on time after autumn?"
"The princess didn’t know that the Empress Dowager should show up at the end. This banquet is to walk with people for a while and there should be banquet officials coming out. If the princess doesn’t like this scene, she can actually leave now. After all, if anyone over there wants to associate with the report, she won’t be in this palace."
Even though she was alone, there were many people around her. Even when she winked at this brocade, she even had some contempt in her eyes, as if she were laughing at her being alone. She even smiled and shook her head. How could it suddenly change so much? What’s more ridiculous is where she looks like herself.
"What is the princess laughing at?"
"I’m laughing. My father doesn’t know me as well as the report. Go out. If Jinse doesn’t follow me, you’ll wake her up in a minute. We’ll leave as soon as we contact her."
Even Jianji walked out of the banquet palace. Jinse noticed that Lianji went out naturally, but she was a little worried about leaving Wuyang there, so she went out with her.
Lianjia saw dancing like a small tail. She didn’t like or hate children. She wanted to tell Jinse that things really shouldn’t be heard by children.
"Jinse, are you sure you want to take your daughter?"
"Xiao Huan takes the princess to play carefully." Jinse is a little worried about giving Wuyang to her maid.
Lian Jian noticed this detail. "But Princess Wuyang was stared at because she was honored?"
"If I stare at her as a palace princess, I still have the ability to deal with it, but staring at her as the queen mother seems to be very dissatisfied with my exclusive favor and I am ready to let Wuyang follow her to the temple."
"Is that what she told you?"
"She said that after the draft, she would take Wuyang to the temple, saying that it was to make Wuyang a virtuous and virtuous princess, and also hinted that I would accompany my daughter."
"So that’s it. I have a way to avoid this draft. Although many families have no marriageable women, there are still many of them. If Princess Wuyang is injured, it is impossible to accompany the Queen Mother to the temple."
"Can you keep Wuyang without hurting it?"
"Maybe, but let me know if you have any trouble here when I need some. I’ll have the solutions sent to you in a few days, and the list of our own people in this draft will help arrange the arrangement."