"He said to give him 20,000 first, and he was in the Jianghu for emergency."

"Twenty thousand for our hands don’t just have twenty thousand? Give him the money first. "Two whew eyes turned a circle and thought of the solution, so she typed and said.
"I think so, too, but this money is from the activity and I will discuss it with you." Tianyu typed and explained.
Tianyu looked at his explanation and shook his head. He had to admit that he was really a "pseudo-gentleman" at the moment, which destroyed his personal interests and personal interests.
But then again, Tianyu is the biggest "shareholder" in all investments, and he naturally benefits his own part of the funds.
Maybe I stayed in the team for too long. Tianyu really regarded this team as his family.
But Erxiu didn’t think as much as Tianyu did. The staff of that department didn’t pay attention to the liquidation, which gave them a "way out". Otherwise, where can they go to "get" ten thousand cash at the moment?
As a result, Tianyu has more than 20,000 cash in his hands.
Of course, if he wants to buy 14 magic swords, he can’t always log in to the 5173 account himself. In case he is logged in by Erxiu one day and sees something, he will have to learn about it.
Fortunately, he came to the bank card more often, and one of them was that he said his parents would give him money for a bank card, which was the bank card and became the "Ministry staff" income card.
When Xiaoyue closed, all the funds were secretly transferred to Xiaoyue through this card.
"The magic sword is bought. How can I explain it to Erxiu after the’ cross’ is successful?" Then Tianyu thought of such a thorny problem.
Sure enough, a lie is like a chain to make up for one that has to go round all the time.
"Let’s be honest …" Tianyu racked her brains and couldn’t think of any good excuses.
And Tianyu also thought of a problem, that is, even if he got the magic sword, he would have to go to Kelly again. What excuse would he have then?
With so many troubles, Tianyu feels that it is better to be honest than to be so arrogant.
Although he may think he is a "primary school student" by explaining to Erxiu in this way, what’s wrong with changing his concept and attitude towards games now that he is rich?
Thinking of this, Tianyu typed with Erxiu in the group and said, "Erxiu, I’m going to’ get’ 14 magic swords into 13."
"…" Two whew at tianyu suddenly sent this sentence some unbelievable.
Although Tianyu is not extravagant to the point of extravagance on weekdays, it must have a good habit of thrift.
If you don’t open your mouth, you will be silent. If you open your mouth, you will die endlessly.
"How much is the magic sword …?" Two whew typing asked
"I happened to find a pair in 5173 at a price of 75 yuan."
"75 …" Two whew looked at this price and felt like astronomical figures.
However, this figure is simply cheap compared with the price of buying 16 grams in Izumo.
"How many times can I pass the night? !” Two whew heart so thought.
"By silly bear also finally want to go local tyrants brigade? ! I support it with both hands! " Izumo bubbling typing said
"I also support playing games. Happy. If having a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in the game can make you happy, what is it to buy some game equipment when your economic conditions allow?" Bones also bubbling typing said
Tianyu was delighted. I didn’t expect two local tyrants in the group to help him a lot at this time.
"Do you have enough money?" Two whew so typing asked.
Chapter 971 A lie
"My parents just gave me some money today. Although some of them are sorry, they bought game equipment with the money they just sent, but in a few days, our game money will be more affluent when it is cashed in," Tianyu typed and explained.
"Uncle and aunt give you money at this time?" Two whew some sleepy’ confused’ typing asked.
Tianyu picked his eyebrows and knew that Erxiu was going to get to the bottom of the matter, so he had long thought of a good response and immediately typed and said, "I sent money to my family after the New Year, but you know I don’t have a job here."
"After all, it’s impossible for my parents to make money by playing games. If you tell them, they must also think that I have been out of work for the past few years and lied to them that I was engaged in real estate sales."
"But after all, my parents are experienced people. How can a migrant worker have a good weather every year?"
"So this time I told them that there was something wrong with my business here, and I was a little tight at hand and I wouldn’t go back for the New Year."
"They insisted on giving me money, so they gave me 20 thousand."
Tianyu was stunned after typing and explaining, and a question mark looms in his mind, "How is it 20 thousand again?"
To Tianyu, I really want to modify this data, but in fact, there are indeed 20 thousand in this card. Although he can’t let Erxiu see the amount in the card, it is safer to "transparent" his property in order to dispel Erxiu’s doubts.
Of course, it is impossible for the front staff to go to 20 thousand to move the money given by Tianyu’s parents, right? Because this money is Tianyu’s "private" person, there are teams to earn it, and some of the funds are in it.
"Ah, my parents are sorry for you. After all, I didn’t go home in the Spring Festival this year in the world, and I have to go back to the Magic Sword in a few days. I really don’t want to go back this New Year …" Tianyu said in his mind.
Tianyu hasn’t called home yet because there is still a month before the Spring Festival.
Listen to Tianyu’s explanation. Two wheezes can be said. Although he always feels that the amount is a little clever, he cashed in 20,000 in the game. The game department staff will temporarily return 20,000 Tianyu’s parents just called Tianyu for another 20,000.
But I want to go back to Erxiu and think of the bones again, so I no longer doubt anything.
Chatting here in the group, Tianyu has added 5173 guests, and friends are talking about the "cross" of 14 magic swords.
It is easy for consignment to be handed over by the guest direct number Tianyu.
It’s easy to make friends. 14 The magic sword is in hand.
"Shout ~" Tianyu exhaled breath into the brain as if he had released the air pressure in his heart.
This key is finally caught.
"Then I’ll find a day to shout the magic sword when the walking corpse walks" meat ","Tianyu said in his heart.
Tianyu has already thought about the reason for the magic sword, because he also said in the group just now that he bought the magic sword to install 13, so 15 can better install 13
Well, this reason is too stupid. I guess everyone in the group will definitely accept it
So Tianyu certainly found other reasons.
Which district businessman is not dressed in a costume? Equipment represents strength at a certain level, which is indeed the most powerful saying for many players who don’t know unlucky bears.
And the 14 magic sword to strengthen the 15 body is a declaration of their own strength.
Although everyone in the group is sure that the name "unlucky bear" has become a "trademark" in the four districts of Zhejiang.
However, in the public impression, the unfortunate bear account is really not very high-profile and the equipment is’ quite’. After all, the socket is too popular.
But this time, taking 14 magic swords to 15 words will definitely let players in the area know that the unlucky bear is very powerful and can also cause certain repercussions in other regions.
Li Tianyu didn’t think about being famous in the game, but this plan is the most reasonable reason for the magic sword
However, this reason has not yet been explained. After all, it is not the magic sword on the spot now.
Looking at Tianyu in the management group with 14 screenshots of the magic sword is in an uproar.