"Well, there’s nothing to say about the best film after the best film is made, isn’t there? Hum, the best Chinese film in history hasn’t been drawn yet. The box office of the ball has reached 600 million, and the organizing Committee of the Golden Horse Award has to scare the urine, okay?"

"Haha, I have to be scared. When the total box office statistics of my savage girlfriend’s paintings come out, I will ask other applicants who dare to win the Golden Horse Award."
"Alas, I can’t say that the Golden Horse Award is a bay area, and I’m afraid it will be done by them."
"It’s no fun to talk about politics in film art. The Golden Horse Award is not so stupid. Can it be the highest award in Chinese film?"
"He dares to make fourteen names and tell everything. The organizing committee of the Golden Horse Award is very smart, okay? My savage girlfriend is so powerful that all records have been broken. Oh, when the time comes, you will give someone fourteen names and the pit owner a prize. If we can’t get it, we won’t do anything. All fans in Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Korea Day will stop spraying it and he will explode. Do you believe it?"
It’s the Golden Horse Awards Organizing Committee, and now it’s shivering. My savage girlfriend has created all kinds of "miracles". You can’t help but hold it.
To be precise, it "holds" you. Asia says it’s good, and the whole world pays attention to it. Hey, I’ll sign you up for the Golden Horse Award. Will you give it to me?
You have to give it
To have high quality for an award and to recognize that God has won the award here is to add color to the gold content of the award. Hello, I am good, everyone is good.
If we don’t give a wink, others will turn around and say that the Golden Horse Award is too bad, so we won’t go.
Turn around and sign up for a higher-level international award, and your face will be swollen. Believe it or not, don’t say that you are the highest award in Chinese film. At present, the best Chinese film says that you look down on you.
Whoever has the biggest fist is in charge. You can step on it.
Now the Golden Horse Awards Organizing Committee will probably worry about whether the fourteen names are not shocking enough. Comparatively speaking, let’s not talk about Southeast Asia or Japan and South Korea. He is a loyal fan of "savage girlfriend" Yuxuan Leng.
The Golden Horse Awards Organizing Committee doesn’t guess. Anyway, suluo is tired of the Golden Rooster Awards.
"Oh, you come to our Golden Rooster Award and invite you. You don’t even come to the meeting. We promise."
Let’s see who has the biggest fist again.
The buyer’s market or the seller’s market, the buyer has the final say or the seller has the final say. DreamWorks has a big fist and suluo has a big fist.
But no matter how big it is, it can’t beat that little pink fist
"What do you mean, the horse is going to Bay Bay? Is it so urgent?" Yuxuan Leng wanted to hit someone.
Suluo ahem righteousness words "winning an award is not a name, it means winning an award. If you don’t go to Bay Bay Wave first to create momentum, how can you win an Oscar? Which Oscar is awesome? Which Oscar is the best film? You won the Golden Horse Award in the media, and my cows were blown out, so that you can go there with the local media after the film. If you don’t help me, you won’t have the nerve to come back with a prize."
Yuxuan Leng: "I’m not going. I’ve been on vacation for too long. It’s very busy to know about the company’s development now."
Suluo: "Oh, I’ll just go and ask your advice myself. It’s not that you have to agree or that you don’t want to go. I won’t go. Find out that I’m the boss here.
Not only are you busy, but I and the media in Manwan Bay are waiting to meet me now. Even the symposium on entrepreneur innovation or entrepreneurship association is inviting me to give a speech. Can I just find a female companion to travel there? "
"Boss, right? You’re the boss, right?"
"Eh, wait a minute. We agreed to make an agreement ten feet away. Don’t come here. I’ll tell you. I’ll warn you, or I’ll yell indecent assault. It’s not good for everyone. Now, the company will cause any misunderstanding when you come back from giving birth to me."
"I killed you."
"Come on, just face it. I won’t tell you that there are a group of people eavesdropping outside the office now. Anyway, you know how many degrees my voice spans."
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Make things the teacher elder sister
"Dead suluo, can you be normal?"
Yuxuan Leng gnashed her teeth with suluo’s collar.
Su Luosheng can be in love. "Elder sister, I ask you, I have always been like this. It’s normal. ok, in the eyes of ordinary people, I am abnormal. Every day is abnormal. I admit it, but my abnormality is just normal.
Is it clear that you are super abnormal now? You don’t want to talk to me, but you don’t want to guard against me like a thief. Come and come back to work. Nothing is going on. Now it’s all about us. It seems that we can’t tell a little secret. I really don’t understand your women’s ingenuity. Oh, now it’s still my fault. It’s unreasonable. "
Yuxuan Leng Qiao’s face turned red before she wanted to stop looking at whether dozens of people were squatting outside the office door. suluo said, "Stop lying to you. No one is eavesdropping. Relax and be normal."
"Tell me something quickly."
"Go to Bay Bay. Come and ask if you want to go with me."
Yuxuan Leng, what’s your bad intention? Look at suluo. "What did you do so early?"
Suluo rolled his eyes. "Go play. You’re having fun on vacation. I’m so busy that I have a nervous breakdown. I’m going to have a romantic double tour to relax and avoid my head exploding."
"Who’s going to have a romantic double tour with you?" Yuxuan Leng.
Segmented reading 421
In the mind a sweet continue to mouth shut.
"I didn’t say I wanted to go with you. How can I be romantic with you?" suluo looked at Yuxuan Leng with a look of disgust. "I was going to let you help announce the program so that I could easily and freely take my sister to the Bay."
Yuxuan Leng has a bad complexion and knows that she has already killed her heart. suluo is very flustered.
"Ahem, will you go or not? If you don’t go, I will go romantically with Ke Ke to prepare a cruise ship to float past. First, I have chosen a luxury cruise ship around the island. Then I will look at the first class of the first grade primary school class and teach me the Bay Sun Moon Lake."
"Uh, you and Tang Yike go."
"Otherwise, it’s easy for someone to guard against thieves every day and night, and it’s just that she misses you, too. You don’t worry about what’s wrong with me breaking into your room at night. Is my arrangement appropriate? Are you very excited?"
"You also said"
"Don’t talk about it."
"The teacher elder sister is not to learn now?"
"I invited her for an unlimited holiday and took her for fun. It happened that I couldn’t travel in China, and I was watched everywhere. I was shopping, not being a thief, and I couldn’t go out without a top ten protection.
The most tragic thing in the world is not that you can’t see the scenery at the scenic spots, but that you can’t see the scenery and be regarded as the most suitable scenery to see the bay. Anyway, few people know me generously. "
"Er, what happened to my girl?" Yuxuan Leng asked curiously. Obviously, she missed a lot of things and felt a little bad.
Don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t be okay, suluo just wants to laugh. "Poof, what else can you do? Haha, I did something at school. Her squad leader called me here.
Well, if you do things, my precious apprentice is now a teacher with three points of elegance, but the means are still a little childish. You have to polish it again. Hahahaha. "
Suluo laughed his chair off, and Yuxuan Leng was at a loss. "What the hell is going on? Tang Yike is famous for bullying other children."
"joke bullying children this kind of thing how can my apprentice do she may play so low-end to bully big friends?
She, her class leader said, haha, she has always been a super good baby, and now she refuses to listen to the teacher. The music class refuted the music teacher until she lost her temper and was tortured crazy. The music teacher privately said that she was afraid to teach her, and she was afraid to see her.
Before other exams, Ke Ke always got full marks. Up to now, the scores in the mid-term exam of this semester have plummeted. Don’t say that all the exams are neat. 6 points, one point, no more, no less. Many just-right class leaders are stupid. I tell you. "
"Poof, I’m darling, the senior teacher elder sister is too slippery, hahahaha."
"What do you think? It’s more special to get a 61, 62, gee, every 6 points is much more difficult than every perfect score."
"What’s wrong with my girl?"
"What can be awkward? I don’t like the music attached to the primary school in Beijing. It is appropriate for the two old people to arrange it for her, but my baby apprentice is very individual. She likes to be watched on the stage, but she is not learning to be watched by all kinds of strange eyes in life.
No matter how famous she is, she is also a child, but her aura is equivalent to being uncomfortable in the primary school attached to the Conservatory of Music. Don’t say that she has played with her friends. The principal has to coax her to grow up for a while. How can she live a happy life? If she doesn’t protest to me, it will really give me a headache. "
Suluo suppressed a smile and said, My girl is so cute.