Finally, Nai Wennuan said to Fu Yunyi, "Brother, why don’t you sit in the front and catch the bus with Sanzang?"

Fu Yunyi looked at her.
Warmly pulled up his hand and waved it with a bit of flattery. "Brother, I’m tired, shall we hurry up?"
Fu Yunyi, who spoiled her, never had resistance. "It’s good to go back to Beicheng after lunch. The plane is parked at the airport and we are ready to go back to Huadu overnight."
Warm know he took a big step back, she naturally also want to step back and nod "good according to the elder brother arrangement".
Divine jumped out of the carriage first and threw the whip beautifully.
Fu Yunyi’s expression, long legs, jumped and sat neatly.
Two people a left a right picture is really …
Fu Yun couldn’t bear to look straight at him. Can you imagine an elegant and noble family riding in a carriage?
Master Fu Lei was distressed for three seconds. The ancient man was a good match for the carriage, but the master sat down and violated it.
"Go!" Holy smoke a horse.
Xiao Bai ran out as soon as he got there.
Fu Yunyi almost fell out because of his inexperience. Fortunately, he caught the handrail by the load.
Fu Yun and Fu Lei trotted beside to see the willies. This ancient people is absolutely deliberate!
The sacred image smiled at Fu Yunyi. "Cousin, are you bored? Can we have a chat?"
Fu Yunyi cold face root ignored him.
Divine is not annoyed and says to himself, "If you don’t talk, forget it. I’ll just sing."
I heard that the warmth in the car means that my body is shaking. How can my cousin not chat with him? The consequences of not chatting with him are very serious.
Sure enough, the song sounded cheerful and hit everyone’s heart
"Horse, you walk slowly. I want to see this charming scenery fertile enough. The earth seems to be saturated with oil and fertile land. Ten thousand mu seems to be paved with gold. Ah, ah, ah, ah …"
The horses were stimulated to walk the S road.
Driving A Dai and Magic suffered a lot. Of course, they shouldn’t scold the sacred and can’t sing. They all accused Fu Yunyi with their eyes. Why don’t you chat with him? See, no one can think about it.
Fu Yunyi, is this all his fault?
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
He is the closest and most painful, okay?
After running around the carriage, the strong men almost collapsed without losing their strength. It turns out that this great god is more magical than that bird’s fine singing.
Even Fu Yun and Fu Lei cast a prayer eye on Fu Yunyi, young master. Why don’t you chat with others? We can’t bear it.
Fu Yunyi can’t stay up either. If he listens all the way to the dead end town, can he be deaf? He coughed and casually asked, "How old are you this year?"
The holy blink of an eye pointed to his eyes and asked, are you talking to me? He still remembers singing in his mouth.
Fu Yunyi was blocked by his eyes and mouth and nodded "I’m talking to you"
Holy, this seems to be very reluctant to say, "Cousin, I am singing hard, and you are interrupted. This is very impolite."
Fu Yunyi impolitely replied, "It is also impolite for you to sing loudly."
"ah? Well, "Holy thought and then whispered," Well, cousin, it seems that I can sing to you alone. You are so lucky. Shh, don’t let other people find out and make them jealous. "
Fu Yunyi "…"
You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?
Seeing that he really wanted to sing to him alone, Fu Yunyi gritted his teeth and interrupted "Let’s chat."
Holy eyebrows "originally my cousin likes to chat so much. Why didn’t I talk to you just now? See I left you out, and you’re pestering me with enthusiasm, cousin. It’s easy to misunderstand you. "
God came out immediately and asked, "What did Dagong misunderstand?"
The sacred principle that "there is a kind of inferiority in human bones"
God suddenly said, "Oh, it’s so cheap!"
Fu Yunyi narrowed his eyes.
Warm sitting in it smells dangerous, and I don’t care about my funny eyes. I am busy pushing the door and laughing. "Brother, are you thirsty? Do you want to drink water?"
Fu Yunyi hasn’t spoken yet
Divine is the first to say, "Warm son, I’m thirsty. Look, my lips are dry." Then he pouted and leaned in. Fortunately, Xiaobai is a pony. Otherwise, he, the driver who is not responsible, can turn over the ditch.
Warm push, he poured two glasses of water, gave him one and handed it to his cousin.
Fu Yunyi didn’t drink it immediately in his hand.
Divine dried it in one bite and then said, "Warm, I still want to eat dried meat."
Warm and bad airway "no"
Sacred pout "That cake will do."
"None" can’t the goods behave themselves?
Sacred is wronged and bowed his head like a kannika nimtragol, muttering in his mouth, "Sure enough, that sentence is true for a girl who is a treasure and a girl who is like a grass …"
This words out of mind immediately cover your chest with crying for two "whoops poor archduke can’t even eat the landscape all the way. This is going to be hungry …"
Say this!
Warmly glared at it, turned around and went to the car to get dried meat and cakes and stuffed them into the sacred arms. "Can I give them to you?"
Sacred immediately smiled. "I knew that warm children loved me the most and I couldn’t bear to lose weight."
Say that finish with full of things to eat some look happy also don’t forget toward Fu Yunyi warm greeting a "cousin, do you want to eat together? Oh, it’s a pity that you don’t eat … "
Fu Yunyi "…"
Did you give him a chance to speak?
Warm fans smiled awkwardly. "There’s still something in my car. Do you want to eat it? I’ll bring it to you."
Fu Yunyi turned around and said, "Warm cousin doesn’t eat. It’s very kind of me to ask you just now. Please ask again to see if you are embarrassed to ask all my cousins."
Fu Yunyi sneered and suddenly held out his hand. "Who said I wouldn’t eat?"
Sacred to pass jerky in his mouth and paused to stare big eyes. "Oh, my cousin, why didn’t you say so earlier?" I told you I would have given it to you. Come and take it. Don’t mention it … "
As he spoke, he tore a small piece of dried meat from his hand and handed it over.
Fu Yunyi "…"