They all think it’s not appropriate to ask questions. It’s better to keep them in your heart silently. What is it if you don’t get yourself into trouble?

It’s not surprising that Yao Hui needs to go around to play and relax because of her physical illness. Chai Weiwei has been silent for a long time and finally said the first sentence today.
And what she said was a relief.
Yao Hui just laughed and said, "It’s okay, but I didn’t make it clear to you. It’s just a little misunderstanding."
Yao Hui’s attitude at this time is as if she was not the one who just looked at the talking girl mercilessly.
Qingchen watched the episode and left the pie mouth when no one saw it.
This Yao Hui is hypocritical enough, but it is not a good crop. He also wants to make a good appearance in front of everyone.
In comparison, Chai Weiwei is less honest and more honest than her. Chai Weiwei is arrogant, but she doesn’t pretend to anyone on purpose. It’s not decent to pretend at all.
Qingchen suddenly gloated that this Yao Hui met the business tycoon’s original wife and I don’t know if I can still be so calm.
Sad to leave here, Qingchen doesn’t want to care about Yao Hui at this time, no matter what she is doing when she comes back today, Qingchen should do what she should do.
Especially in the king minister personally agreed to the situation.
And Yao Hui’s coming back today is really like Qing Chen’s thinking, but it’s just coming back and hanging around in front of everyone. There is quite a kind of intention to tell the truth in it.
Qingchen guessed that she probably thought that something would change when she came back after such a period of time, and she wanted to explore the road first to see everyone’s reaction.
Today, everyone’s reaction should be able to satisfy Yao Hui and make her feel that she still has a place here.
Section 25
But some things are far from what they seem. Yao Hui probably didn’t know that during her absence, because Chai Weiwei had deliberately framed Qingchen, everyone was quite critical of Yao Hui’s sudden loss of the program.
Yao Hui didn’t stay in Taiwan for a long time, and she didn’t pay too much attention to Qingchen when she met Yao Hui today.
It is estimated that in Yao Hui’s eyes, Qingchen is just a lucky replacement, and she doesn’t think it is a great thing for Qingchen to make achievements in the new program.
Qingchen now hopes that the more Yao Hui underestimates himself, the more beneficial it will be for Qingchen.
After Yao Hui left, Qingchen continued to record new programs with colleagues in the program group. After that, Yao Hui’s appearance was not regarded as a great thing. Everyone looked at Qingchen so calmly and would soon be forgotten.
Qingchen sent a text message to Sisi at noon. Sisi Cafe was employed in the week. After such a long period of preliminary preparation, she finally entered the formal operation. Before Qingchen, she said that she would help her with the publicity if necessary. Today, when I suddenly remembered this, I asked her.
Alice will come back soon, but she says she doesn’t need help.
"Now I think the coffee shop is just a pastime for chatting." Si said it was easy. When I just prepared the coffee shop, Si was really going to do it as a career, but now I think it is easier to do it as a hobby.
"Yes, it’s good for you to decide. Anyway, you don’t need how popular the coffee shop is."
Sisi laughed. "Well, I won’t ask you for help until I can’t go soon."
Qingchen has some connections in the entertainment circle, and it will have a good effect if you just ask a few artists to help, but now you don’t need help for the time being, Qingchen won’t worry about it
"Did you go home? Go straight back to Chuningzhao last night? " Qingchen suddenly remembered this crop.
Chu Ning Zhao’s car was not parked in Lou Si Jia’s parking space when he went out early.
Yesterday, Chu Ning Zhao took Si to the banquet, and Chu Rui was taken back to the Chu family mansion by Chu Ning Zhao’s parents, so it is very likely that Si also went back to the Chu family mansion with Chu Ning Zhao after leaving the banquet.
"Well," as expected, I didn’t deny it.
I have been to Chu’s home several times in such a short time, and I would never have thought of such a day.
When she was with Chu Ningzhao, she never really had contact with Chu family. On the contrary, after several years, she was much closer than ever.
I just said that life is always so full of accidents. I thought that when I was determined to leave ChuNingZhao, I made up my mind that I would never see him again in my life. Who knows that now I will not only see him again, but also live in the same roof directly-of course, ChuNingZhao insisted on moving in. She didn’t agree with ChuNingZhao and she wouldn’t care about her opinion at all.
"Well, how does it feel to go to Chu’s house this time? Chuningzhao’s parents are said to like you. Did they tell you something about "Qingchen"?
"Say what?"
Qingchen hey hey smiled and said, "Say something about when you two will get married."
Think about ""
I think Qingchen is getting darker and darker now.
"Don’t be ridiculous!"
Green morning shrugged "how impossible? Chu Ningzhao is of marriageable age now, right? Didn’t he tell you about marriage before? It is impossible for Chuningzhao’s parents not to know about this matter. "
"Didn’t I say I wouldn’t agree to marry him!"
"Yes, you said that, but people’s minds will change. Er, if Chu Ningzhao marries you now, can you refuse him as surely as last time?" Qingchen can see that if you think about it, you won’t really forget ChuNingZhao. Now ChuNingZhao is pressing hard, so it’s false to get along with each other and think about it now.