That pattern is exactly the same as aunt Cathy in the photo!

She was really sacrificed.
After waiting for a long time, Vivian saw Zhou Yan squatting sullenly and saying nothing, so she urged, "What are you doing? Get rid of that bug and let’s finish the main line."
Zhou Yan turned a blind eye to her urging. He was thinking about Aunt Cathy’s death at the moment.
According to Schell’s letter, Cathy should be a resident of Amber Town, so she must know something about the danger of the temple.
Then why did she come to the temple?
Is it her turn to be a sacrifice?
After Zhou Yan ordered the insects to disperse, he carefully observed aunt Cathy’s bones. Her bones did not mutate. When she was eaten, she still belonged to the human body, saying that she came during the day.
According to the unified sacrifice in Amber Town, it seems that it is more inclined to worm people. It is very likely that she came to the temple alone.
Wendy went to Aunt Cathy because she heard Chief Jon talk about the temple. What is it that she came here during the day?
Vivian couldn’t wait at a side for a long time. When she saw Zhou Yan dispersing the worm, she carefully walked to the wormhole and found something wrong next to Cathy’s bones. "Hey? This bone is not deformed. "
Zhou Yan followed her to the wormhole and said, "But she came during the day."
Vivian had a sly look in her eyes and said, "I almost forgot that I heard them talking when I was behind the line that day."
Zhou Yan "discusses?"
Vivian shook her head and flashed through her eyes, saying, "The less active a parade like this is, the more people will stay at the end, so I’ll listen to them talking about divination at the end."
"Talking about divination"
Three words from this vampire mouth made Zhou Yan feel some magical reality. He never thought that there were fish-fishing chats in this sneaky crowd and asked, "What did you hear?"
Vivian pointed her index finger at Ba’s recollection. "It seems to say that something has grown in this hole and the quality of the worm is not good."
Hearing Vivian’s recollection of this incident, Zhou Yan remembered that when he was in the library, curator Harvey also found out that the evil god had grown something in the cave, which was not as good as before.
Is the evil spirit sick?
Zhou Yan and Vivian walked out of the wormhole, and both of them sounded the unified tone in unison.
[Congratulations to player Vivian and player Zhou Yan for completing the exploration of the main line of Travitt Temple]
[Current progress 1%]
[Congratulations to the player for successfully unlocking the Temple of Travitt]
[Please get a warm indication and finish it as soon as possible! 】
Both Zhou Yan and Vivian received the news. Zhou Yan looked at Vivian and asked, "What does this unified saying mean?"
Vivian crossed her hands on her chest and said with an expression, "Literally, this system needs us to finish it quickly."
Zhou Yan’s frowning mainline reward is a sign?
In front of them, there is still a stone road, but this road has been dug with traces.
Moreover, we can see that the tools made are very rough, and we can even see that some stones have chiseled marks, and there are still some scratches on each step. I don’t know what kind of original tools are left
There are some bones scattered on the stars on both sides of the road. Zhou Yan even found some special skulls belonging to primitive people.
This kind of bone usually has a low skull and a thick eyebrow peak and a protruding mouth.
This is the warm cave discovered by the ancestors of Amber Town, which means that if you go further, you will see the so-called evil god.
The temperature ahead is getting higher and higher, and Zhou Yan feels that there is a continuous heat wave coming from nearby, and the strange smell is getting stronger and stronger, which seems to be like rotten eggs.
His mind flashed and he said, "This is a volcano."
Vivian "volcano?"
"Yes, this is a cave in which the temperature is higher than anywhere else, and there is a smell of rotten eggs, which is the smell of hydrogen sulfide."
There are many reasons for the formation of caves. Last week, Yan received a cave-themed secret room planning office, and he did some research on cave formation.
This should be a primary cave. According to the temperature and smell, it should be a cave formed by lava.
He touched the rock wall and obviously felt some potholes and pores, which should be basalt pores formed after the magma cooled, while the pores were bubbles in the magma
Vivian couldn’t understand Zhou Yanhu’s statement that she was a noble vampire queen, and I don’t know how long she slept in the coffin. Volcanoes are completely out of knowledge.
So she nodded her head and said seriously, "I noticed it was a volcano."
Zhou Yan looked around and found that almost all the insects had disappeared. He wanted to listen to the insects subconsciously, but it seemed to be blocked.
He didn’t dare to explore further, and he vaguely felt that something terrible would happen if the worm consciously explored the evil god.
At this time, I felt as if something was struggling in my pocket. He took out a look at the black and green insects in the wax that had softened due to the temperature, but it was uncharacteristically active.
It twisted its tiny limbs flexibly, and even spread its wings through its back, flapping to get rid of the skin wax.
Zhou Yan naturally won’t get what he wants. He rubbed the skin wax again and sealed the worm completely in it.
Director Harvey said before that this bug was just born by the evil spirit in the cave, and it was so active when its owner met him.
This seems to be saying that if you go further, you will face the evil god face to face.
They couldn’t help looking up to see what the scenery was like at the end of the stone road, but they caught a glimpse of an unknown dark red reflected in the black stone wall.
The temperature is getting higher and higher, and Zhou Yan’s temples are sweating, but his heart is falling straight, which feels terrible.
Vivian also felt a little nervous. She said with some concern, "something is wrong."
The nerve named danger in Zhou Yan’s brain suddenly tightened and he shouted "Go!"
A huge, pale tentacle came out from the depths of the cave crazily, rubbed with greasy mucus and quickly stretched out toward Zhou Yan.
Zhou Yan glimpsed from the darkness that the tentacles were covered with faces belonging to human beings. Their faces of different shapes drooped like wax figures melted by high temperature, and layers of pale skin revealed vague and frightened facial features. Several pairs of dark eyes stared at Zhou Yan intensely.
The whole cave is almost filled with tentacles. It’s such a horrible face, big and small!
"What is this!" Vivian was so scared that she almost turned into a bat. She and Zhou Yan ran the stone steps rolling and crawling, and the tentacles were still chasing them.
The tentacle is covered with viscous liquid and slides through the narrow cave. Because of its huge size, it swings at will, and the whole mountain shakes slightly when it reaches the tentacle.
Every face screamed sharply, and it was echoed in the complicated cave into a flute that made people tremble and gave birth to the idea of worshipping.
Zhou Yan was eager to run for his life and didn’t answer Vivian’s question. He knew that the monster’s goal was himself. Because of his mutant hand, the monster himself was a rare food sacrifice.
The two of them ran to the front of the wormhole, and Vivian did not fear that she would step on the juicy wormhole and leap over the deep pit in three steps and two steps.
I could have had a short rest. Unexpectedly, the monster seemed to have decided that the two of them would try their best to wave the relatively thin tip when they saw the hole method pass, which would prevent the stone part from smashing the huge cave part and start shaking violently. Zhou Yan and Vivian were almost unstable.
Vivian panted, "What should we do? That monster has been chasing us!"
Zhou Yan said without thinking, "Lead it to Cui Yichen!"