The other party is tall and well dressed, and his face is very handsome.

"And you are?" TongRu didn’t remember who he was at the moment.
The man’s face smiled a little. "You probably don’t remember me. You taught us classes last semester."
"ah! I remember that you are the monitor of Chenchi’s class, aren’t you called Shi Yu? "
Shi Yu smiled with white teeth and was full of youthful spirit. "Yes, I didn’t expect you to remember me."
"I’m impressed, but don’t call me teacher. I’m just a substitute. Just call me by name. I’m not a few years older than you."
Just now, Tong Ru Institute didn’t recognize Shi Yulai at the first time because he is dressed very differently now than when he was a student. If you don’t tell others, he looks like an employee in this stock exchange.
Moreover, it is rare that Shi Yushen has a young boy who is different from this age and looks very mature and steady.
"Line" Shi Yu scratched his head.
"Why do you look like you work here?"
"winter vacation internship"
"That’s good. Now you can get more experience when you graduate from internship and find a job."
Shi Yu and Tong Ru walked out together and said, "You can work wherever you want while you still have some free time."
"How to listen to you say this? What’s the secret?"
Shi Yu did not hide that "my family asked me to take over the family business after graduation"
"Yes, or a rich second generation?"
Shi Yu had to say, "It’s not like I’m boring."
"See sample you have your own plan? Ready to start from scratch? "
"Of course if we can succeed in the struggle."
"Ambition is good."
Shi Yu nodded and then put away his face and smiled. "I just heard that man tell you …"
"hmm? What did you hear? "
Shi Yu said, "I should have heard everything."
"Then what do you think he came to me for?"
Shi Yu’s eyes sank a little "should not be a good thing"
Especially Xia Lang Shi Yu eyes can see that he is absolutely uneasy.
"He is a courtier of Qingchen." Tong Ru didn’t know what it was, so he chatted with Shi Yu naturally, although they didn’t have much contact and exchanges at school before.
"I heard him return to Professor Chen just now. I think he came to you with some purpose."
Seeing that Shi Yu said that serious children are like being driven by something, he said "because I like Chenchi"
Shi Yu didn’t look shocked, but nodded to show that he knew.
"Why did you see that?"
"It should be easy to feel like Professor Chen. There are never fewer girls in our college who have a crush on him."
"Well, don’t you think it’s bad that I like Chenchi like this? He has fallen in love with Qingchen. "
Shi Yu shook his head "not because I also like Qingchen"
"Huh?" This time, Tong Ru was shocked. She really didn’t expect Shi Yu to like Qing Chen.
"It was just a while ago that Qingchen didn’t like me and told me that there was no possibility, so I didn’t like her anymore, but it’s not easy to forget when things need enough."
While walking, the two men talked about Shi Yu and told Tong Ru about some mental experiences they liked about Qingchen.
"It’s not the right time to say that we all like it." Tong Ru casually felt that Shi Yu and himself were in the same boat.
Shi Yu seriously said to Tong Ru, "So I hope you won’t promise that person what he is looking for you for. I hope you won’t be the one who destroys their feelings."
TongRu was stuck at that time did not answer.
"liking a person should be to expect him to be happy, not to try to get him. Sometimes becoming a talent is the best way to avoid getting himself into more complicated situations."
It took Tong Ru a long time to reveal a shallow smile. "I can’t believe that your consciousness is quite high at such a young age."
"I’m not young. I’ll be twenty-four after my nominal age."
"That’s younger than me. I’m a sister-level figure and I’ll be an aunt in a few years."
This topic seems to have stopped Shi Yu and laughed. "You don’t look like your sister at all."
"I don’t like it? I just need to take the subway to get my seat. "
"You don’t look very young. At that time, you went to class and everyone said that you were a newly graduated intern."
So I chatted all the way, and Tong Ru said to Shi Yu in front of the car, "Don’t worry, I’m not ready to be a bad person and spoil others’ feelings."
Qingchen suddenly felt very strange at dinner and asked, "What do I think everyone has disappeared recently?"
"Lu Jinian?" Chenchi listened to Qingchen’s remark and understood what she wanted to say.
"Yes … This person feels that he hasn’t appeared for several days, right?" Lu Ji-nian will come to eat rice from time to time, whether he comes to eat rice by himself when he is single or after he is with Lengli, he will always come to eat rice with Lengli.
But this man didn’t show up as usual, which made Qing Chen feel very strange.
I can’t help but inquire about the recent whereabouts of Liu Jinian.
In particular, I didn’t even see Lengli. Qingchen also wanted to ask Lengli how the two parrots were doing at her place.
"Those who are eager to move in his family can’t help but act. Lu Jinian has been busy cleaning them up recently."
"oh? Already on the move. Those people? In such a hurry? "
Chen Chi said, "They can wait until now to act, and they have probably exhausted all their patience."
"What are those people going to do? Fight with Lu Jinian aboveboard? Isn’t Lu Jinian’s father still in office? Those people are so bold to start work without any worries? "
"They have been worried for a long time, but now it is reported that Uncle Lu will transfer most of his assets to Lu Jinian."
"ha? Why would he do that? "