"Master Ma, I can assure you that Master Ye’s forging skills absolutely meet the requirements of Tiangong Pavilion!"

Huang Qingshen said
Ma’s face seems to have some displeasure.
"Old Huang, I have told you several times."
"Tiangong Pavilion is not something that people can enter if they want to. We are all involved in the mysterious treasures. We must have enough repairs."
"Tongmai condition is really too low."
Ma Daren said
"Master Ye is still very young. He has a limited future!"
Huang Qing still insists that even some emotions are excited.
Ma’s adult shook his head and stopped talking.
On the other hand, your husband chuckled.
"Ha ha young? Can you be young and young? "
"You rural people have a narrow vision and you don’t know what a real genius is like. It’s amazing to meet a short person and be tall inside."
"frog at the bottom of the well"
These words are so harsh that even Huang Xiaohan can’t listen to them.
She slapped a console table and roared, "How dare you break us like this!"
Your husband is still carefree and laughs. "I’ll come as soon as I see it."
"Educated women never look like this."
Huang Xiaohan was so angry that he wanted to say something but was interrupted by Huang Qing’s wave.
He looked at Ma again and said very seriously, "My Lord, you know me. I never recommend others casually."
"Master Ye is really capable of entering Tiangong Pavilion!"
Ma Adult looked at Huang Qing’s eyes and finally sighed.
"It’s just that I’ll give you a chance after your hard work over the years."
"Yongxiangmen will hold an enlightenment contest in Siqing City in a few days. If your master Ye can get the top ten results in the contest, I will make an exception and put him in Tiangong Pavilion."
"If you can’t, then don’t insist."
Say that finish Ma Daren directly got up and didn’t give Huang Qing any room for bargaining. He left the kitchens with your husband.
Huang Qing looked at them far away and looked dark.
After they left, it took less than a cup of tea for Huaigu and Ye Fengfeng to arrive late.
"Hey? Where are the teachers? "
Huaigu asked
Huang Qing waved and sat back in the chair.
Huang Xiaohan said with a full face of anger, "Brother, you didn’t see that it was so irritating just now."
"Dad, he has promised that if they still don’t want to accept Master Ye, and that pretty boy’s mouth doesn’t have a good word, if it weren’t for"
Huang Qing heavy drink a way to prevent the daughter to continue to say.
Leaf looked at the present situation with the wind and guessed something roughly.
The workers in Gongge didn’t seem to want to accept themselves that day
"Sorry, Master Ye."
Huang Qing reluctantly smiled and said, "I want to recommend you, but Tiangong Pavilion has strict requirements for repair, and it is necessary to have a dharma realm at least."
Ye smiled with the wind. "If you don’t accept it, you won’t accept it."
"I don’t have to go to Tiangong Pavilion either. To be honest, I am very happy here."
He could see that the conversation just now must have been unpleasant.
For leaves with the wind comfort Huang Qing is shook his head.
"Brother Ye"
"You will destroy yourself if you stay in such a small place."