Shallow water is clear and light. "Always try one side to know what it’s like to be favored by a country."

For a moment, he picked up JiReZi and walked towards the gums not far away.
At that time, there were no promises, no sinister schemes, no mutual benefits, and one scene after another of dirty transactions in politics, only passion and desire took the initiative here
It’s getting late. After a busy day, Shallow Water finally has a night of its own.
That night he lived in Rongxuan Palace and slept in Wenfei Collapse.
At one time, a princess in the eyes of the winner was just a war profit, but in the eyes of shallow water, this war profit seemed to have a different taste
Chapter 49 Billion past dust like a dream
In the morning, the morning dew of the vanilla burial is a little frosty, and the ground is covered with a layer of white snow. At first glance, it still snows heavily.
This is located in the back of Zhilan Palace, where the dead women have always been buried.
When they were alive, the Wangs died, and they were also ghosts of the Wangs.
Mu Xue stood in front of one of the tombstones with a dull expression and no words. The stone tablet was engraved with the words "Su Xiaoxiao’s Tomb"
Beside him is shallow water and Ji ruozi.
JiRe purple limit disconsolately looked at the tombstone every more regrets in my heart.
"When she came to the palace that year, she always refused to enter the palace, but if she had such a performance, she always had a hard time in the palace. Mothers always tried to deal with such women and always taught them to break all their thoughts. If they entered the palace, they would probably not be far from death."
Immersed in blood, she asked, "Why do you want to hurt her when she is competing for favor?"
JiReZi wry smile "no one wants to harm her, but a maid-in-waiting always has to rely on the Lord to pour down the maid-in-waiting, and most of them will have a bad life. The maid-in-waiting also has a struggle with the Lord, and the master will naturally bully anyone who wants to bully. Where does she need a reason? A little maid-in-waiting doesn’t know the franchise, and she is not good at being bullied and insulted? That’s the most normal thing, but it’s the long-term depression of the people in this palace, which one is not psychological, and some problems are others’ sufferings, I watched her being beaten to death with my own eyes. At that time, I was just a scholar. At that time, she was not good at words and she got along with me. She once secretly told me that she had a man who liked her. She was a soldier. I told her to be careful. The secret was not known yet, but she died herself. "
Speaking of this, Ji Ruozi is disappointed. "It is the biggest crime that the dead must be guilty and can protect themselves."
Blood-soaked stare blankly at the grave for a long time was silent.
Ji Ruozi casually took out a piece of paper. "My memory is not bad. All the people who participated in the fight have written it on this side. Some of them have been killed by others, but some of them are still alive and well. If you want her revenge, please find someone on this list."
This woman is so careful that everything is already ready.
Mu Xue took the list and gave it to Shallow Water before he left. "I’ll tell you what happened."
Shallow water smiled. "You do what you want, and no one forces you to do it. If you want to say it, it’s okay if you don’t want to say it."
After a slight delay in soaking blood, I left at once.
Looking at the blood-soaked figure, it is shallow and clear, but it sighs leisurely. "There are not many stories worth telling in this world. If he and she want to think about it, I will be nothing more than another emotion."
At that time, Ji Ruozi cast a deep glance at the shallow water and said as if to himself, "It is often said that the story of Miss Yunjia, a shallow general, living on the grassland was told with a nose and eyes. Some people have repeatedly proved that Miss Yunjia made a fuss about the proceedings, and even the royal family heard about it. I once suggested that the Lord send someone to leave this matter and say that it is a matter of making public opinion in Tianfeng country, making Tianfeng military department inconsistent with its morale. As a result, the Lord thinks that I am alarmist and shallow water and clear is small." Small camp owners don’t deserve to make such a fuss. In the end, it was your shallow hand that led to the water stop. Today, I heard you say that this is another sad situation that shouldn’t cause feelings. You should know that women are very sensitive. Sometimes a word’ and’ can confirm whether that statement is true or false. "
The shallow water is clear and the hair stands on end. This woman is simply
He gave Ji Ruozi a hard look, but Ji Ruozi said casually, "No wonder the general was so cold to me. Last night, I had a good night. I did my best to the general, but the general suddenly abandoned me like our shoes. I think that’s why I can’t get a love in my heart. Alas, it seems that my infatuation is going to be white."
Shallow water counted and nodded. "You really wronged yourself when you were reborn as a woman."
JiRe purple charming smile limit "that’s not necessarily oh general side is not also a female bodyguard? Multiple female staff officers are also good. "
"What do you want me to do?"
"If you can’t be a woman, it’s good to be your soldier." Jire Ziyin reveals a bit of injustice.
Shallow water clear eyes shrink more and more for a long time. He suddenly laughed. "Every jackal, tiger and leopard around me are fierce and tyrannical. Now suddenly there is a poisonous snake, even if it is a good adjustment."
"What is the general going to do with me?" JiReZi seemingly inadvertently asked
Shallow water Qing replied indifferently, "People like you need me to arrange it again. Let’s wait until I’m in a good mood."
JiReZi eyes suddenly reveal limit disappointment.
Qinshui Garden bathed in blood and was alone by the lake.
The meandering water, scattered mountains, circuitous roads, elegant buildings and decorative flowers and trees give people a quiet, beautiful and elegant and simple natural beauty, but in the eyes of blood, it is full of evil everywhere.
Beauty is at its peak, the birthplace of sin is bathed in blood, and I want to scream angrily, but in the end I bury my head in my palm and sob in a low voice.
There was a sound behind him, and the footsteps were shallow and clear, so he came to sit beside him.
"I don’t want to say that men don’t cry lightly. Men are also people. When they cry, they cry and laugh, but when they cry, they cry happily. Some men cry. Don’t be like that. Mother-in-law wants to cry and is afraid of being seen."
Shallow water is still indifferent, but it is full of blood.
His hand fell on his bloody shoulder and he felt his body throbbing as if he had returned to the grassland at that moment.
Perhaps no one in this world can understand the feeling of soaking blood better than him.
The blood-soaked voice is as low as ever. "I asked people to find everyone on the list and then cut them one by one without explanation."
"If you want to kill more, I can find some more people to kill for you."
Mu Xue shook his head.
He looked at the distance with a leisurely tone but full of painful memories. "Ten years ago, I was just a soldier and soon I was a newcomer. The people who had not stopped fighting on the fertile grassland still had the ability to control the situation and were not beaten by us into a triple-day situation."
"That year, the governor of Tiexue Town was Hong Shuai, and the empire took the initiative to take a strategic decision to attack Lone Star City with heavy troops. We had several tough battles with the water stop people, and both sides suffered heavy casualties, but in the end we took Lone Star City."
"My understanding with Su Ting is that during that period, after Lone Star City fell into the hands of our army, many water-stop people returned to the country with the army or not, and more people held the idea that it was difficult to leave their homeland, expecting the water-stop army to return to Li, but they refused to leave. At that time, we entered Lone Star City, just like now we entered Daliang City, and many soldiers took this opportunity to burn, kill and rob Hong Du, and asked us to do it not too much, and he did not want to ask."