They looked at Chu Yao peeling ginger and slicing it skillfully. It didn’t look like it at all. It seems that there is no big problem with this pair of P cooking.

After the fire, the audience saw that Chu Yao took out two packs of turkey noodles.
Well, it looks like it’s really for two people.
Watching Chu Yao add cheese slices and eggs to turkey noodles at night made the audience hungry.
The smell of food in the air makes them want to eat midnight snack.
There is a way to be pregnant with others called love me, love my dog.
The audience came to Chu Yao to cook ginger soup for Yan Re alone, and they didn’t feel small until they saw Chu Yao put six bowls of ginger soup on the tray.
Knowing that everyone was on the second floor, ChuYao went with the six bowls of ginger soup.
Before he was seen, someone smelled the ginger soup.
When I was white, I wrinkled my nose and sniffed like a puppy. "Brother, do you smell anything?"
Zhao Yue put the magazine in his hand, "Ginger soup?"
"Mmm, the taste of ginger soup"
Then they saw ChuYao carrying a lot of ginger soup thinking about coming.
When ChuYao put the ginger soup on the coffee table, Bai Shi and Zhao Yuecai saw the tray of ginger soup no more, no less, just six bowls.
"I made some ginger soup to drink."
When I saw a bowl of ginger soup in front of my eyes, I didn’t react and asked, "Why do you suddenly want to make ginger soup?"
Chapter 37 Chapter 37
Early the next morning, Chu Yaoren woke up before dawn.
Today, he didn’t shoot so early. Naturally, he didn’t get up from work but did something else.
At this point, Chu Yao began to look for something in the cupboard before the live broadcast was started.
Shan Qianying just got up soon and met ChuYao before going for a morning run.
"Teacher Lu is so early?"
"Well, make some throat tea."
Looking at the thermos boat-fruited Sterculia, I don’t want to know who it is for.
Shan Qianying didn’t put it bluntly. She took the water and ran away with Zhao Yuechen.
Outside, Zhao Yue looked at Shan Qianying and asked, "Why is it so slow?"
Didn’t you say that it feels longer than usual to get water?
Shan Qianying consciously looked at the hut. "I have nothing to talk about when I see Teacher Lu."
"He made a boat-fruited Sterculia for Su Shi."
Zhao Yue was silent for a moment. "Do you want me to make it for you?"
Even if Shan Qianying wanted to, she wouldn’t directly say that she avoided Zhao Yue’s eyes. "You think too much."
Before Zhao Yue could speak, she had already run away.
By the time the recording started in the afternoon, Shan Qianying successfully won the boat-fruited Sterculia by Zhao Yue himself.
"It’s good for this kind of thing to protect your throat occasionally, but you still have to drink more water at ordinary times."
Shan Qianying holds the cup in both hands and doesn’t know if it’s because of the temperature of the cup. She feels a little warm in her heart. "I know."
She studied this herself. How could she not know it?
On the other side, Chu Yao put the thermos in a conspicuous position before going to the scene shooting station this morning and wrote a note to Yan Re.
The program group stipulates that they can’t contact privately, so he can send the information to A Liang if he can’t wake up
When Yan Re was ready to go upstairs, she saw a thermos on the table.
I made you some throat-moistening tea. Remember to drink some throat-nourishing tea.
Looking at ChuYao keep a note YanRe couldn’t help laughing.
In fact, even if Chu Yao didn’t sign the letter, Yan Re would recognize it. After all, they have been writing letters these days. It is strange that she looks at Chu Yao’s handwriting every day and doesn’t recognize it.
She received the note in her bag, took the thermos and went out of the car.
When I saw Yan Re at first sight, A Liang noticed her hand thermos. "Hey, sister, did you get a new cup?"
"This color doesn’t feel like you will. It’s a bit like a boy."
Looking at the dark blue thermos bottle in his hand, Yan Re lightly said, "This is Teacher Lu."
"Oh, Teacher Lu forgot to bring a water cup?"
"Oh, yes, Teacher Lu seems to have sent me a message. Let me see."
See the sentence in Chu Yao’s message that I made Su Shi throat-moistening tea, remember to wake her up and bring it.
A Liang smile expression suddenly stiff stiff "elder sister".
"Huh?" Yanre lift eyes saw his one eye.
He pointed to Yan Ruo’s thermos cup. "This isn’t going to be Teacher Lu making you throat-moistening tea, is it?"
"Yes, what’s the problem?"
A Liang immediately breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this. Fortunately, their sister remembered to bring this throat-moistening tea. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to make a job when he saw Teacher Lu later.
A Liang [Miss Lu has brought the thermos]
Lu Yibai [Well, thank you]
While A Liang was busy replying to the message, Yan Re had already started taking pictures.
In her circle of friends and Weibo, she sent a selfie with herself and a thermos cup with a paragraph attached. Teacher Lu personally made throat-moistening tea.
Just her smile, the words and some cute expressions. Seeing this Weibo and her circle of friends can feel pink bubbles across the screen.
Even if there is no follow-up program or full membership, Weibo knows that their sister is probably in love when she sees this one.
It’s no big secret that their sister likes Lu Yibai. Now that she likes to get a response, fans will naturally feel very happy.
Chapter 38 Chapter 38
Although it’s selfish for Yan Re to recognize ChuYao, she must admit that it would be better to have ChuYao in her state.
After all, she now has knowledge of acting, not dubbing.
It’s really a bit difficult for her to get into the mood without anyone to talk to her.