Du Gubo lost his title and looked at Zhao Man with respect on his knees.

He is now finally Bai Jiang, such as Sharla Cheung, who will be good at his side. With this vision, Zhao is no ordinary person. He can tell his current situation and maybe solve the poison in his body.
He is nothing, but his granddaughter is still very young.
She is the same age as a flower, and she knows nothing about poisoning.
How could he have the heart to let her die with him?
His son and daughter-in-law were poisoned by him. Wild goose must not have an accident.
If Zhao can untie him and Yan Yan, he is willing to do anything, cattle and horses. If Zhao wants to, he can also call Yan Yan to be his maid.
Even better than Sharla Cheung is willing to stay with him. It would be a great honor if wild geese could serve around in front of him.
"Hu" Zhu proudly looked at Zhao Zhi, kneeling alone, and Gu Bo couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning.
Du Gubo was named Douro, but he didn’t even want his dignity in front of Zhao.
His son-in-law is indeed a Uber.
Zhu Zhuyun and Zhu Zhuqing also stared at this scene with extraordinary splendour in their eyes.
"You poison in your practice there is an antidote" Zhao smiled.
"If I’m not mistaken, you can suppress your poison. It depends on your wonderful cultivation environment. Every time you practice there, you can suppress the toxin. Every time the toxin breaks out, you will go there."
"Gongying is indeed like this." DuGuBo looked at Zhao Jingren. He didn’t expect Zhao to even analyze this, and his intelligence was almost demon.
With this IQ and insight, people can match Zhao this day.
"I’m afraid that this day can suppress your poisonous treasure land. If I didn’t guess wrong, plants will grow much faster in that place," Zhao continued to analyze.
"The male is really tall and can see so many things at a glance." Du Gubo said with increasing respect.
"It’s all a guess," Zhao said with a smile.
Zhao Dugubo naturally does not believe that watching Zhao unpreparedness is more and more respectful to him. It is worthy to be able to make a 97-level title Douro level a world-class guardian.
"Zhao Gong just said that the antidote seems to be in the eyes of ice and fire?" Du Gubo looked at Zhao and looked forward to what Zhao said now. He believed it.
"Ice and fire can suppress your body poison, so there must be an antidote that can detoxify." Zhao smiled
"The duke of Zhao can I go to the ice and fire two instrument eyes a view? If you can detoxify, you will be rewarded. "Du Gubo looked at Zhao with a joy in his heart, and his eyes were full of excitement. He has been poisoned for so many years. Now he has a solution. How can he not be excited?
"Let’s talk about it when the bamboo cloud poison is solved." Zhao said that it might be not good for relatives to always kneel like this after lifting Du Gubo up.
"Good is the old abrupt" DuGuBo stood up respectfully bowed to zhao.
Now he is not in a hurry. The poison in Zhu Zhuyun is rare. If Zhao can solve this poison, he will be able to solve it.
"Uncle, since the poison can’t be solved, then let me come. Even if the poison is so difficult to solve, I must find the detoxification method." Zhao turned to look at a dull face and said proudly.
"That’s troublesome." Zhu proudly looked at Zhao and his eyes were full of joy.
"Zhao and my daughter Zhu Qing have an engagement, and Zhao is not very old and less than thirteen years old," said Zhu proudly.
Less than 13 years old, level 43 soul clan?
Which power is coming out? It’s so tough that it’s a world-class double.
DuGuBo breath a mouthful of air conditioning at zhao deeply.
Such a man turned out to be Zhu’s proud son-in-law, and Yan Yan’s beauty is not bad. If he can stay with Zhao Gong, even if he can’t become his woman, he will probably get great benefits from it.
Chapter 1 Davis’s animal behavior
Evening Zhujia
Zhu Zhuyun, dressed in a black veil, stood slim and graceful, and the evening light shone on her figure, reflecting her beautiful figure. At this time, she bit her lips lightly and looked at the distant eyes with a struggle.
At this time, she wants to find Davis and ask him clearly.
Why would he do such a thing to her?
Isn’t she good enough for him? Or other reasons?
These days, Zhao, they and her father have been guarding her and not letting her go out, so she didn’t find the right time to ask him. Fortunately, she had the opportunity today.
"Davis, I’ll ask you today. If it’s true, we’ll be passers-by from now on." Zhu Zhuyun said lightly and disappeared into the darkness.
Zhao appeared in the dark with a smile in his eyes.
Heart disease still needs a heart medicine doctor
These days, he and Zhu Zhuyun have met a bottleneck, and they need a boost to catch up with Zhu Yun.
That’s what Davis said. Today, he specially gave Zhu Zhuyun a chance to find Davis.
If Zhu Zhuyun tells Davis about the magic soul fragrance, should Davis wait for the mood? At that time, he would have thought that Zhu’s family would know what he had poisoned Zhu Yun.
At that time, he will be desperate.
However, Zhuyun will not be in danger. He will not be in danger in Zhuyun. Then maybe he can save the United States from the sky when Zhuyun is in danger.
At that time, he fell from the sky wearing a black robe and holding a black dragon sword.
This move will definitely capture Zhu Zhuyun’s heart.
The Black Dragon Sword, which has just acquired the soul skill, can be used as a long sword. It is a weapon with enough force. If you take a sledgehammer, even if you save Zhu Zhuyun, you will not be able to show his force.
Night arrival Davis is still practicing hard.
Dai Mubai came back. Although he is now discredited, he still puts a lot of pressure on him.
Dai Mubai’s cultivation talent is too strong. He must open the gap with Dai Mubai now, otherwise Dai Mubai will still have a great chance to affect his succession in the future.
A sudden sound outside the door made him happy.
"Zhuyun, why are you here?"
Run quickly for the last week, then collect the work. Davis opened the door.
Outside, Zhu Zhuyun is graceful and beautiful, so he can’t help but feel a little excited just after practicing.
Why didn’t Zhu Yun come to see him so late?
"Come in and sit down. I’ll make tea for you." Davis was a little excited and hurriedly welcomed Zhu Zhuyun in.
Approaching Davis’ room and looking at Davis’ familiarity, she was a little upset. Who would have thought that Davis was so gentle but had a heart like a demon?
"Wes, let me ask you something. Do you know what a demon soul fragrance is?" Looking at a side to make tea for her Davis Zhu Zhuyun eyes raised directly and said
Listen to Zhu Zhuyun’s words. The teapot in Davis’s hand actually fell to the ground without holding it. Hot water poured directly on his hand, which instantly burned his hand red, but he was as handsome as unconscious. At this time, it was a little scary to look at Zhu Zhuyun. It was unbelievable.
"Bamboo cloud what is this? I’m not sure, "Davis looked at Zhu Zhuyun and looked pale, but still said this.
"Don’t you know? What about this? " Zhu Zhuyun looked at Davis and was full of disappointment. She knew exactly what Davis’s performance just now meant. After knowing Davis for so many years, he had said a lot of questions when he showed such an expression.
"This?" Davis looked at Zhu Zhuyun and said that the incense burner and the spices in it were handsome, and his face became a little pale in an instant. At that time, he was at a loss. He didn’t expect it to be exposed.