While the demon race female become speechless, Lin Yu wiped the blood on her mouth to the totem instantaneous totem grain and immediately sent out a strong red light, which made the demon race female and the demon race girl feel dizzy and weak.

The demon race is small and far away from Lin Yu. It is dizzy, while the demon race woman collapsed and fell flying boat.
Lin Yu guessed that this pattern not only has restraint effect on the inferno, but also has a certain containment for the demon race. I didn’t expect the situation to be the same as my guess.
"Brother, run!"
The demon girl shouted that the demon boy flew away at once. "Sister, I’ll get someone to save you!"
The little boy also knows that the red light is very strange. If he doesn’t leave, he and his sister will not escape.
Seeing that his brother was relieved from the demon girl, he immediately looked at Lin Yu with a cruel look. "So you are the traitor!"
Lin Yu puzzled "what the traitor? I have nothing to do with you demon race! "
The demon girl sneered, "No matter how quibbling you are, your gun demon exorcism totem is the best proof!"
Lin Yu learned from the little girl, Master Loli, that the design of her magic gun came from the demon family. Since this woman can recognize that she is not lying and there is no need to lie.
However, Lin Yuke will never recognize himself as a demon traitor. "Can’t this gun be a gift from my father’s friend?"
The demon woman looked at Lin Yu with disdain as if she had decided that Lin Yu was cheating. "Come on, you can’t inspire totem power without that traitor’s blood."
Lin Yu didn’t try to inspire totems with other people’s blood, but he naturally believed a little "Master, is what she said … true?"
The little girl’s master replied after a long silence, "Yes, you do have demon blood in your body."
Lin Yuru stupidly stood in his place when he was struck by lightning.
My parents are pure human beings. How can I have demon blood?
If the blood thing is true, then you are not your parents’ own children!
Lin Yu suddenly dumped his head, but he still refused to believe it was true.
Parents and brothers are so kind to themselves, how can they not be their parents’ own?
"Don’t you think your physical strength is stronger than others?" Now that we have said "Little Lori", Master simply chose "It is true that you are not your parents’ own".
Lin Yu’s facial muscles twitched violently, and he remembered the warm scenes with his family.
No way. it’s impossible.
Demon female took advantage of Lin Yu’s absence to get rid of the red light and fly away.
The demon girl’s gorgeous face is full of murderous look. "I found this guy. I must go back and report to the patriarch!"
Yue Qiuling didn’t know what Lin Yu was thinking, but Lin Yu looked so ugly that he didn’t dare to disturb him.
It took a long time for Lin Yu to slow down and say "Let’s go back to Yun He City" in a depressed mood towards Yue Qiuling.
Half a month later, Lin Yu flying boat landed outside Yun He. As soon as he and Yue Qiuling landed, a purple flash slammed the ground in front of him.
Lin Yu looked up and saw that it was purple rhyme. The slightly red eyes were full of worries. They were temporarily left behind and walked quickly towards purple rhyme. "Qing rhyme …"
"pa!" Lin Yu got a slap in the face with purple rhyme firmly, and Lin Yu couldn’t tell the difference between east and west, north and south.
Being beaten as soon as we met, Lin Yu’s anger was also aroused. "Little bitch, what are you doing?"
Purple rhyme pointed to Yue Qiuling and roared toward Lin Yu, "Sister Yuan Lan and I wait for you outside the city every day. I don’t know how worried I am about you. You little bastard actually brought a woman back outside?"
Yue Qiuling spat out her tongue. No wonder Lin Yu called her a little bitch.
In the face of the purple rhyme, Lin Yu was not angry, but naturally hugged the purple rhyme and whispered, "I’m sorry to have worried you …"
Lin Yu can understand the purple rhyme mood because she is always thinking of her.
Because of Zi Qingyun’s father’s affair, Zi Qingyun hated the playboy man Lin Yu for bringing back a woman. How could Zi Qingyun not be angry?
Be Lin Yu so hug purple rhyme Lin Yu shoulder tears could not help but flow out "little bastard you damn …"
Yuan Lan saw Lin Yulai and wanted to give Lin Yu a big hug, but she was robbed by Ziqingyun. She pouted and sulked next to her first.
It wasn’t long before the four elders of the Lins’ father Presbyterian Church hurried out of the city and found it difficult to feel purple and rhyme, which pushed Lin Yu.
"Yuer, you are finally back!" Lin Xiao excitedly put his hands on Lin Yu’s shoulders. "I haven’t seen you grow up for more than two months!"
Looking at the warm smile of my father and brothers, Lin Yu’s heart was swept away for a long time.
What if you’re not your parents? Anyway, they think they are their relatives, and they are naturally their relatives.
Lin Yuding is determined to talk about the truth. For example, Lin Yu will be as good as he used to be.
They all went back to the Lins’ Lin Yu to talk about themselves and Zi Qingyun and Yuan Lan, and they couldn’t help but feel a thrill.
Of course, when it comes to Yue Qiuling, Lin Yu made some deletions to delete all the ambiguous plots, otherwise the little bitch would definitely be "harmonious" by her because of this colorful plot.
"Sigong provoked the Luo family again ….." Four elders looked at each other and didn’t know what to say.
Lin Xiao is a full face, otherwise, "Yu Er doesn’t blame you for this. If the Luo family comes to trouble us, here is the Wang family’s floor, and we will go to the Wang family to judge!"
Lin Xiao dare to say that naturally because of his subtle white seven families.
On the surface of the seven families in Cangyu mainland, the secret struggle against comparison is also very fierce, which is no less than the battle between Terran and Demon.
The Lins belong to the Wangs. If the Luo family dares to make trouble here, it is obvious that they will not give the Wangs noodles.
Which of the seven families is not overbearing?