"Ladies first, you first." Of course, she won’t suffer if she is sharper than platinum.

"It’s really boring to get along with you. It’s not interesting at all." Bing Mei was so popular that she stamped her feet and killed her without revealing her name. "I never want to see you after this."
"Well, brother, I’ll tell you first." Platinum really doesn’t know what her surname is, and she probably won’t take his master’s surname, but he doesn’t know what his teacher’s mother’s surname is. Since we met, of course, we have to find out her surname before telling the truth. She "My surname is white, black and white, and a single name is white. Just call me white."
"Uncle?" The ice beauty never dreamed that the platinum article would take advantage of her. She just called the export and felt a little awkward. I wanted to find it carefully.
"ah! Lovely niece, your name is so sweet, and then call it "Platinum Joy". I didn’t expect the ice beauty to be so easy to laugh and not dance to celebrate.
"Do you think this is fun?" Ice beauty was so angry that she bent down to grab a stone and smashed it. "Kill you, a bad guy, and dare to take advantage of me."
Platinum saw that she was not really angry and stopped joking. "My real name is Bai. I can’t tell you what month you are in the same year." I can’t be your uncle and my brother should be stable. "
"Hum, you want to lie to me again?" The ice beauty was shocked once. I can’t believe it easily. He refused to reveal everything about her. "Come on, I call you a partner, and you call me a partner. No one should ask each other their real names."
“OK! Beauty words should be listened to "platinum good advice but I didn’t think that ice beauty closed the communication door and waved and went straight into the night and disappeared into the dim night."
"Who the hell is he?" Looking at the disappearance direction of platinum, the ice beauty thought a lot. Because of his appearance, she suddenly thought of the city death who had always had a crush but had never seen her true face. She stared at the night for a long time and withdrew her eyes.
Chapter 3 Four Beautiful Hearts
Platinum returned to his residence and found that there was still a light on in the living room and there was talk between Yang Qinghua and Liu Xinyu. He approached the door softly and raised his right hand. He was just about to think that they had been waiting for him in the living room. He was very moved and turned to leave like the wind.
I came back after 1 minute, hung my plastic bag in my hand and knocked on the door, such as staring at the door from the corner of the hiding place. After about a second, the door squeaked out and Yang Qinghua glanced at his head and didn’t see the figure. "Who is it? What’s the matter with knocking at the door at midnight? "
Although the night is dark and the distance is far, it is not ordinary people who can see Yang Qinghua’s look with dim light. There is a twinge of regret in their hearts. Holding their noses, they learn to meow "Cat meow …"
Yang Qinghua took the plastic bag from the doorknob and took out the first lunch box to see the barbecue food inside. He laughed happily. "Ah Kin, I know you’re back. Don’t hide and come out."
"How do you know it’s me?" Platinum muttered a trot from the corner and rushed over to open her mouth. She kissed her face.
"Sister, where did you say Ah Kin came back?" Liu Xinyu threw the remote control and danced to the door. After Bai Jingang kissed Yang Hua, she stared at the platinum and found no red. It is estimated that there was no accident. She took a long breath and grabbed his arm and dragged it in. "Kim, are you hungry?"
"Gegejin bought a midnight snack, which you like best and I like best." Yang Qinghua waved the plastic bag in the backhand door and shouted at the bedroom door, "There is something to eat inside."
"They didn’t sleep either?" Platinum took a glance at the door. Ye Yuhan and Ai Weier went to bed early in the dark meeting.
"Silly, you didn’t come back. Who can sleep?" Yang Qinghua put a bag to help him sit on his back and help him pinch his shoulders. "Are you tired? If you are tired, just take a shower and I’ll massage you. "
"You will spoil me like this." Platinum was very moved. She held her little hand in her backhand to stop her from massaging. "Don’t press the button and talk about the harvest tonight while eating."
"Harvest?" Yang Qinghua slipped sideways and sat next to him holding his arm and putting it. "What did you get? Did you pick up another sister? "
"I go out for so long should be a little harvest? Who else wants to eat dust outside first? It is better to chat with you at home. "He loosened Yang Qing Hua’s small hand, grabbed the tea machine bag, took out two lunch boxes, lifted the lid and smelled it." This is the most famous skewer in the neighborhood, and it is not allowed to be eaten up. "
"Kim, are you dead? Do you want to fatten us up?" Ye Yuhan appeared at the door, inviting Li Ying to shrug her nose and pounce. She stretched out her hand and grabbed it. "It smells good and she is not afraid to eat it."
"Why do greedy kittens eat if they are afraid of gaining weight?" Liu Xinyu hit her little hand and dragged her arm to the health. "Wash your hands and wash your hands before you can eat."
Everyone laughed, especially the client Ye Yuhan Liu Xinyu, who not only looked funny but also brought a little sound, of course, which was even more funny, just like a mother taught her children to talk about hygiene. Ye Yuhan refused to go into hygiene with her.
The four girls are tianjiao women and darlings. They rarely eat this kind of roadside barbecue at ordinary times. Tonight, they have broadened their horizons. After tasting it, no one is afraid of getting fat. Everyone scrambled to eat it in less than 5 minutes, and Iver was still crying for more food.
"You’ve become a greedy cat, too. Be careful not to lose your shape, and your modeling career will be over." Liu Xinyu took out a tissue and handed it to her to persuade her to eat less. Too much spicy food in her stomach hurts her stomach.
"Weier, don’t let Jin go. I’m tired and have business in the middle of the night." Yang Qinghua pulled her to sit and helped Platinum pour half a cup of hot water. "Tell me what you found first, Jin?"
"I’m sure you’re all dazzled and excited to scream more than you are excited to do that." He took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket and turned out the pictures in the secret room to let them enjoy them slowly.
The four girls have three born merchant families, and they are rich and well-informed. Although Yang Qinghua is not born merchant family, she is as knowledgeable as Liu Xinyu. She has seen countless treasures and treasures. After reading the diamonds and antiques in the picture, all four people are in a daze.
Later, Liu Xinyu sighed heavily and asked him where to shoot. The person who owns these treasures is by no means an ordinary person. He sold one without a positive answer. He handed Yang Qinghua his mobile phone and asked her to carefully see if there were any stolen diamonds in it, even if there was one.
Yang Qinghua thought of what he said when he went to the exhibition hall, and opened his mouth to ask him to shake his head. He took the phone and looked through it carefully. She didn’t have a deep impression on the stolen diamonds, and the pictures were too small. There were too many diamonds to see in a blur, but she didn’t find them.
Liu Xinyu grabbed the mobile phone and told her not to look at it. It’s too simple. At the next diamond exhibition, the exhibition hall or someone else must have taken a picture. After dawn, get a copy, and then scan and compare the mobile phone picture in your brain. The result will soon be obtained.
"You have a sharp skull." Platinum reached out and stroked her hair, saying that it was a good idea. If you can really find clues, you can give her a third of the bonus.
"Don’t tease me to have a rest after 3 o’clock." Although Platinum didn’t say what happened, Yang Qinghua was an expert on this trip and knew that the process was not easy and needed a good rest. She dragged Liu Xinyu into the bedroom.
At 6 o’clock in the morning, Platinum quietly left the sofa and quietly left the living room yard for physical training. He knew that Yang Qinghua was also tired and didn’t want to disturb their rest or get up to make breakfast. At 7: 45, he went to a nearby fast food restaurant to buy fried dough sticks, soy milk and bags.
When he came back, Yang Qinghua got up and prepared to go into the kitchen to make breakfast. When he met Platinum and bought breakfast, he greeted him with a smile and kissed him on the forehead. "What time did you get up, Kim?"
"What time did you say when the rooster and hen were still making out?" He left early and went out again. This time it was speed practice.
At 8: 15, Liu Xinyu came out. Liu Xinyu was the only one who knew his identity. He knew that he was studying advanced desert and thought of what happened at home. He needed high personal self-defense and moved over. "Can Kim teach me your mind?"
Platinum’s eyes are tilted to make fun of color. "Do you really want to practice?"
"hmm!" She blushed and nodded shyly, saying that she didn’t want to be a burden to him forever and add to the Liu family’s affairs. She must improve her personal strength without asking for help, so that she could be a burden to him, which would save him from worrying about the future.
"Silly girl, my method is pure Yang. Do you dare to practice? Practice will become a man woman and show masculinity. "He waved to Yang Qinghua at the door.
Yang Qinghua took Ye Yuhan and Ai Weier into the hospital together, grabbed four small hands and kissed them one by one to ask her about her self-defense ability. Ye Yuhan is a typical Jiao Jiao woman, and she can’t show her legs. Yang Qinghua is an authentic modern fighting technique, including armed police and military police. Ai Weier practices western fighting and western fencing.
Among the four people, Liu Xinyu has the ability to protect herself. She can practice to the third level. If she meets an ordinary master, she can protect herself. If she meets a super master, she will be beaten. Like this time, there are more people who are worse than her. If she is besieged, she can be beaten.
One by one, analyzing the four people’s personalities and their own advantages, Platinum was lost in thought for a moment, thinking about how to improve their combat power and have self-protection as much as possible. His mentality is that pure girls should never practice Liu Xin’s language.
Chapter 34 stunning action
Platinum bedroom pranayama about 1 minute back to the living room to see Yang Qinghua, three people are very devoted to show them Ye Yuhan holding his arm, cheeks red, and asked him what he had just done to Liu Xinyu.
Platinum found that her eyes were ashamed and laughed, but she didn’t answer the rhetorical question. When she asked her to pull her finger to calculate, he and Liu Xinyu stayed in the bedroom for about 8 minutes, and anything could happen.
Ye Yuhan has a little bit of this idea, and he is ashamed to expose it to his face. He dare not look up and explain that she has no other meaning. She is worried about Liu Xinyu. She is not optimistic at present, and her father’s death has made her body and mind ache. It is difficult to relax and get real happiness.