"You ride a bike" Ma Liang asked.

"You ride" She glanced at saying goodbye to Chen Ma and teased for a while. Ma Liang tied things up like a coolie. This big bag fluttering in the wind, especially with a beauty, is really out of harmony.
However, I am too lazy to pay attention to so much. The car accelerates directly, finds a refueling mailbox and starts again after it is full. The motorcycle is still quite fuel-efficient, and it can easily run for hundreds of kilometers with a tank of oil.
Gradually away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the tranquility of the countryside, it seems to have passed through two worlds, and Ma Liang went back and forth between them.
"What are you going to do?" Autumn slight cold grabbed Ma Liang’s waist and wore a pair of sunglasses, which was very star-like.
"Nothing to make money," Ma Liang replied.
"A hundred million you are crazy to the extreme, but" she deliberately kept half a sentence.
"But what?" Ma Liang asked with a smile in the rearview mirror.
She mysteriously approached some red lips and put them in Ma Liang’s ear. "You are crazy."
"Do you have a way?" Ma Liang’s heart moved and the autumn chill didn’t speak. His expression was relaxed and he hummed. He didn’t want to tell you. Ma Liang knew that impatience can’t eat hot tofu. She should have a way to ask, but her heart was relaxed and she directly accelerated.
I came to the familiar village. Today, I can’t catch up with this afternoon, and there are not many people. Zhou Ruotong’s business is very busy. Four or five middle-aged women ask questions and Ma Liang can also give a wry smile.
I talked with her for a few words, and then I planted the mail with her, so that she could go directly to the village for a few days. Anyway, Su Yuyao won’t come back for the time being.
I bought some pork and two chickens, and let Qiu Xiaohan twist her eyebrows and frown. I hate this lively hen. This motorcycle really has no place to hook up and complain all the way.
The closer you get to the village, the more intimate you feel. Ma Lianggen is stuck here for a while, and it’s legal to get away from it. Sure enough, it’s noon, and it’s quite quiet at home, except for the little black dog.
However, Ma Liang was a little surprised that Xia Xue was not putting anything away. Ma Liang took the autumn slight cold and hurried to the school only to find that the school was very noisy, surrounded by many people and many of them were strange faces. This appearance was a bit wrong. Ma Liang wondered about stopping at the periphery.
"What will happen today?" Autumn ydsj slight cold frowned.
"What are you doing here?" Ma Liang asked a villager.
"I heard that the villagers next door came here to rob people, and I don’t know what’s going on," the man said, and Ma Liang immediately thought of Pepe, and most of these people who didn’t know were holding sticks.
"Autumn slight chill, you just stay outside and I’ll go in and have a look." Ma Liang said that he squeezed the crowd and walked inside. Autumn slight chill wanted to follow, but he was too lazy to squeeze at the sight of those people.
Ma Liang came to the school, only to find that many students were watching the roots outside, so there was no class. Although President Zhang was old, his forehead was still a little bruised and swollen, and Xia Xue was very excited while pulling Pepe Pepe.
On the other side are a few burly men, and one of them looks quite malicious. Ma Liang knows this man, the village head next door.
"What are you hooligans? You want to rob people in broad daylight. Now it’s a legal society." President Zhang growled, but he was very angry.
"Don’t talk nonsense, don’t say those who have this person today. I want to settle her family. I have already received money. I gave her 100,000 yuan. Yang Pei is my daughter-in-law." The village chief said with a black face.
"Shameless" Pepe, a weak girl, also scolded her body and trembled with anger. "I will not go to your house after death." Don’t forget to sign for the convenience of reading:
Chapter 465 One hundred thousand pieces of gifts?
Ma Liang walked directly to the front of President Zhang with a quick step and eagerly asked, "What’s wrong with President Zhang?"
"Pony, you’re here." President Zhang gave a sigh of relief. I’m fine with this injury. Xia Xue and Pepe were relieved to see Ma Liang, just like finding the backbone.
The village head next door can be said to be aggressive. There are at least dozens of people, and there is a man next to him who is about the same age as Ma Liang. His hair is cut off and he has a golden chain hanging around his neck, which is dazzling.
"It’s ridiculous for these barbarians to come directly and ask Pepe to go, saying that how much money they gave is his daughter-in-law." President Zhang pointed at these people in an airway.
Ma Liang came to Pepe and things were solved. I didn’t expect another village head to come out.
"She has already taken the money at home. This is a statement that the water can’t be collected after being poured out. You can honestly follow me back to be my wife. If you don’t want to run, you will break your leg." The young man said, "See here? This is signed."
He held up a piece of paper and said
"When did this happen?" Ma Liang asked calmly, suppressing his anger, while Mengmeng couldn’t help running over and hugging him when he came back.
Ma Liang touched her head and saw her little face was not so anxious.
"It was decided a few days ago, but he accepted the money and agreed in front of many people." The black-faced village chief replied.
And Ma Liang carefully looked at the date on the so-called signature paper, which said that it was the day before Pepe came home, that is to say, Pepe had already signed this thing and took other people’s money before she was beaten by her father.
It is equivalent to "selling" your daughter and then trying to get money from yourself.
It’s a relief to say that it wasn’t revenge after being taught by Ma Liang, and I didn’t see that Yang Hua and yangjin were just brought here by the village chief today. If these two people dare to come here today, then Ma Liang is going to go directly to the police station. After all, he has a county magistrate’s words. This kind of thing is not a heresy, but to uphold justice. Su Yuyao’s father should not refuse.
Things still have to be asked.