Late Xia Yu told Dwarf Lowe about his heroic feat of saving the United States. After listening to it, Dwarf Lowe looked angry and said, "The first principle of magic is to save your life, especially before you become a great magician, you must not easily provoke the curse. What is the hero Corinthians family for? Can you provoke it now? Although you easily knocked out a great magician, he didn’t come to release the magic shield. You just learned to teleport your roots, so you don’t have the ability to protect yourself. Do you know how difficult it is to create a wizard? The mainland has only been a hundred people for thousands of years. "

Xia Yunai stand stand hand way "things have provoked you see how to deal with? “
Dwarf Lao snorted, "Don’t expect me to wipe your ass and solve your own problems. I don’t want portela to discover that there is a gold armor near the holy level in his house."
"Then I can fight with them." Xia Yu was so angry.
"Fart, you are not allowed to go anywhere in the Earl’s Mansion from today until you practice teleportation until you can move to the position you want to go out accurately. At that time, you can barely say that you can protect yourself," the dwarf said coldly.
"Mind move can accurately move to the position you want? When will it be possible to do this? "Xia Yu exclaimed. Isn’t this equivalent to confinement?
"If you have a good talent and practice hard, you may be able to do it in a year. If you have a bad talent and are lazy, you may not be able to do it in a generation." The dwarf Lao said calmly, it seems that every year is as short as a day
"What if the count sends me out for something?"
"How can there be so many? If it seems that you still lack a little sense of crisis and don’t know that you have no real master, you will be killed by the sword if your thoughts don’t come."
Dwarf Lowe suddenly raised his hand and the golden light flashed. Jin Jian has flashed and pointed to Xia Yu’s throat. The sharp tip of the sword stimulated Xia Yu’s goose bumps. From the dwarf Lowe’s hand to the sword and then to the sword, Xia Yu didn’t even have a dodge idea.
Chapter 30 Penance (in)
Xia Yuxin was horrified that the strength of the former holy armoured men was really serious. Bronze armoured men like Casedo and Polka turned into swords at a slower speed than the dwarves. Xia Yu leaned his head back and said, "Master, put the sword away. I’m white."
Dwarf’s cold hum a lesson: "This world is dominated by wizards and armoured men. Magician floatation can make them suspend stroke wizards, but armoured men can fly directly to the sky. Why can armoured men compete with wizards? Is it hard protective armor? Even if there are gold armoured men and holy armoured men, they can resist the constant bombardment of advanced magicians. Armored men can threaten magicians by speed and long-range attack ability. Never learn teleportation to recognize escaping attacks."
After that, the dwarf Lao took his hand back, shook it with a small golden sword, and whooshed it into the wall. The stone was built into the wall, and the golden sword was as soft as mud. The dwarf Lao shook his hand and the golden sword flew back to the dwarf Lao’s hand. It turned out that there was a thin gold chain at the back end of the sword, and Xia Yu was dumbfounded by the superb shaping ability of this hand.
Dwarf law finished the example and explained in detail, "The ability of sharpening and shaping is owned by all armored soldiers, but it also takes tens of millions of trainings to be accurate in the battle. Don’t say that even if you think about it slowly, you will have life worries. The magician and armored soldiers will not only have to pull the distance, but also try to cast the magic as fast as possible. Although the magic teleport is better than the visual distance, it is not without defects. Its defect is not magic, but the magician’s body is generally weak. Close encounter. When the attack is too slow, you will often die if you don’t cast a spell. If you want to be invincible in the battle with armored soldiers and wizards, you must not only be able to react instantly, but also have the fastest reaction speed. "
"I can see the distance by teleporting, but if I meet my opponent as fast as you just now, I can’t even teleport." Xia Yu is enlightened, but what he thinks in his heart is different from what he says. Xia Yu studies biology. He knows that it is difficult to change the nerve response of human beings by "pl phospholipid" and "phosphatidylcholine". Bolt is only about 14 seconds, but these scientific terms are said to the dwarf Lao, who will not understand them.
Dwarf Lao knocked Xia Yu’s head and said, "It’s not stupid. It’s a simple truth. Instant is when you release magic. You can do it if you don’t even think about it. Now you have to practice two points: one is instant, the other is to react to an attack as quickly as possible. If no one reacts faster than you, then no one can hurt you."
Xia Yu was sweating wildly. If he didn’t understand this, he could really hang him. The white dwarf said that it was to train his conditioned reflex speed. After long-term training, it can completely change Xia Yu’s way: "How can I improve my reaction speed and instant ability?"
The dwarf laughed and said, "If you solve the instant problem yourself, you can naturally think of achieving the reaction speed if your magic power is strong enough. Those two little guys and I can help you. When your magic control is more accurate, you can teleport and dodge when you practice with them during the day. Don’t be as exaggerated as that day’s dodge, it should not arouse their suspicion. I will train you in addition to meditation at night."
When Xia Yu saw that the dwarf Lao said,’ I’ll train you’, he smiled with malicious intent. He felt a twinge of temptation in his heart and asked, "How are you going to train?"
"This is very simple," said the dwarf slowly. "Suddenly, a golden ruler flashed in his hand and slapped Xia Yu’s ass." When you can hide from me in this way, the training will be over. "
Dwarf law this smoke is not light Xia Yu pain ao a jumped up covering her ass.
The dwarf shook his head and said, "The reaction is so slow. If you were my enemy, I would have killed you a dozen times."
Xia Yu fumed, "A magician will not let his enemies get so close to him."
"If your enemy is your friend? What if the opponent is an assassin in a lurking crowd? Can you guarantee that the enemy will always be more than ten meters away from you? Dwarf Lao said and flashed Xia Yu’s ass. "I don’t like people looking for reasons to be lazy. Wait for me to train in hell. I tell you that you are lucky that my brother didn’t get my special training that year."
Xia Yu Dwarf Lao was on the alert when he spoke, but he still didn’t respond to Dwarf Lao’s expensive pointer. He didn’t make it until Dwarf Lao had taken it back, and Xia Yu teleported, and the magic control was not accurate. Once he hit the wall,
I would rather not be so lucky! Xia Yu thought that he felt his ass burning and probably swollen. He couldn’t help crying, "Master, I’m just getting into the body now. Let me consolidate it again. I can’t guarantee that I can’t go out of the house after training this reaction speed for a while."
Dwarf’s cold way "no! Magic, like armor, has the same casting speed, magic power and skills, which determine the strength of a magician. It is a sign that meditation alone can improve the magic power or not. If the casting speed of a great care giver is not as good as that of a care giver, it is likely to be killed by a care giver. From today on, I will train you for two hours. If you don’t, I will train you from time to time. You should be mentally prepared! "
"Don’t call! Shut your mouth! "
Xia Yu, a dwarf working in the house, has been trained in his hard hellish reaction speed since then.
Chapter 30 Penance ()