When the tall and thin Japanese saw these bodyguards yelling at their opponent’s horse, they were extremely arrogant.

The fight is over!
The tall and thin Japanese cut off the neck of a bar bodyguard like a hand knife.
The bodyguard snorted and fell down.
His two bodyguards were no better off. One was smashed and the other was hit with a crooked nose.
"You are really cruel and heartless."
A bodyguard grabbed his bleeding nose and picked up the intercom avenue. "Big Sister has two Japanese guys to make trouble. They have to sit at this table. Our four departments have been injured."
This bodyguard Koudajie nature is Ivanova, the manager of this bar.
"Ga dare to scold me"
The Japanese, who was waiting for a figure but was very strong, scolded a fierce high-whipping leg and the bodyguard kicked him in the past and kicked him in the temple.
The walkie-talkie fell to the ground, and the bodyguard also collapsed and went into instantaneous shock.
By the time his three companions were knocked out, the last bus had been broken, and the bodyguard dared not go forward.
The noise in the bar is also much smaller. It is really hateful that these two Japanese dare to throw their weight around in our national wine bar, but these two guys are very powerful and no one comes out to talk at the moment.
"You three get out of here. I want to drink here."
Tall, thin, Japanese people came to the front of Zhouyi, pointing to Zhouyi and said stiffly
"Why? Don’t you know that you come first and then arrive? "
Zhou Yiduan raised his glass and said with a smile, "Only bar owners and distinguished guests can sit in this position. I am the boss who invited me to sit as a distinguished guest. You uninvited and injured people. Are you not too arrogant to drink here? Are you Japanese so unreasonable? I’m giving you two a chance to get out of here, or it won’t be as simple as you think. "
"Ga you a young man can become a guest I what not? I am a samurai, and I am very honored. "
The tall, thin Japanese said proudly, "Don’t you dare threaten my horse and get out of here. My brother and I want to drink here or you will die."
"It’s really a shame on you!"
Zhouyi smiled contemptuously, and when he shook his hand slightly, the red wine in the glass flew out and poured a face on the tall and thin Japanese.
Zhouyi poured red wine into this tall, thin and Japanese face bar. People all thought that Zhouyi had taught this arrogant Japanese guy a lesson, and he was very Japanese, so he spontaneously clapped his hands and the atmosphere in the bar was even higher.
However, there are still some people who are worried that because everyone has seen that these two Japanese are masters, they can get rid of four tough bodyguards casually. If they get angry, Zhouyi will have no good results. It is estimated that the field will be either stunned or disabled like those bodyguards.
No one thought that Zhouyi, with a delicate face, was a hidden figure, and no one recognized that Zhouyi was a young chef in this bar a few months ago. Many people also considered whether to go to the hero to save the beauty if they talked to Luo Qing Xue and Mu Hongdou around Zhouyi these two days. Maybe they could win the favor of two beauties and have an affair, but the two Japanese were really too strong, and they were worried that they would be beaten before they could win the favor of the beauties.
"honk! You want to die. "
The tall, thin Japanese was humiliated by Zhouyi in public. His sleeves wiped off his face, and the drinks stared at Zhouyi savagely. His hands clenched and his bones giggled. He revealed that he was ready to start a horse attack on Zhouyi. Another Japanese of the same size but very strong also came up to the Zhouyi wine table and his companions swept away.
"Why do you two really want to do it? I can tell you that I don’t like being disturbed by outsiders when I drink. If you want to do it with me, you will bear the consequences."
Zhouyi’s eyes scanned the two Japanese people and said coldly that he poured himself half a glass of red wine and Luo Qing Xuemu red beans, touched the glasses one by one, and then simply drank them. He looked relaxed and didn’t put these two angry Japanese people in his eyes.
Not only was Zhouyi as cool as a cucumber, but Luo Qing Snow and Mu Hongdou didn’t panic after two Japanese people were furious. They had seen Zhouyi many times. If Zhouyi was around them, they would feel that even if the sky fell, Zhouyi would help them.
Zhouyi was so calm that these two Japanese people also felt that Zhouyi was not an ordinary person. Unfortunately, these two guys came to Hangzhou soon and investigated who this person was. Although they had a little concern in their hearts, they were more angry with Zhouyi and wanted to teach Zhouyi a hard lesson.
"You are crazy."
When the figure is very strong, I will grab the Zhouyi neck and prepare to drag Zhouyi from the wine table.
"Hum! I told you not to do it! "
A cold hum in Zhouyi’s nose quickly put the wine glass and then picked up a wine bottle on the wine table and smashed it directly at a Japanese man of the same size but very strong.
Zhouyi is so fast that many people don’t know it clearly.
The Japanese didn’t expect Zhouyi to take back his hand, so he couldn’t come, so he hit the bottle with Zhouyi’s hand.
The bottle burst, but half of it was castrated, and it was very strong. The Japanese hand pricked his hand with blood, and half a bottle of wine in the bottle splashed out and splashed all over him.
"I told you not to start work. It’s a pity that I was half a bottle of wine. Chapter 79 Fist is the guest.
Zhouyi sighed, threw away half the bottle left in his hand, and then continued to raise the glass to drink as if nothing had happened just now.
The strong Japanese hands were dripping with blood and kept trembling. He didn’t expect Zhouyi to have such a trick and let him suffer a big loss.