The girl was satisfied when she heard the ringing of Geller’s finger. She got up quickly, took off her red leather coat quickly and put on her original clothes quickly!

She moved very quickly and undressed. In almost ten seconds, after she was dressed, she had already walked to the balcony at the same time.
She tidied up her clothes and raised her hand to untie her scalp-she took out a very thin black thread, which was almost the same color as her hair. If you don’t look carefully in the night, you can’t see it. It’s even more doubtful to add her hair as a headband-this is the weapon she is going to strangle Lin Futing!
The girl looked at the dark building and estimated a height. She quickly wrapped the black thread at one end of the windowsill railing and wrapped the wrist at the other end. She jumped quickly and nimbly from the windowsill to the dark building and jumped from the twelve-story building …
The whip girl made a turn in front of her cheek and returned to the masked man flexibly.
The masked man suddenly threw the whip to the ground and took off the black bronze mask on his face.
-This man turned out to be-"Fulong Gang" helped Elder Lin-Lin Futing!
Lin Futing usually looks like Mr. Nice guy. His fat face is excited and crazy at this time, twisted and ferocious. His fat belly is very funny as he moves, but his feet are very thin, which makes people worry that there will be a danger of not carrying a load.
Lin Futing took off the bronze mask and quickly jumped in front of the girl and said, "Wear it quickly!" "
The girl wore a black bronze mask to show her eyes.
Lin Futing was satisfied with staring at the girl’s bronze mask, and the light in her eyes was even crazier. Suddenly she lay on the ground and gasped and growled, "Quick … pick up the whip and whip me! Whip me … "
The girl was obviously surprised and stunned!
She imagined that her role should be a sex slave who was severely whipped by men!
At present, the role exchange changes so fast that she can’t react and accept it for a while-is there really a pervert who likes to be abused?
"Hurry up … pick up the whip … whip me …" Lin Futing was immersed in the pleasure and excitement of being abused and urged the girl.
Lin Futing lay ugly and fat with his eyes closed, like a chopping block of pork, not like a bean worm writhing, gasping and moaning!
The girl’s eyes suddenly flashed sharply, and Li Mang stared at Lin Futing’s mouth like a sharp and cold needle, provoking a cold and cruel smile!
She slowly picked up the whip and suddenly whipped Lin Futing’s belly.
A purple blood stain immediately appeared on Lin Futing’s skin, and then the skin burst bright red, the blood dimmed and the candlelight turned purple.
Lin Futing’s body shook violently, and the pain made his forehead sweat with beans. The light in his eyes was even more exciting! More crazy! More satisfied!
"yes! Whip me … heavier … "Lin Futing knelt before the girl and begged the girl again.
-This all-powerful "Fulong Gang" elder is now like a poor wretch begging a prostitute to whip him! Abuse him!
"pa! Bang! Hey! " Crisp and dull, whip, dim meat, candlelight shaking in the room, adding a strange motivation!
The girl held a whip in her hand and whipped it to Lin Futing. Lin Futing had long been raw and bloody. Although she was covered in cold sweat, cold sweat and blood dripped together to pollute the carpet, he enjoyed the pain and groaned with his eyes closed!
"I! Fuck me! Whip me … while I whip me … "Lin Futing made further demands.
The girl’s eyes are colder and the sneer at the corners of her mouth is thicker. She stops her whip and walks to Lin Futing. Her sharp heels stomp on Lin Futing’s chest.
Lin Futing couldn’t see the pitfalls in the girl’s eyes with his eyes closed, but enjoyed moaning. He hugged the girl’s calf and kissed the girl’s toes and gasped, "… hurry me! Whip me … "
The girl didn’t speak, staring at Lin Futing’s face, and slowly sat down to Lin Futing.
Lin Futing knew that the girl was naked and naked. If she was asked to sit down to him outside, she would go straight to Hong Kong.
He closed his eyes and waited to enter a fertile and humid peach blossom garden!
-he didn’t wait until the girl didn’t enter the port, but sat on his belly and knees squeezed his waist.
Lin Futing felt something was wrong. Looking around …
-what he saw was a pair of cold and murderous eyes!
Lin Futing was so frightened that he wanted to open his mouth and shout for four bodyguards outside the room!
-it’s late! He couldn’t shout. The whip in the girl’s hand was tightly wrapped around his neck.
Lin Futing’s face is purple and her mouth is hard to move, but that girl is surprisingly strong and tightly suppressed. Lin Futing just can’t push her.
Lin Futing’s breathing is becoming more and more difficult, his eyes are protruding and his eyes are suffocating, which makes his brain more and more dizzy due to lack of oxygen!
The murder in the girl’s eyes is the strongest, the coldest, and her hands tightly hold the whip and tighten the force. Seeing Lin Futing die little by little, her face is more calm and calm!
When Lin Futing became stiff, the girl relaxed her whip and threw it far away. Then she grabbed Lin Futing’s throat with one hand and squeezed it-she was afraid that Lin Futing would not die completely and added another insurance!
The girl was satisfied when she heard the ringing of Geller’s finger. She got up quickly, took off her red leather coat quickly and put on her original clothes quickly!