This is an excellent opportunity to counterattack!

"Black King Kong" realized that it was not good. The horse wiped his eyes with his sleeve.
But at this time, he bowed his body, but his feet suddenly jumped a cubit high and hit the’ Black King Kong’ head.
"Although butch has not become a bull-eater, this Zhou Jun is really not simple. It is no wonder that Luo Chenglong said that Fu Fu Dog’s coming to Zhou Jun’s father must be a great person."
To this scene, Zhouyi’s eyes narrowed, and even he didn’t expect Zhou Jun to fight back absolutely in this way!
Zhou Jun was suppressed by "Black King Kong" and it was very helpful to look so weak when he was beaten. But when he jumped up high and hit the Jedi to counterattack this elbow, he was faintly like a fierce tiger and an agile leopard. This is why Zhou Yi came to this scene with the idea that "the tiger and leopard have eaten cattle, although they have not been successful"
Zhou Jun’s elbow was unusually brave. He was beaten and vomited blood by "Black King Kong" because of this elbow. This strange trick made "Black King Kong" blurred his vision and got this opportunity to counterattack the Jedi. This opportunity is fleeting. Once lost, it is impossible to do anything again. Zhou Jun gathered his strength with this elbow.
Zhou Jun’s slightly emaciated elbow severely smashed the "Black King Kong" bar.
King Kong can’t stand still once he stumbles. Of course, it takes one elbow for Zhou Jun to stun such a big fellow. It’s still impossible that "King Kong" is just that Pakistan was hit hard and temporarily lost its balance and fell to the ground.
He hit the’ Black King Kong’ with one elbow, which greatly surprised everyone. Zhou Yi and Luo Chenglong felt that it was not too unexpected. Even Guo Qiang, the third person of the West Lake Gang, who had a wily chance of winning, was blindsided. He didn’t think that this pale and sick teenager could have such a deep plan to make such a malicious move and burst out with so much energy.
But this is just a subsequent event that makes the people scratch their eyes on Zhou Jun again.
He didn’t stay for a while after he hit the "Black King Kong" with one elbow. He suddenly jumped on the "Black King Kong" and then punched the "Black King Kong" in the head.
"You don’t admit defeat!"
He shouted coldly, although his voice was still a little immature, but it was chilling with cold murderous look!
Because of too much loss, Zhou Jun turned even paler, but he still tirelessly waved his relatively small arm and punched the head of "Black King Kong". He had eaten several punches of "Black King Kong" before, and now he will get it back.
"You cheat!"
"Black King Kong" scolded that he was hit dizzy by Zhou Jun’s elbow, and now he has eaten Zhou Jun’s disorderly fist, which is even more dizzy. Not only that, his nose was also smashed by Zhou Jun, and his nose was bloody. But this guy refused to admit defeat. He scolded Zhou Jun and was about to turn over and overturn Zhou Jun.
"I can’t cheat your mother into vomiting blood." Zhou Jun made a determined effort to scold. "If you don’t admit defeat, Xiao Ye will continue to beat you!"
Say that finish, he is a disorderly boxing will want to fight back against "black king kong" directly.
"Little brother, play well."
"If this guy doesn’t admit defeat, he will continue to beat him!"
After being dumbfounded, the brothers of Tianlong Martial Arts School finally reacted. Zhou Jun cheered and shouted, hoping that Zhou Jun’s previous Luo Tong would be defeated by’ one knife to cut’.
He smashed dozens of punches in a row, and "Black King Kong" was suddenly dying. This chaotic punch also made Tianlong martial arts school people proud.
He is not in good health. He was beaten and vomited blood. At this time, he was also tired and panting. His move touched the lungs and spit out one mouthful blood again.
However, he still won unexpectedly, and his arrogance was smashed into a ball of mud and never got up again.
Zhou Jun’s killing an enemy of 1,000 is also a loss. When he gets up, he is already teetering, and he will be recovering for a long time.
"Teacher younger brother, are you all right?"
Xiao Li and Mushroom Head hurriedly ran to hold Zhou Jun. At this time, they no longer treated this little teacher younger brother as a sick seedling but as a hero of Tianlong Martial Arts School.
"I’m fine"
He Xiao Li and the mushroom head helped to sit on the stool panting Luo Qingxue hurriedly poured him a cup of hot tea.
"Black King Kong" came to dominate the wind but was defeated by Zhou Jun’s counsel. Guo Qiang’s face was not good. It turned out that he was also sick and general. Zhou Jun was vulnerable, but he didn’t expect that Zhou Jun was such a cruel and fierce man who would kill "Black King Kong" even if he vomited blood.
However, the loss of one or two hands in Guo Qiang’s eyes is nothing. He secretly scolded a waste of’ Black King Kong’ and didn’t arrange for people to go to’ Black King Kong’ for injuries. Instead, he said to Luo Chenglong with a livid face, "Director Luo, today I have a vision. You are a sick apprentice. Your hands are cruel enough. His blood can be sprayed without money. Since your apprentice wants to hurt people, don’t blame my brother for being merciless. Chapter 5 Punch and bully.
"He told your apprentice to throw in the towel. Your apprentice didn’t throw in the towel. This is what he deserved []" Luo Chenglong said with the same look.
"Well, you prepare stretchers. I can assure you that these two apprentices will go to the hospital soon." Guo Qiang pointed to Xiao Li and Mushroom Head and said, "Let’s have two competitions together. I don’t want to take time."
"I don’t know who it is when I enter the hospital."
Xiao Li and Mushroom Head gave Zhou Jun to his younger brother to take care of them. They got up and went to the courtyard center to prepare for the challenge.
"Give me a good lesson from the black cobra, these two little ones." Guo Qiang sneered and then said to him with another hand.
Relying on Hummer "Black Three" and "Cobra", two youths came out with a combative attitude.
Black three looks very yellow, and when he has a cigarette in his mouth, he seems to want to smoke every moment. Generally, he is also in his early twenties, but he looks old-fashioned. This guy was mixed up with gangsters at the age of fifteen or sixteen, and he is an out-and-out operator.
"Deep eyes" means tall and thin, with black eyes. He is full of evil spirits, and he is not a good person.
Black Three and Cobra are two gangsters who have killed people. They have a special momentum. Zhou Yi felt that these two people are the core younger brothers of Guo Qiang. They are definitely better than the previous ones. Many Xiao Li and Mushroom Head have no chance of winning these two words.
"Uncle Luo, I’ll do this battle."
It’s time to make moves. Zhou Yi got up and smiled and said to Luo Chenglong that if he doesn’t make moves, Tianlong Martial Arts School will suffer.
"It’s very bad that you come to our school to be a guest, but you have to make moves."