"The somebody else that is polite LengRuiXi how can you be so lai!"

"It’s okay. People are polite."
"… I just saw it," she said with a smile. The background of this smile is the tallest Ferris wheel and the background of fireworks all over the sky. How romantic it is
Leng Ruixi was so warm by her smile that she said faintly, "What do you see?"
"I just saw you give her something when you took the ticket from her."
Leng Ruixi smiled and said, "You are wrong."
He denies it to death. Then say it must happen! Just now, the girl watched them leave before she found that she had one more thing in her hand.
It’s a badge. When she looks at it carefully, she thinks something is wrong …
This is not … Cold regiment badge? ! If you smell it, you can enter the cold work with this badge! What a good job it is!
No way … That handsome guy is just …
Leng Ruixi smiled and pulled her. "Do you want to eat anything?"
"Um … I want to eat ice cream."
"I have no money."
"Then why do you ask me!" Han Yiqing gave him a white look and then heard him say, "I’m not lying to you."
With that, he smiled and said, "You wait for me where I am. I’ll be right back."
"Well," she nodded and promised to watch the tall figure keep moving through the crowd center, but she didn’t know how long they would be together …
It may be a few days, but she is still greedy for a little warmth.
Until he disappeared from her sight, but someone appeared in front of her and she couldn’t believe her eyes …
He was so old and decadent that she almost didn’t recognize him.
The first time I saw him was more than half a month ago, and this time I met her, her throat seemed to be stuck and she couldn’t speak …
Chapter 336 Tell me what?
When he looked at her with deep eyes, he still looked calm and said, "Are you okay for so many days?"
He is so calm, unexpectedly calm! But it is so calm that Han Yiqing can’t accept it!
"Yin Yuhao, I’m ok. You can scold me."
She didn’t go to an appointment that night! So follow LengRuiXi came to a city is very didn’t give a message!
She is so cruel, and she knows it!
"Scold you? Yi Qing, why should I scold you? " Yin Yuhao corners of the mouth evoked a smile and reached out to help her cut a messy hair.
"Yin Yuhao, you’d better scold me. You’ll make me very uneasy." But Han Yiqing didn’t know that if he was upset, she would have no way to forget him for a generation …
"Tell me what?"
"I …"
She has met Xiao Cheling in this scene and he understands it, but she can’t say that Leng Ruixi brought her here!
In that case, there is no way for them to separate!
"Yin Yuhao is my fault. I’m sorry." She lowered her eyelashes and folded them into a shadow.
"Yi Qing, you know I want a root, not an apology."
She knows what he wants, but she didn’t give it before, but now she can’t give it …
"Yin Yuhao, I really can’t give it to you if you want it."
"Yi Qing, after all, you are so cruel to others and yourself. Now I ask, do you love him?" There is a strange smell in his eyes, which will make her consciousness dodge.
"I …" Han Yiqing just wanted to say when she felt a pair of hands hugging her, and the strength couldn’t wait to rub her into her body before she was willing to …
"Yi Qing, I’m so afraid to hear your answer is that I don’t want it! So ….. Can you leave me a thought without saying anything? !”
No! No way! If you give him a thought, then she won’t refuse again! We should kill him before we give him hope!
"no! Yin Yuhao, you must listen to me this time! "
Yin Yuhao was pushed by her without her warmth, and her body was a little cold. I heard her say, "Yin Yuhao, you’re right! The answer you want to hear is that you don’t want it! I like him. "
Hearing this sentence, Yin Yuhao felt that she was going to collapse every day for the first time because she completely collapsed in one sentence.
At the age of five, he learned that his father had died, and he felt that he should be strong. At the age of seven, his family attacked him, and he didn’t feel that the world was treating him badly.
But today he really feels that the world has collapsed.
"Yi Qing, what do you want to say such things to me! Do you know that you are really cruel? !”
"I know! I know! But I can’t lie to you again! I really like him … "
"Yi Qing, don’t you know what it means to me to say in front of a man that you like another man?"