Two people hesitated for a long time in the end or will have been angry silly MuWanting half pull and half help get back.

"Bitch! Bitch! " Muwanting mercilessly fan a month slap nu way
I dare not refute the moon and bow my head. She also knows that it is not her who is scolded, but she suffers. Unfortunately, there is no choice now. Chapter 4 abdicated or abdicated.
After all, it was the first Empress Dowager Xi Wen who longed for Xiang.
He knelt down in tears in Fang Yao’s palace. "I am loyal, but Da Yin can’t stand it now! Who but the Regent can hold it down? The prince of Yan is eyeing up. If he wins the country, will he treat the queen mother and the empress dowager? There are also regents who won’t hurt you! "
"Mu Xiang said the house of mourning can not know? It’s the first emperor, the Regent Sun, and the first emperor’s favorite son. What can’t you say? Positions … It’s really too young to let him go. "Empress Dowager Xiwen said," How can you be a sovereign and look after Liangzhou after going away? "
Mu Xiang’s heart is relieved. This should also be done in ancient times. Emperors are all sealed princes and have their own fiefs. Er, they are busy. "Empress Dowager Tai’s deep righteousness is not to let a man! Daxie is lucky to have such a country! "
"Well, it’s all a big three-dimensional, first emperor Jiangshan can’t just lose the house of mourning and be too old to manage more things. Let Mu Zuo go out and deal with it." Empress Dowager Xiwen waved her hand wearily.
Mu Xiang said a few more words about taking care, which made him quit Fangyao Palace.
The next day, the ministers of the great court finally got involved.
First, it is the only official in Yushitai, a branch beside Mu’s family, who has not opposed the Regent’s words.
See him in the previous step "I have played"
The little emperor waved "love Qing"
Empress dowager Xi Wen felt a deep sadness behind the curtain, and for the first time, she loved Sun dearly.
Once it was Yankang, who fought for his strength and resisted and begged the fierce king.
It’s only been a few months He became the regent, and he fought for him to resist and watch others arrange things one by one.
Just stay alive …
There will always be a chance. If you give up, you will always have a chance to get it back.
Mu Yushi cleared his throat and said, "Let’s start playing, my minister, Da Yin Qianqiu, and ask the emperor to surrender to the Regent! Beg for the big yin Jiangshan Zen! "
Before his words were finished, it caused an uproar. Almost half of the courtiers were shocked. Most of them were the officials of Yushitai. These clean people pursued loyalty to the country all their lives.
Natural loyalty can be a monarch. Is it possible to change one halfway?
When he finished speaking, Zhang Taifu’s first clean stream was angry and wanted to hit him before.
Liu empire first jump out to say "ridiculous! How long has it been since you succeeded to the throne without doing anything wrong? "
This is like a flood. The censors blew up and accused Mu Yushi.
Yan Gui will never talk. He is the first to listen to the angry words of the empire and occasionally offend him.
Until a teacher said "f * * king! Bastard! I admire your family a lot, don’t I? Mu Xiang, you just watch your brother be unfaithful and unfilial? What virtue does the Regent have to be emperor! The sovereign is the regent. Can you covet the throne? "
In the previous step, Yan Gui said, "Let’s go back to the northwest and withdraw today." This withdrawal is not only to bring, but also to take the original court of 70,000 Cai Xie Yijun’s 60,000 troops with you. Is Yanjing a city?
His temper is not so good now when he didn’t even look at other ministers.
The little emperor is stupid. He’s still not very clear. What do you mean, surrender …
But Uncle Regent wants to withdraw his troops. Does he know that withdrawing troops means leaving Yanjing? What about him?
"Wang Shu ….." The little emperor called a eagerly looking at the Empress Dowager Xi Wen who was at a loss.
"Regent is already expensive! Wang Ye doesn’t want to serve the country, but now he threatens to be malicious? " Zhang Taifu was shaking with anger.
"I say you this old man is really unreasonable! The report keeps you saying that the report has ulterior motives, and that you have left the report, or that the report has ulterior motives, and that our report is not human inside and outside? " Gongsunsu is now a general of Zhengsan, but naturally he can look at Zhang Taifu and his party with a stare in his eyes.
"You! You! " Zhang Taifu pointed angrily at Gongsun Su but couldn’t say a word. He didn’t want the face again and couldn’t say the Regent. Just go and leave the military forces.
"How can I? Are you still reasonable? The report was guarding the northwest and didn’t ask the north natives to spoil it. If it weren’t for the report, what else would there be? If the report didn’t come back, Yanjing City would have gone long ago, even if Cai Rongze had a little heart and didn’t spoil your family, wouldn’t the rebels come and spoil you? What is it that one by one gets great benefits and blames the prince everywhere? " Gong Sunsu’s voice is loud and he’s a clown. This armor has given him a bit of domineering, pointing to a group of officials cursing hard.
"It is said that you are the most reasonable to read poetry. I don’t think so! It’s all read into the dog’s stomach, right? Huh? Are you shameless? I want to tell the horse to run and not feed it! Are you dreaming? "
The high wind was about to laugh, and when he said he didn’t like it, he coughed gently.
GongSunSu busy way "demise? With what? We, your majesty, let you? What are you old men calling you? It’s time to abdicate. Isn’t he a piece of tofu? What are you doing staring at this day if you don’t do something serious? "
Gong Sunsu pointed to the officials and said, "Our report needs to be hard-typed, that is, it is now protecting Da Yin and protecting you shameful people! Our sovereign is annoyed and will leave if he doesn’t protect him! How to drop it? "
Yan Gui’s mouth reminds me that at this time, I really need a mix-up. Officials are all lip-synching, but since ancient times, scholars have met soldiers, but they just can’t tell.
Who is Gong Sunsu? He is not only a soldier, but also a bandit. He is so angry when he talks.
Zhang Taifu pointed to Gong Sunsu shaking from the tip of your fingertips to the tip of your toes. This is a great shame! He was scolded by a barbarian!
Knowing that every sentence is sophistry, how can the soldiers and horses be called regents? That score is all big yin! But he hasn’t been confused about this yet.
"I will never agree to positions demise! Hey! I am dead! " He said that he was going to hit the column.