Willy is the so-called what they think, but I hope that the more they look down on themselves, the better. Don’t look at yourself. Instead, I have chatted with the woman who is in love with Yin and Yang. I know that her name is Qi Feifei. She is twenty-nine years old. It’s not that Willy is interested in this woman. Although I don’t know much, I guess it’s just that if a person goes in alone, it will be okay. However, if so many people get into trouble together, they will feel that they are not pleasing to the eye and it’s hard to get an ally with her.

See throb that kind of public disdain more thick is even the carefree and cultured male couldn’t help but frown, "LiXiong heard that Yin evil spirit cases out of a pair of women called Yin evil spirit double English? Both of them are rare in a hundred years. Genius didn’t come this time? " Its meaning is as if Yin Shazong didn’t send malicious but came to throb and such a creature.
"Maike, don’t befriend me." The demon prison Zonghong was angry, and the eye-catching man was cold and abnormal. "If there are Yin evil people here, ask him yourself."
That’s Wang Huigong’s buddy. Maybe it’s Xiaoyao’s edification and excellent self-restraint. He shrugged his shoulders. The so-called saying, "It’s hard to be biased when you talk about it by spying on others."
"In my opinion, the yin and evil spirits are all blown out by the yin and evil spirits themselves." Young men in white in Langya Mountain disdain to hum. "How bad can two women be?"
"Don’t forget the Audition Palace Dan Tai …" Wang Hui shook his folding fan and walked over and said.
Dan Tai, the young man in white in Audition Palace, immediately became embarrassed. Some were ashamed and some didn’t look on coldly. I knew that this little girl must have suffered a loss in the hands of a woman named Dan Tai in Audition Palace. Instead of looking down on this white girl, she was wary of the woman named Dan Tai. Audition Palace and Yin Evil Sect are not only different from good and evil, but also have a lot of bad feelings. That is called East White Little. It should not be a simple thing. Now that you can let him eat this yabakui, can you not be severe?
But then again, even in the same camp, the top sects in Tianda occasionally have bad blood and friction. They are either monolithic. The two camps have never got along well. There is not much struggle and small friction now, which is considered as great peace, just like Yin Shazong and the other four top decent people have no hatred. Otherwise, the Yuexing Building in Langya Mountain can’t take revenge at the monty celebration. It’s so unexpected that a great elixir is blind and white.
See throb seems to be not familiar with a few people in front of him, even I don’t know who the name is. That Qi Feifei is a good heart. He introduced him to Xiaoyao Road one by one. The distinguished male boy named Wang Hui has a special history, but Xiaoyao Road. A descendant of Yuan Ying’s ancestor who left his grandson when he was young was trained as a baby because of his good qualifications. It is self-evident that he wants him to inherit the mantle.
This kind of background naturally provoked throb, this kind of qualification is ordinary and self-made, and people are a little jealous today.
And the young man in white named Xi Donglai was born with nothing to pay attention to, which is far less than that in Wang Hui. Langya Mountain governs an ordinary family of cultivating immortals. Because of his excellent qualifications, the family of cultivating immortals was afraid of delaying his future. He was sent to Langya Mountain from an early age and worshipped a late-stage elder. Now he is the top brother among his peers in Langya Mountain.
The dead red-haired man named Li Huntian in the Magic Prison Sect is extremely strange. It is said that it was originally from the sphere of influence of Tianyin Palace, but Tianyin Palace has always accepted female brothers. Those who are born with male spiritual roots are often exchanged in Kongoji because Kongoji is a place to accept male brothers.
However, it is an unheard-of thing to be unwilling to worship in Kongoji. When the monk was young, he ran away while staying overnight. However, after running, I’m afraid there is little hope for him to join a sect of cultivating immortals in his life. Unexpectedly, it seems that it is a natural magic prison Sect. By chance, he met a magic prison Sect. An elder then brought it back to the magic prison Sect, and it took him to the magic prison Sect in less than two years. The magic prison Sect was afraid that it was the undercover of Tianyin Palace and took him to Yakehitobe by the way.
However, in the eyes of willy, it is extremely unlikely that this is undercover, so must the magic prison Sect. After all, such excellent people with unparalleled qualifications are extremely rare. Isn’t it overqualified to be undercover? So Kongoji lost a good talent, but the Magic Prison Sect gained an excellent younger brother with great potential for no reason. What makes Kongoji depressed and humbled most is that girl named Tantai Bingyun, who was born in Kongoji’s sphere of influence … The woman seems to particularly like divination or she pays special attention to information. She has made a clear study of everyone’s origin. Of course, it is limited to her top experts at the same level. She has only probably heard of this name, but she has no impression. Humans rarely pay attention to what is stepped on the soles of their feet. Their eyes are either in front or in the face.
Li Yijian over there seems to have finished chatting with the leader’s voice. Two people have set off for Lei one after another to see that the mind is greatly increased by throbbing. I can’t help but turn around and gently nod to them. So it makes Li Yijian and the leader look at each other and feel that this little mind is so keen. The leader of the original some reluctant to let throb also inserted a foot mind a loose a lot of sink a moment nodded slightly.
The crowd didn’t wait long before the appearance came again. One person was sent by the Godsworn in the construction period, including throb. All eyes were focused on the door and a tall and strong young monk stepped into the door.
"It was the little monk" willy eyes narrowed slightly sneer at it in my heart.
The monk didn’t dare to lose Kongoji’s face when he got here. He kowtowed to Cang Lan, the leader of Tiandao League, according to the etiquette of the younger generation. The fact that he was not Cang Lan first is that he is now in awe of the people who are present in the middle school. It is one thing to have a good background, and it is another thing to have a good attitude towards the strong. It is completely unreliable to cultivate to the Avenue of then, and it is impossible to work hard without extraordinary perseverance.
After the ceremony, the monk sat in the right row, his eyes fell on Lei’s departure, and he sneered, "The strength of the evil spirits is good."
"Kongoji little bald donkey strength is good also" willy refused to weak his legacy brand at this time you’re welcome to return the sentence.
The monk snorted again, but he didn’t dare to have a cow here. However, after Wang Hui glanced at throb with some curiosity, his lips moved slightly, apparently asking the monk something.
Next to Lei Dong’s ear came Qi Feifei’s voice, "That monk’s name is Brother Jie Chen Lei. Do you have a conflict with him?"
"I just moved my hands casually, but I can’t be true." Willy replied casually and sneered, "I really should quit my anger."
Qi Feifei looked warily at Jiechen’s earnest voice and said, "Brother Lei should be careful that Jiechen was not called Jiechen, but it was changed because he was extremely belligerent since childhood. You have some trouble being entangled in him."
Willy eyebrows move just want to talk when someone came at the door again, this time it is two.
This time, an elder old man then personally delivered the old man to the door and immediately announced that "Wu Peng, the great leader of Tianyin Palace and a platform for ice clouds and shura, has arrived."
Attention is gathered at the door throb and curiosity …
(To be continued)
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine A surname ice clouds
See the door has walked into the front of the two men, the man is not tall, but he is full of thick bloody smell. His long hair hangs back, his eyes are sharp and his face is ferocious. Several ferocious scars make him muddy. He usually wears a black leather suit and hangs a cloak, which is very impressive. This is obviously a top Sect, a shura day, Wupeng.
Sure enough, he knelt down on one knee and said forcefully, "See the leader of Shura Tianwu Peng."
"Be polite, be polite." Cang Lan, the leader of Tiandao League, seemed to smile guiltily, and said, "Get up."
"Thank the leader" Wu Peng took the opportunity to get up and look up. When he first came in, he looked at everyone calmly.
Behind him, he slowly walked into a woman who didn’t do much dressing up in a plain white dress. Her face was veiled, and she couldn’t see her face clearly. Her veiled eyes hung slightly, and she could only see her glittering and translucent skin as white as snow and her long eyelashes. Her steps curled up like a mist, and she was light and smart. Although she wasn’t dressing up, her whole body seemed to be delicate and indescribable. Even among thousands of people, she could be distinguished at a glance, but then the thunder was tempted suddenly. Because when he observed this woman, it was hazy, but he couldn’t see it clearly. This kind of situation can only appear if she is two steps taller than herself. Has she already built five floors in the foundation period?
When this woman walked into the field, people looked different and carefree. Wang Hui’s eyes lit up involuntarily and shook the folding fan quickly and stared at her deeply. On the other hand, Xi Donglai of Langya Mountain twitched his face and muscles. He was ashamed and unwilling to look in his eyes. The swordsman actually trembled slightly. It seems that a platform of ice clouds left a scar in his heart. Kongoji’s eyes were also shining brightly, but he was different from Wang Hui’s. Although he was trying to restrain himself, he still managed to hide his strong fighting spirit.
Magic prison zong Li Huntian’s pupil shrinks, and his expression gradually becomes awe-inspiring and dignified. Obviously, this ice cloud on a platform has brought him a lot of pressure, while Qi Feifei of Albizia has a curl of her lips as if to show some disdain but can’t hide her deep fear.
"Tianyin Palace a surname ice cloud has seen the leader" A surname ice cloud else is still like a daughter-in-law with a strict family education, slightly hanging her eyes and making a bow.
"ice cloud, don’t bother" Cang Lan walked over and lifted her up. It was also a big surprise to see a surname ice cloud. The original free and unfettered way, Wang Hui Magic Prison Zong Li Huntian, had already made him feel that it was difficult to build a four-story foundation period at an early age. Even at this age, he was far less than them. Who thought that this surname ice cloud was even better than them? This talent is to make Cang Lan dare not pose too big. After all, this female growth potential is so great that Cang Lan has some regrets now.
After a platform of ice clouds worships, she gently walks to the right seat and sits quietly. If it weren’t for thunder, she would feel a deep danger, which is unfathomable. This is a quiet little sister next door.
It’s as if I felt the throb and observed the ice clouds on a platform, but I slowly looked up and glanced at the throb. I didn’t know that Xiu Mei was slightly frowning and slowly raised her eyes and looked straight at the throb. "Yin Shazong?"
Willy felt a chill coming straight, as if he had been stared at by an extremely dangerous predator. Generally, his hair would blow up, but for one thing, his heart was tough, and for another, he couldn’t fall into the face of Yin Shazong in this gathering scene of young and outstanding brothers for no reason. Although he was extremely alert, his face was calm and stared back at a platform of ice clouds. "Good advice?"
"Gui Zong Ding Wanyan didn’t come?" As soon as I got to Ding Wanyan’s three words, a platform of ice clouds suddenly burst into a strong fighting spirit in the quiet eyes, as if questioning Yin Shazong who sent him instead of Ding Wanyan.
Hearing these three words, Lei Dong looked at her quietly for a long time before squeezing out a few words: "Do you know Sister Lei?"