The original also immersed in lust Gu Jin sunseeker smell speech instantly awake; She gritted her teeth and stared at the man, raising her hand and slapping her face, but she was caught by the man and threw it back. Gu Jinxi body a stumble almost fell.
"Miss Gu is very satisfied with the taste of Wang" said the man with flashing eyes and low voice. "I just don’t know if Miss Gu’s bed is so …"
"You bastard!" Gu Jin sunseeker was so angry that his chest fluctuated almost without relief.
"Two Requirements" The man took a deep breath and his eyes turned dark.
Looking at a moment, I still hugged her and kissed the man for a moment, and then I was calm. I was so angry that my tears came out. I was shivering and sobbing next to the big stone.
She really didn’t mean it.
She’s …
What? What? He knew that he didn’t mean it, but he chose this method to humiliate himself.
Does he really think that he is a man who can do everything …
The warmth of the original heart gradually disappeared, and it was even colder.
Even if she curled up, she wouldn’t feel the slightest warmth; There is no denying that she is somewhat envious of the man who always appears when he needs it most. But now it’s a damn heart
It’s not that God has eyes to make her live her life again. It’s not that she is addicted to being immersed in love.
Yes, yes …
I’m just a little disappointed.
Spring breeze suddenly rises suddenly
The temperature in Danqingshan is cooler than usual, and it is a bit colder than that in the mountains because of the cold pool not far away. After a tiring day, I was surprised and afraid, but I didn’t know what it was like. Gu Jinxi finally couldn’t bear to feel dizzy. His legs were bent with his head buried against the stone and he fell asleep in the original posture.
Although I walked, I finally couldn’t help but note that Gu Jin’s sunseeker man finally turned around and looked at Gu Jing’s wave heart, which was always painful.
Raise your hand and cover your chest. Is this the feeling of love?
He doesn’t even know why he would say such a thing, but … He has a bloody feud and will never allow himself to have weaknesses and luck to raise his hand, but he can’t shoot anything.
"that’s all."
With a sigh, there was a little ripple on the man’s heart, and his feet lifted Gu Jin’s sunseeker to tasikmalaya and moved over to the fire.
The night is as cool as water, so I feel the warm heat source. In my sleep, the little man can move slowly toward the man’s arms, and even his chest rubs against the corner of his eye with glittering tears.
The man suddenly became stiff; I went straight to my chest through the thin clothes, and I wanted to let people go with a feeling I had never felt before; But Gu Jin sunseeker’s hand doesn’t know when to hold her back and let him want to put it or not.
Looking down at the wet tears on her face and the crystal tears, is that what she thinks of her? Maybe he didn’t even know that this strange cognition actually made his heart beat a few times faster.
Not far away, the two men looked at each other in the dark night.
"I’m not never close to women?" One person is curious
"Isn’t that womanly?" Another person raised an eyebrow.
"Hum is just a baby with undeveloped milk" tone with disdain.
"She has been twelve years and two years later, and she is not young to talk about marriage." The tone is deep and deep, and it seems to have some profound meaning. "What I did to her just now is not like a milk doll."
"But … what about Miss Xue?"
"What to do!"
The conversation between the two people was dispersed by the breeze and soon became quiet; Until not far away, there was a messy step with a sense of noise and urgency.
"Hurry up"
"You immediately split up and search from here."
"I’m going this way!"
The original embrace Gu Jinxi eye closure nap male fierce eyes open.
"Ye" two men flashed from the dark "Gu Qian, they are coming"