"Brother Lei?" As soon as the majestic voice became lively and pleasantly surprised, I saw several figures leap out of the peripheral wings with a series of ghosting images falling to Lei before leaving. First, a big Hu Han’s eyes danced with surprise and inexplicably cried, "Brother Lei ~"

Who is this not Zuo Chao? At the beginning, Zuo Chao was in front of throb, but then Zuo Chao was willing to be a teacher younger brother. Later, he was the first to advance to Tsukiji because of throb. According to the rules of the Ghost Cave, he took his senior position. Throb returned to the Ghost Cave a few years ago and kept a low profile for some reasons. The bodhi old zu also told Zuo Chao that they should not go back to the Ghost Cave for the time being and continue to help throb take good care of their hometown.
This makes the brothers and sisters who have the best feelings have no chance to meet until now.
The other two are well-dressed and well-dressed in the middle class of the building, leaving some mature and dignified faces, but they are also unable to hide their excitement at the moment, so they went to worship "Chen Geweihua to meet Brother Lei"
"Chen Geweihua, you two don’t mention it to me." Reluctantly, you will be distracted. They want to worship and hold their hearts easily. "Everyone has been suffering together since childhood. Brothers don’t pay attention to these gifts. Let’s go and talk."
It is not unreasonable for Chen Geweihua and his wife to be so respectful to throb. The world is always a law of the jungle. Only the strong can make rules, but there is a common rule that the weak must respect the strong. Even if they are killed, others will say that they deserve it.
Although we spent time together in times of trouble, no one knows what will happen to willy’s mind after he becomes famous and powerful. It is not surprising that they are so respectful according to their usual caution.
Willy’s nostalgia attitude also made the two people breathe a sigh of relief and look relaxed. You know that Willy has finished with them and is not a class figure. Even if Willy turns against people now, they dare not say anything outside except Nai.
Willy has always been a man of heavy feelings and heavy righteousness. How can he be disgusted with being loyal to his own brother and fall into the lakeside pavilion with the three of them?
Over the years, Wen Xiang Xiao Zhu relied on Zuo Chao, a few of them, to keep the polite words, but Zuo Chao was not here. When the housekeeper saw him, she immediately called several girls with handsome strength in the gas refining period to serve delicious Lingguo Lingjiu, and the brothers who had not met for a long time chatted warmly.
After deliberately posing and telling a few jokes, the brothers haven’t seen each other for a long time and the gap between strength is gradually disappearing, and they are getting closer as before.
At some point Zuo Chao suddenly said, "Brother, when you come back from overseas this time, you should want to watch the stars, right?" Take us to see it together. I heard that there are monks who can take two or three disciples with them. "
"Watch the war?" Willy some slightly startled.
"Brother, you don’t know?" Zuo Chao was also surprised and quickly explained, "I live in a duel between Monty’s adult and a middle-class girl in Daganzhou."
In throb’s face, Zuo Chao trembled and told the truth, but he didn’t know that throb’s calm appearance had caused an uproar. There was an idea in his mind that this generation was arguing with that Taizong.
Chapter four hundred and one An alchemist
Seeing that throb’s face seems a little gloomy, Chen Ge, who is good at observing colors, is indignant and says, "Lei Xiong, this emperor Taizong is too arrogant and arrogant, so he bullied our head of Yin evil spirits.//Hum, but our monty adults are not easy to handle, so that woman named Fan Quqing will surely see what monty solution is."
"LeiXiong all blame our strength is too low" Wei Hua looks equally bad and sighs "Otherwise, Emperor Taizong dares to commit my evil spirit, one will kill one, two will kill one."
At this time, after experiencing the initial anger, throb immediately calmed down. Two people and the world have experienced so many things. How can he not be in a hurry? Even if it is urgent, it is urgent. Instead, he took a deep breath and drank tea. Zuo Chao has said that there are about half a month left before the decisive battle.
Then throb pondered over it, and it was inferred from common sense that it was absolutely impossible for a strong super sect to sit idly by, and one of them was a high-order exaggeration, but it was still reasonable. However, throb knew that some others did not know that the curtain was the mysterious box.
This box is thundered by The Hunger and brought to Lei Long, Zhaozhou to help erase its brand. When calculating, if everything goes well, The Hunger will come back soon. Maybe Lingxiao is still carrying a secret. If it is just Li Yao, things will be simpler, but if it involves the box, the whole thing may be a little complicated.
But then again, throb is almost sure that Monty will carry a decisive battle with people, and it is also a matter of muddling the water and delaying it, by the way, and she is afraid of disturbing Wang Lei and her refining baby, but she didn’t send a person to the desert island from the beginning to the end to give a message.
This made my heart tremble slightly, and at the same time, I made up my mind. As a result, Monty would never be allowed to have an accident, and it was by no means so easy for him to be overbearing and aggressive and want to live away from Kangzhou. However, I clearly remember that the ghost emperor and the hag king owed themselves a great favor and ran away in the sky with one hand, which was simply a disgrace to the Godsworn.
Let’s put this matter aside for a while and ask some warm and fragrant houses about their changes over the years.
Willy didn’t ask, don’t know, ask, but he was severely shocked. At the beginning, he did set up some situations before leaving, and finally Zuo Chao and others took over, but he never imagined that it was only after just over twenty years. At the beginning, the layout had already made a lot of achievements. Hearing them say that Willy was also curious for a while, and he was ready to go and have a look.
There are all kinds of exotic flowers and plants planted everywhere in a secluded place in the back hill valley, but today those exotic flowers and plants have been blown to pieces, and a tripod furnace with a value of millions of lingshi and extremely exquisite utensils has been so abruptly torn apart everywhere.
A woman with a full face of gray clothes at the bottom of the pot is messy as if she had been severely punished ~ Lin had a general demeanor and sat down on the ground with a dull look, but her eyes were turning round and round as if wondering something. A group of boys and girls dressed up as gas refining monks stood behind them one by one, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe more, for fear of disturbing the woman’s thinking.
I don’t know how long it took, but the woman jumped up and burst out laughing. "I thought of it. I thought of the girl. It was a day …"
"What is it?"
A Gherardini voice directly interrupted her.
The woman seemed to be interrupted for a moment, but then she flew into a rage and looked back and scolded, "Which bastard dares to disturb the aunt’s alchemy?" Zuo Chao, you bastard, how did you let some no three no four people in the door? You don’t know … er … "The original woman caught a glimpse of a mature man with a kind smile on her hands and scolded him directly, but she felt that something seemed wrong. How did this man look … so like …
"wow ~"
The woman jumped like a ghost in broad daylight and screamed. She immediately turned into a green mans head and didn’t look back to the distance.
"Ha ha, why don’t you kneel down and ask for peace when you see your master?" Willy squinted and chuckled, grabbing a thick dark green claw in the sky at random, which seemed to fly to the sky very slowly, but it happened that it was instantaneous that caught the fleeting green light and abruptly pulled her back.
Ghost claw
Accompanied by Chen Ge and Zuo Chao looked at each other, they saw each other’s faces horrified and inexplicable. This is a sign of Yin Evil Sect. Many Yin Evil Sect brothers can make it, but they are not too shallow now, and they have never seen anyone who can cast the ghost claws so easily without any fireworks, as if they had broken the direct target.
You know, Ouyang Ronger is not only an alchemist now, but also a monk in the middle order of the foundation. She makes that flying spirit is also a very rare flying spirit in the world. Even if the other party is a monk then, it is impossible to capture her so easily and chase her more or less, right?
Willy narrowed his eyes and was quite satisfied with his grasp just now. Although he said that he liked the ghost claws very much and often practiced, he could not do it to this extent on his own strength. I am afraid that there are two reasons why Willy’s ghost claws can show such extraordinary power. One is that after absorbing the essence of the ghost, the whole body constitution has been transformed into a very rare ghost constitution.
This kind of physique is very special, and it is very natural to be close to the ghost. It is easy to master some ghost spells quickly and exert great power, but the most important point is that throb has deepened his understanding of the law and gradually can combine the law with his own spells.
Although it’s only fur, even fur has definitely made the strength of throb somewhat unfathomable. The power of the same ghost spell cast in his hands may be as powerful as that of Brother Bu Yuanying, but if it is exquisite, it is already slightly beyond it.
Be caught back OuYangRongEr seems to be some can’t believe a pair of clever eyes terrified staring at throb stammered, "aren’t you already dead? You, you turned into a ghost and refused to let me go? "
I was so angry that I didn’t pass out directly. I’m alive here. I have enough blood and yang. How can I be dead? Even if it’s a rumor, it’s not like this, is it
"Hey hey seat didn’t go home for more than 20 years, you little slave girl learned to rebel." Willy smiled instead of meat. insidious smile did it for a few times. "It seems that he still owes to tidy up." See that Willy is flying around in the dark.
See throb didn’t move is quietly carrying his hands, but it’s amazing that something congenial condensed into strips tentacles very clever, tied up her limbs and carried them in the middle, and some ghostly something congenial condensed into a slender whip like having life.
"pa ~"
Ghost whip by smoking a agitate up a crisp whip ring.
"Don’t help!" Ouyang Ronger struggled like a white rabbit waiting to be slaughtered and begged. A pair of eyes watched throbbingly. "The master is a handmaiden, and he won’t dare again after he made a mistake."
"pa ~"
This time, it was not empty, but the whip was really drawn to her body. Ouyang Rong Er screamed desperately, but after screaming, it was found that it didn’t hurt. Obviously, Ray left a feeling and immediately smiled through tears and cried, "The master handmaiden dare not help you make tea, beat her legs and knock on her back and beg the master to spare the handmaiden this time."
"Hum ~"
Willy cold hum a this just pack up dense something congenial.
Where did Ouyang Rong Er fall to the ground again? I still don’t know what to do. I bowed down with a clever look and respectfully said, "Handmaiden Rong Er visited the master and congratulated him on his return."
"Get up and report on the progress of cultivation over the years to see if you are lazy."
In fact, willy has long learned from Zuo Chao that Ouyang Ronger’s cultivation progress over the years has not only not been lazy at all, but also far exceeded his expectations of her. This is a special surprise for him, but willy knows that whenever some accomplished people tend to be a little spoiled, all this willy will make them play with a horse so that Ouyang Rong Er knows not to say that you are an alchemist, even if you are an alchemist, an alchemist, he is willy or her master.
Ouyang Ronger met with throb when she urinated. This demon’s fear and fear thoughts have already been deeply implanted in the deepest part of her soul. After some hardships, where can she dare to be disrespectful and honestly report the achievements of an alchemist?
Willy, the more you listen to it, the more satisfied you are. With Ouyang Rong Er, his great cause will take a big step forward.
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Chapter four hundred and two Pick the stars peak