So he thinks Chen Hu is younger than him, but he can afford this worship.

"Gu Xiong, you’re exaggerating. Chen Hu can’t afford it."
Chen Hu said hurriedly will Gu Yunfeng hold don’t let Gu Yunfeng bow down.
"Brother Chen Hu, if you are true to me, I should thank you. Because of this worship, I represent Chen Taiji Gate, not just me."
Gu Yunfeng is firmly said to bow down to Chen Huhang.
"Brother Gu, I can understand your mood. You also hope to carry forward our martial arts. Then you can give the thirteen styles of Tai Chi to the master of Yang’s Tai Chi door and let him choose the right person to grant it. This is what counts."
Chen Hu said.
"Learn a word is a word teacher condition Chen Hu brothers grant such JueXue? After that, I will treat the Chen Hu brothers with courtesy! "
Gu Yunfeng avenue
"That Gu Xiong, you also give me Chen Tai Ji Chuan. Then we will be friends with each other. This is always fair," Chen Hunai replied.
"So good"
Gu Yunfeng was relieved to hear Chen Hu say so.
"Then I’ll pick up the package at the front desk and give you the secret book."
Chen Hu said.
Gu Yunfeng nodded and then the two men smiled at each other but stopped talking, but continued to monitor around to prevent anyone from disturbing Lin Haifeng’s chief and Zhouyi.
It took about an hour to get around nine o’clock in the evening before Zhouyi and Lin Haifeng came out of the box.
"It’s getting late in Zhouyi. I’ll go to rest. You can also go to rest. You can go back to Hangzhou after a good time in Hong Kong. I’ll have someone book your ticket for you. Someone will deliver it to your room later. You live in Presidential Suite No.3."
Chief Lin Haifeng said to Zhouyi and Chen Hu after he walked out of the box, and then Guo Yunfeng gave Zhouyi the 3-consumption presidential suite room card.
Zhou Yi and Gu Yunfeng, the head of Chen Hu Lin Haifeng, arrived at the Presidential Suite No.3 to prepare for a rest.
"Little master chief told you what top secret?"
Chen Hu curiously asked Zhouyidao
"This is really a big event. We have spent a generation of effort to know if we can finish it, but if we do it well, at least we won’t feel wasted in this life."
Zhouyi sofa sat down to signal Chen Hu also do opposite him and said.
"Chief told you to continue to mafia expansion? Unified underworld? "
After listening to Zhouyi, Chen Hu thought about it and said
"Yes, this is not only the meaning of the head, it is said that it is also the meaning of several central bosses. This has fallen on my head, which is not only a curse but also a blessing."
Zhouyi gave a wry smile. It was not just talk about unifying the underworld. How many powerful and talented people wanted to unify the underworld, but they touched some hidden huge forces and ended up beheaded.
After listening to Zhouyi, Chen Hu was also briefly silent.
"Chen Hu, do you think I should accept this? This is not a plain road but full of thorns. "After half a ring, Zhouyi asked Chen Hudao.
"Young master, you should have accepted this seemingly impossible top secret. I think you should choose this thorny road because you will not be content with mediocrity."