"Ice is Lin and them?" Snow now sincerely calls Ouyang Lin "Lin" as a good friend.

"Well," Bing casually answered a piano with his eyes fixed on the front.
"Do you want to play ice?" Asked the palate gently
"Well," Bing answered, and walked in the direction of the piano. He was about to play when he sat in front of the piano. "Miss, I’m sorry, this piano can’t be played." A member came over. This piano is for Ouyang Jun, and he can play it alone.
Bing ignored him and played the piano. When the waiter was about to stop, "I didn’t want you to be busy."
Ouyang Jun gave a command. He also wanted to see how this girl named Bing played. Maybe that’s why.
"Yes" gave birth to a retreat.
"Is it okay with me?" Ouyang Lin is very curious, but I never like people touching his piano. Is it elder brother … Ouyang Lin spent a night in insidious smile and felt that Ouyang Jun felt different about that ice? After all, he is also a best friend, but his heart will be a little uncomfortable?
Snow and ice are sitting at the bar drinking and enjoying the ice playing.
The piano rang in waves. The piano was beautiful and with a little sadness. There was a deep feeling in every key. She played a low and melancholy tone with the method of suppressing fingers. It seemed that the main road was buried deep in the soul. The tone was light and smooth, like a crow among Oriole flowers, and suddenly it became painful. It was like ice stagnation. Koizumi’s tone became more and more low, which made people feel sad and desolate …
Is there something sad about her? Lan Chengye Ouyang Jun pondered.
Just as people were intoxicated with the beautiful piano, several girls came to the ice.
"Sister Ying is her" A girl pointed a finger to the girl next to her and said that this girl is Sister Wen Zhiying. Her name is Fei Ying, and her father is the director of Chengde School, so the school is very arrogant. Today, she heard about the ice-blue night, and happened to meet the ice in the bar to "see" the iceman. She is a ruthless girl with a narrow mind.
"You are the girl who beat the tigress to death-ice bar" (the tigress seems to be asking for it) Fei Ying told ice with a smile, but it made people feel hypocritical to look at it, but there was a vicious heart hidden behind that smile.
Bing ignored them and still played the piano.
Chapter 10 Gentle King is angry?
"Hey, Sister Ying is talking to you." A little sister yelled at the ice and still ignored her. Fei Ying was so angry that she dared to ignore her. Fei Ying violently covered the piano cover and pressed the ice. Everyone around her hands was shocked when she saw it. It must be very painful to be pressed so hard by the piano cover. Everyone was worried about the ice, but the ice still ignored Fei Ying and continued to play the piano safely. Although the hands were pressed tightly, the pain was nothing to the ice, perhaps because she was used to it.
Fei Ying was once again ignored and felt more and more angry. She pressed the piano cover hard against the ice, and a crimson scar appeared on her hands, gradually spilling blood.
Xuelie was so angry that he started to hit Feiying with a stereo.
"Stop it, Fei Ying, don’t defile my piano with your dirty hands." This is exactly what Ouyang Jun said. His hands became two fists in Lan Chengye’s night. Just now, he also planned to start work, but someone beat him to it. While Ouyang Lin was interested in the ice and defiled the piano, it was just an excuse, while she was worried about the ice injury.
Fei Ying was shocked to see Ouyang Jun. How did Master Ouyang come here? And master blue also ruined her image. Just now, she took care of the ice and didn’t notice them at Lancheng Night.
"Don’t you want your hands?" Ouyang Jun said coldly that Fei Ying and his little sister trembled with fear for an Ouyang Tuan. They are not to be taunted! Lan Chengye and Ouyang Lin were also surprised. Ouyang Jun is the gentlest at ordinary times! How did you …
"I’m sorry, master Ouyang, we, we …" Fei Ying trembled speechless.
"Get out of here, don’t make me start work on girls" is still coldly without a trace of temperature.
"Yes," Fei Ying hurriedly agreed and ran away, and several little sisters followed.
Ouyang Jun immediately walked in front of the ice. "Are you okay?" Worried, I asked to uncover the piano cover and pour blood on my hands. There was a pain in my heart, snow and cold, and Lan Chengye and Ouyang Lin also ran over and looked at the ice. Everyone felt distressed.
"Are you an idiot? Won’t fight back? " Lan Chengye seems to scold the ice reproachfully, but it can’t hide the worry and cherish mood at all.
"Ice" Snow’s eyes are wet and wet. Looking at the ice "Feiying", his hands are clenched into fists and he said that he would never let that girl named Feiying go.
"Ice …" Ouyang Jun shouted out the name of ice with anxiety, which made the two boys feel a sense of jealousy. After playing the ice, his hands stopped and turned to look at Lan Chengye. "Huh?" What’s the matter with her face? Everyone feels so cold that she almost fainted. Everyone feels distressed and worried, but she puts on such a face and sweats. What kind of girl is this?
Chapter 11 Elder brother, do you like her?