Tentacles foaming at the mouth Zhang Tao hurriedly escape and the Lord has come to Zhang Tao to count tentacles, which is really difficult for people to cope with for a long time. Zhang Tao’s right wrist was kicked by the Lord, but Zhang Tao’s left fist made a fist collapse [

The powerful fist hit the hard armor. Although the Dharma dealt a fatal blow to the Lord, it temporarily made him distance himself and frowned slightly. "This Lord is even more difficult to deal with than expected."
Now, the attack power of Zhang Tao Kai-di-Qiao is absolutely beyond that of the cracked saint. Even if the Lord is defended, it will blow up an amazing pothole like a meteorite.
"Starburst!" Zhang Tao didn’t stop attacking, holding a real balloon in his right hand, getting bigger and bigger, and finally surpassing the distance of 100 meters. The real balloon burst, and there was absolutely no dead angle.
At the moment of boom, there was an explosion behind Zhang Tao, and the Lord actually got into the ground again and went up from behind like a tank. Because of the high speed, Zhang Tao noticed that he was less than two meters away from himself.
With a frown, Zhang Tao can barely avoid it, but then he will have the heart to attack Zhang Tao continuously. Bang bang Zhang Tao was hit three times even if he defended himself, because jade silkworm soft armor and Sunday ice body didn’t suffer much damage.
The Lord fell into the pit and Zhang Tao flew out to draw a huge mark on the ground. Looking from the sky, he looked like a huge lollipop, wearing a white robe and tattered jade silkworm. soft armor’s sunshine flashed like a galaxy.
"Is that how you resist my attack?" The Lord pointed to Zhang Tao soft armor.
Looked down at his soft armor Zhang Tao smiled "good".
"Relying on foreign things is not a strong one after all, Zhang Tao. It seems that that’s all you are." The Lord said lightly as if he had spoken a declaration of victory
Secretly sighed, "It may be true that it is difficult for me to win the battle with you."
"You can’t beat me unless it’s difficult to win." The Lord interrupted Zhang Tao’s words. For the Lord’s arrogance, Zhang Tao didn’t say "I intend to go all out." Zhang Tao’s tone suddenly increased
The Lord was stupefied. "You mean you have to do something now?"
Zhang Tao nodded his head without hesitation, and suddenly the Lord burst out laughing. But Zhang Tao closed his eyes lightly, and the aura of heaven and earth poured into his body like a huge whirlpool. After he got the source of soul, Zhang Tao’s strength was high again, and he became more sensitive to the aura of heaven and earth, and the amount of aura of heaven and earth absorbed became larger.
The huge air billow rushed to the Lord, which made it difficult for him to stabilize his figure. He retreated slightly. Zhang Tao opened his eyes again. Such red and blue eyes made people feel scared. "Is it funny?" Zhang Tao’s words let the Lord’s law answer
"It seems that you are not talking nonsense," said the Lord, forcing himself to calm down.
In fact, Zhang Tao hasn’t made the world cold yet, but Zhang Tao doesn’t intend to continue to make efforts to solve it.
Zhang Tao didn’t speak, but looked at the Lord flatly. This time, Zhang Tao felt that there was a qualitative change in his physical strength, as if he had an extra nuclear reactor, and he could take out conan the destroyer’s strength anytime and anywhere.
This feeling is that I have never seen this "famous listening tide pavilion" to see the fastest update and progress, which has made me further away from the world. After absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, I should be limited to the world.
"Let me see your strength." Say that finish, the wings behind the Lord are raised, and the scars are scratched out by a dagger on his chest. Obviously, his body has strong resilience, which is worthy of being the first generation of the Lord of the Temple. Chapter 769 Crisis surfaced.
Although I don’t know that the Lord was killed once, Zhang Tao knew that the Lord would be killed by himself. The powerful force made Zhang Tao feel that he could do something. This is the sense of power, a feeling that others can’t understand.
The Lord leans on his wings and the speed is faster. Zhang Tao can easily hide in two tentacles. However, the Lord has come to Zhang Tao’s front. His ferocious face, disgusting mouth and disgusting smell are close at hand
But Zhang Tao’s expression is very dull, as if watching a life of his own. It’s as if he has seen through the cycle of fate and accepted the known future.
"hmm?" The original Lord was about to hit Zhang Tao, but he was surprised to find that Zhang Tao had disappeared in front of him? But soon, the words clear but cold came to his ear, ice and water cut off!
Consciousness looked up and sure enough, Zhang Tao had put the Lord’s armor on his head, and his fingers were in Zhang Tao’s present expression, which was as cool as a god. It was definitely the Lord’s nightmare [
Poof! Strong cold poured into armor, and the cold of beating cattle across the hill penetrated his indestructible armor. The Lord could also feel a cold that could crush his soul and pour into his body. His face turned crazy and his body squirmed. Suddenly, the armor made a disgusting meat ball and rushed out.
Abandoning the car again to protect the handsome and make the cicada shell to avoid the attack is also the advantage of the method person. For a moment, his body’s hard armor was stained with a layer of frost, but the holy subject was already out of Zhang Tao’s attack. Not only that, but the soft body of the holy Lord reappeared with a layer of armor and became thicker and thicker.
Obviously, when it is necessary to give it to the Lord, then he must be able to coagulate again, so that the armor Zhang Tao will not let him get what he wants. In a flash, he has come to the Lord, and the Lord will have to make a sound in the future. Almost every punch in Zhang Tao’s boxing is with a punch.
Boom! Like sandbags, Zhang Tao’s fist flashed down to the Lord’s body. The Lord can barely defend and avoid it, but now he has lost his consciousness. He can wait for Zhang Tao to attack.
The ground is constantly sinking deeper than the surrounding mountains, and the strength of the Holy One is enough to destroy the world. Zhang Tao raised his hands full of mucus, and the Lord has been beaten by Zhang Tao like a lump of cow dung. At this moment, Zhang Tao stopped attacking, and his right hand suddenly grabbed the Lord’s neck, and the cold air suddenly filled out, and the Lord’s body was covered with ice. See the fastest update seal for the fifth literature.