It’s not too weak to fix it, but it’s not far away. In addition, he is in charge of Xin Hanchen’s magic weapon, Xuanji Skyfurnace, so few people bother him.

This haven’t considered back Xin Ruyu reality this wonderland.
"At the beginning, the Taoist friend of Shoucheng’s real-life Dharma Association met in a hurry, but now I finally have the opportunity to thank a friend."
Mud pill real attitude is kind to Qing smiles to say
After everyone takes a seat, Qingyuan and other true brothers naturally sit with mud pill reality, and his three brothers bow to nine thoughts of sand and sting virtual Bai Yuchan.
If you really want to be strict in seniority, the real Mudpill is a peer with Miaole Sanren, and Qingwei may have to say a uncle with Bai Yuchan.
Therefore, it is similar to Xin Rushou’s honesty, and they are also different.
Although Bai Yuchan is not a master and apprentice, the foundation stone method of practice at the beginning was made by Qing Wei after several deductions, and then supplemented and improved by mud balls.
And Bai Yuchan can have today, I have to say, but it is also a big favor
Therefore, to tell the truth, a "teacher" in Bai Yuchan can still afford it.
Bai Yuchan sits on the side of Qing Wei and is somewhat close and grateful. "If you have any Dan medicine to refine, you can directly find me and promise not to refuse."
Qing Wei nodded and smiled. "You’re so enthusiastic and being original, it’s hard to refuse. Why don’t you have a furnace of warm jade to give birth to fragrant pills first?"
After listening to Qing Wei, everyone couldn’t help smiling. Bai Yuchan looked at Qing Wei with a bitter bitterness.
Don’t say it’s him, even if it’s Mudpill Dao’s brother Ju Jiusi, the success rate of refining this magic pill is not high.
See mud pill reality look seriously nodded to Bai Yuchan, "we practitioners can do it, or I will throw you into the furnace for ten years".
Bai Yuchan is only joking, but he is sincere and full of truth, but he can’t fix it at present.
Mud pill reality took a glance at his younger brother and turned to Qingwei. "Daoyou can tell me what you need, Dan medicine. If you have it here, you can send you a bottle directly or let me refine it, but it wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the elixir."
Qing Wei Bai even thanked himself for keeping Bai Yuchan, such a fairly good brother.
But at present, Qingwei doesn’t need Dan medicine. Instead, she thinks about buying butch and leopard by herself. Lei Yin Dan immediately took out a bottle and handed it over to say with smile, "Please help me to buy a crystal for the Crystal Palace for one thousand yuan."
I can still see the quality of Qingweiji, but I can’t see more things.
"It turns out that Lei Yin Dan, the tiger and leopard, looks like the red dragon craftsmanship is good, but if it is for pure animals or beasts, it will have some general effects, of course, it will not be too bad."
Qing Wei suddenly nodded his head. Nine yuan was born at the beginning of the scene. It should not be bad to repair the heel, but it should be better than the unicorn in the back hill.
"Thank you for being a real person!" Qing Wei has several pairs of mud pills in his heart.
But Lei Yin Dan, who was holding the bottle of butch, continued, "How many original people are there in Daoyou’s hand to help you give him a furnace?"
"Can Erdan medicine be returned to the furnace after being refined?"
Qing Wei was appalled and handed over the remaining two bottles of Dan medicine.
Just see the reality of Mud Pill take out a small furnace made of purple jade and suck three bottles of Dan medicine all at once.
The purple flame turns three times and seven times, sending out a warm breath, and it didn’t take long for Qing Wei to see 27 glittering and translucent yellow Dan medicines flying back into the jade bottle with a hint of purple light.
"Daoyou, even if you raise a pure-blooded five-claw golden dragon at a young age, the effect is not bad."
Seeing the mud pill reality is so light, I will give this tiger and leopard Lei Yin Dan a little silk, and her heart is also sincere thanks.