Now the manor palace has been continuously expanded and its diameter has reached about two kilometers. Although it is not as big as the rig floor factory, it is also a behemoth.

The volume of hyphae wrapped in the manor palace cloud covers more than ten kilometers nearby, and the momentum is not lost to each other at all.
On the one hand, there is a huge cone-shaped metal structure with mottled metal shell, and on the other hand, there is a cloud steaming mist floating around the crystal clear fairy dust.
These are two completely different styles of writing and aesthetics.
It is also a collision between two different forces.
When I saw the rig floor factory not far from Zhuang, the rig floor factory also saw that the manor turned around at the fastest speed, facing the direction of the manor palace.
Not far from Zhuang, I saw the so-called "Destroyer of Zhuang"
It looks like a huge golden pointed cone with a length of nearly one kilometer and a thickness of tens of meters, which is a scaled-down model of the drilling floor factory.
However, the middle section of the "Destroyer of Zhuang" was strangely broken, and the golden fragments were bound by a force, but they were broken but suspended in a strange way.
Zhuang is not far away from this thing, otherwise I think those manor owners exaggerate the power of this weapon.
But when I saw it at this time, I really felt that this thing was not easy to mess with!
"Cloud hyphae are ready for fire!" Not far from Zhuang, immediately order
Not far from hearing Zhuang’s command, the cloud hyphae immediately gather lotus.
The horror charge gathers in every hypha of the cloud, and then the crackling charge rings. Almost everyone feels that their hair is standing on end.
It’s okay for humans. Several velvet people next to them almost turned into fur balls.
"Start the main gun!" Not far from Zhuang, a huge round tube rose from the sea of clouds.
The so-called main gun is actually condensed from sapphire leaf juice, which can be solidified into various forms by combining sapphire leaf juice with different materials and post-processing, including this crystal clear type like glass.
The cloud hyphae rapidly condensed in the center of the barrel.
At the tail of the gun barrel, more and more terrorist forces will suppress the active charge together like a ball of plasma.
A few seconds after the silver light flashed and burst, the fiery ball seemed to be about to explode.
On the other hand, a golden light gathered at the tail of the "Destroying Zhuangbao" and gradually spread to the front. Obviously, those who destroyed Zhuangbao were ready to launch.
The strange posture around the destroyer scattered around the central axis, and the debris scattered around and then suddenly a contraction pulse.
A golden ball of light dragged the golden streamer straight forward.
At the same time, Zhuang also shouted "Ready to launch!"
"Cheep" is a sharp and harsh sound that makes people numb and scream all over the body. A silver ball of light drags Yao’s eyes forward and shoots out.
The rapid approach of one gold and one silver seems to have crossed dozens of kilometers in an instant.
In the exile era, there were more than a dozen war dogs scattered far away from the manor palace and the rig factory.
This is sent by major forces to explore.
Although few people know that it is very inconvenient to communicate in exile era and it is difficult to know the result in real time, there are still many forces sending agents to get first-hand information.
And these spies didn’t expect the first encounter between the two sides to be like this.
The hammer city drilling platform factory is known as the "destroyer of villages", but anyone with a little scale has heard of it.
But visually speaking, I’ve never heard of the main gun in the manor house. It seems that … the power is not bad at all?
Who can smash each other with one gold and one silver? Or do you lose each other and annihilate each other?
People not far from Zhuang and the rig floor factory are also waiting for this result.
They craned their necks and watched two streamers suddenly collide.
At that moment, the two colors of gold and silver were superimposed together, and the golden light and the mans were shining together.
Has it ever been so brilliant in the era of dark light exile? Such a beautiful scenery made onlookers open their mouths in shock.
The more beautiful and powerful, the more it can destroy everything.
Zhuang also squinted at his heart a little nervous.
Which is stronger, manor power or rig factory?