"This ….." Children one leng then nodded.

"Thank you, thank you!" The old man looked excited and pulled a little girl to kneel toward Zhou Jia and proffering flaming repeatedly.
"What are the thanks for two cakes?" At another table not far away, the guests disdained to sneer.
"I don’t know what it means to thank you for being confused by others and driving you out of the house."
There are three people sitting at the table, two men and one woman, all of whom are in their prime. The young population is one of them.
They are well-dressed and can tell at a glance that they are of extraordinary birth.
"Dare not" The old man shook his head and turned pale.
"I would be grateful if I could give us a cake."
He didn’t dare to offend either side, and now he asks the other side to say a few words, otherwise the cake may be gone soon.
Two source stones fell to the ground.
One of the men at that table was cold-mouthed.
"What can two cakes do? It is serious to take these two source stones to keep healthy and find a job when you are full."
The old man’s flashing eyes girl is obviously not seen the source stone with a blank face. Why is grandpa so excited?
To the side, the bartender’s eyes flashed and greed passed
"Thank you, gentlemen!"
"Wa!" The old man shouted
"Thank you for your appreciation!"
The girl didn’t think much about kneeling, but Mao Mao kowtowed and provoked three people to laugh again and again.
"If you have money, you can have a meal." The woman at the table smiled and waved her hand, which was even more provocative towards Zhou Jia.
"I see who dares to kick you out?"
Zhou Jia frowned and slowly put away the picture scroll. He was about to get up and go out and rush into a group of people, all with pitfalls.
There were twenty or thirty people in the crowd, and no one in the big pub was angry, but everyone was scared.
When the man swept the eye field, they quickly came to the front of Zhou Jia and knelt down to stuffy way
"I found that after Kirishima was breached, people around Qin Ying scattered and fled. One of them was Qin Guyan, a descendant of Qin Ying’s family who was nine at a young age and was their main leader."
"This person is good at making friends, and there are several Liu’s three daughters outside Jiaocheng who are familiar with his sworn brothers and sisters of the opposite sex."
"Liu Jia" Zhou Jia nodded.
"Let’s go!"
A group of people came and went in a hurry, and they were orderly and not chaotic, which also made other people in the pub tremble.
When people go far away, other people come to the table. Two men and one woman look at each other and see each other’s eyes with horror.
Qin Ying?
These are all the levels that top experts in Shicheng can contact.
Liu Sanniang!
One of them eyes shrank suddenly angry and then carefully looked around and pressed the bass track
"Let’s go!"