Thanks to their familiarity with the surrounding environment, although they are much slower than the monsters behind them, they can always escape when they press the key.

A moment later
Two people eyes a bright like saw some hope to speed up the pace again.
The figure flashed across the narrow street and landed in a ruin. It was rushing forward, but suddenly it was delayed.
"What’s the matter?"
"There is something on the ground that attracts us!"
The two men looked in panic and looked somewhere. They had to call for help in the future, and they were shrouded by several shadows falling from the sky.
The scream came to an abrupt end
A man in the distance showed a sneer.
At the same time, the hand method tactic gently leads the trap that has been set up for a long time and immediately stimulates the number of blood-eating grass vines to surge wildly.
Blink of an eye
In situ, two people and a few monsters who are devouring flesh and blood have been swallowed up, leaving only a few bones scattered on the spot.
The man flew close to pick up a few source materials and waved to his companions.
"Two lucky people can gain so much, and it is more than enough to raise people in the warehouse for a dozen times."
"Yes," a woman jumped near the front and showed disdain.
"That’s funny. Is it stupid to give them something to eat and thank the big brother for it?"
"Ha ha …" The man laughed.
"It’s not natural to save them from monsters and to eat and drink and be grateful, but what can they do even if they find it wrong?"
"Can a group of second-and third-class people turn over the sky?"
"Brother said yes."
Female nod
botanical garden
The fire was raging, and a strange tree screamed in the flames, struggling and finally collapsed.
After the flame burned, the strange tree left a few pieces of blue wood tumbling in the fire.
But no one picked it up
Two groups of men are armed with knives and armed with enemies.
"Brother He!"
Chiqiong, a pulse-loving master, Ma Wei walked towards the opposite side before stepping.
"This just entered the world. In a few days, you want me to wait for a big fight. Aren’t you afraid that the day after tomorrow will be difficult?"
"You should know very well that the last few days are the keys!"
"At this time, no matter how many things you start, you can’t keep them in the end. For the sake of old times, Ma really doesn’t want to start work."
"Hum!" He Conglong grunted.
"Here is the first time we found that the horse vein owner is self-sustaining and strong, just like forcibly occupying God. Is there such a good thing?"
"Do you want the original medicine here?"
He raised his hand E Long knife to kill the knife.
"Just walk over our bodies!"