Xu tui really understands.

However, An Xiaoxue suggested that there are some discrepancies in the real situation.
At present, what Xu tui lacks most is cultivation resources.
In short, it is poverty!
With AnXiaoXue reply Xu back my heart immediately had a decision.
Gently press the button beside the chair.
"Have you thought about it?" Luo mu laughed
"Well think it over" Xu nodded back.
Just before this time, Meng Sixi, who showed the beauty of gene Gu Wu energy field in Taiwan, quickly came to Xu’s seat.
"It took you only 15 minutes to find the sense of breath …"
Words haven’t say that finish Meng Sixi suddenly see Luomu hurriedly rushed aside Luomu fuels salute.
"Sixi met Brother Luo"
Luomu has returned to the usual cold appearance, and a slight nod in his nose is a greeting.
This gesture makes Xu retreat a little startled. It seems that he and Luo Mu are really roommates, that is, closer.
"Brother Locke, I’ll deal with one side first." Meng Sixi pointed to Xu’s retreat.
"Don’t deal with it. I’ve verified that he did find the air," said Luo Mu.
Meng Sixi suddenly revealed the shock color "this is only fifteen minutes? How is that possible? Could he have practiced before? "
Meng Sixi is a question of consciousness.
When I heard this, Luo Mu wanted to say that Xu retired and found the gas feeling in one minute, and he also took it back.
Or don’t give Xu back for hate.
"Let’s go to see Shen Lao and let Shen Lao see it."
Luomu said that Meng Sixi could respond.
When Xu tui and Luo Mu left the venue and entered the quiet room behind the venue, which was not too big but elegant.
After class, Mr. Shen Jiushuang is enjoying a cup of old tea leisurely.
"Master, I brought this. This is the first student who found the sense of gas in 15 minutes.