There are at least 300 million human beings in the disaster factory.

The tracking is not over.
It’s far from over
Sugar ball factory and disaster factory are doomed to a war.
But where is the disaster factory at the moment?
Nobody knows.
"What? Brother Zhuang, are you leaving? " I was shocked to hear that Zhuang was leaving not far away. "Where are you going?"
Not far from Zhuang, there is also a blank face.
But if you sit at home, it is impossible for the disaster factory to fall directly from the sky.
"Brother Zhuang, don’t worry, let me inquire about it first." She said.
He is now the owner of a cluster-level factory, and he has much more information channels than before.
It is impossible for a factory to upgrade to cluster level without the slightest trace.
"And I know Brother Zhuang, you are very good, but you have to face a cluster-level factory. Are you sure you don’t want to upgrade a sugar ball factory before you leave?"
Upgrade the sugar ball factory?
Nod carefully.
"It is also very troublesome and dangerous to upgrade a world-class factory to a star level. It is estimated that there will be no place in the world that is more convenient and safer than upgrading in a cluster-level factory."
"And here is everything you need to upgrade."
Chapter 156 Children make choices
Outside the factory, several star-rated factories are quietly parked.
Although the factory is shutting down at this time, most factories have no choice to leave.
This parking space is actually expensive, and it costs a lot of money for every extra day of parking, but even so, no one wants to leave. Instead, every factory can boldly "auction" a parking space with the highest price.
This kind of parking space is tight, which is probably comparable to the parking space in the central business district.
But there is a parking space on the left side of the factory, where a world-class factory is parked.
And there is no one parked around it for a whole circle.
Sugar ball factory
Taking the giant cube factory all the way from the edge of the thallium cluster to the core, the sugar ball factory is really a god to stop killing the Buddha.
Now it has also made a big name.
Nowadays, sugar ball factories are called "star hunters", and there are also titles such as "Butch Butcher" and "Greedy Killer".
Many people are worried that if they park next to it, they will be hungry and eat it directly, and there will be no room for reasoning.
At this time, the cube in the giant square factory is fixed near the sugar ball factory.
Then a series of lights lit up and connected into a huge circular light gate.
The light door moved slowly, and the sugar ball factory jumped back and disappeared into the light door.
Then the light door closed and the sugar ball factory disappeared.
In the factory department, there is a huge cavity with a diameter of thousands of kilometers. Many people look at the sugar ball factory suddenly appearing in front of them in awe.
It is this small factory that rewrote the history of the factory and changed the owner of this huge star field.
As the saying goes, the factory will go up a storey still higher today.
One by one, a huge manipulator reached over to remove the smooth blade of the sugar ball factory and slowly dismantle its shell.
Although the factory is not a "skillful" maintenance factory, it is simple for a cluster-level factory to upgrade its world-class factory.