"Coagulating the True Heart Sutra comes from the dilapidated door view of measurement thirty years ago, and it seems that you have a great ambition to practice the true qi method completely."
She looks a little unhappy.
You can see a person’s pursuit from the method of election
It’s not right for Zhou Yi to be unwilling to stop refining the body and want a practice with true qi.
However, he knew very well that if he wanted to break through the refining body, the Lins would surely give him the practice, but Zhou Yi just didn’t take it, but started first.
This is equivalent to wasting a chance to choose the achievement method.
Normal people will choose Wushu and posture to increase their strength, etc. When the marrow refining is a breakthrough, they will make plans.
If you have this ability, the Lins will never be stingy.
It also says
Zhou Yi doesn’t intend to be attached to the Lins from the heart, otherwise he will prepare for the posterior approach.
"Coagulation true heart sutra? Good wushu, posture is good state is the root "LiuMengYan tap hands laughed.
"I knew Zhou Xiong would choose it."
Their Lin Yun ryukyu know LiuMengYan this is deliberately dozen circle field don’t want to show malice to Zhou Yi.
Sigh lightly. Her face is positive.
"A few days ago, when the red-violet cult attacked Zhou Nursery Hospital, it was discovered that it was even more rewarding to behead three evil cults."
"Reward three hundred and twenty pieces of silver, two pills of quenching body Dan, promotion and other guards."
Zhou Yi quickly thanked him.
"Thank you, Miss Big!"
Earlier, although many cult demon guards and nursing homes were wiped out, they also suffered heavy losses until today, when the inventory was made and the rewards were properly arranged.
Be richly rewarded
Three hundred and twenty pieces of silver can buy two mansions in Kunshan City, and the quenching body Dan is more valuable than Huanglong Powder.
When the guards have enough money for two months, it’s not even a holiday reward. It’s almost the limit that fighters can reach.
Chen Long is waiting for the guard.
Not to mention the true heart sutra of coagulation.
Zhou Yi was satisfied and retired soon, and Liu Mengyan took the initiative to find the door.
"Something’s wrong"
Liu Mengyan somberly also made Zhou Yi realize that it was wrong. He has always been the bottom of the world, and he is far less well-informed than the other party. He asked curiously
"What’s the matter?"
"Do you know Wu Tiantong?"
"Yellow Ant Army Wu Tiantong"
Zhou yi nodded
"heard of it"
"This person’s talent is less than 30 years old, which is already the true spirit of Dacheng fighters and the extremely strange strength of his practice." Liu Mengyan took a deep breath.
"Wenwu Tiantong is the reincarnation of the yellow ant Daxian, and the powerful strength has overwhelmed many leaders and trapped tens of thousands of bandit troops."
"Now I have come to Kunshan City!"
"Well …" Zhou Yi frowned.
"The yellow ant army is difficult, but in recent years, the girders have been worried about foreign invasion, and Kunshan City has been besieged several times, and it seems that there has never been chaos."
"What’s the difference this time?"
"hey!" Liumengyan light sigh a way
"The difference is that Wu Tiantong is different from other gangsters, not only pursuing wealth but also wanting to be a born master."
"The Lins are Jianghu giants, and they have been born from generation to generation. He will naturally not let go this time."
"The Lins are easy to defend but difficult to attack in the mountains, and their excellent skills in martial arts are not comparable to ordinary bandits." Zhou Yi shook his head.
"Wu Tiantong wouldn’t be cut off if he wasn’t stupid."
"I think so, too." Liu Mengyan’s head looks like a way.
"But it’s not unreasonable for Wu Tiantong to be called Wu Crazy again. He has asked Lin Jiaxun for a large number of precious medicines and techniques. If he doesn’t give them, he will attack the mountain at any cost."