The streamers with different colors rise from the ground and penetrate the thick clouds to draw a beautiful arc and go straight to the distance.
At the same time
There are streamers scattered around the mountain.
"pan Lao"
Cloud begonia eyes slightly narrowed visual distance.
"The front line of this trip will take at least a few years. Haitang is young and has many things that you don’t understand. If you do something wrong, you can reprimand it."
"dare not"
Pan Lao gently stroked his beard and laughed
"Miss Haitang has a hole, and it takes experience to teach the elders. Can you get it or not?"
"Well …"
His voice slightly paused way
"I heard that Miss Haitang wants to apply for a life-prolonging medicine?"
"Good" cloud begonia nodded.
"Is there a problem?"
"If it is no problem for yourself," Pan Laokou glanced at a certain figure in the rear at the same time.
"But the old man heard that it was for that Monday?"
"Who said that?" Cloud begonia eyebrows a wrinkly.
Not many people know about it, and almost all of them are trusted by her. Although it is nothing, it makes her unhappy.
There is no secret in some people’s eyes that they want to do something.
"I don’t remember who I learned by chance," said Pan Lao.
"However, it’s hard to get a life-prolonging medicine. The rule of Yunjia is that you can get a fifth-order silver from your own blood and you need a sixth-order silver."
"You can make an exception only if you have made great contributions."
"Well" cloud begonia nodded.
"I am white"
"It’s old and talkative." Pan Lao laughed.