In the battle, the fists and palms of the small and expensive Xiaohua were connected, and the dazzling sparks splashed like rain with strong airflow, forming a terrible storm that shattered the surrounding bamboo in a blink of an eye.

The peripheral girl lotus nut has a faint green light on her hands to block the airflow around her, and her eyes are firmly staring at the warring two people’s faces are full of excitement.
A burst of drinking came from the muffled thunder. During the battle, Xiaohua’s right hand turned and turned, and the dazzling green light gathered into a ball of light and suddenly appeared on Xiao Gui’s chest.
In the face of this scene, Xiao Gui’s face changed, and his right hand bent into a claw, grabbed it and firmly held Xiaohua’s right hand.
When you touch your hands, Xiao Gui’s body will quiver and you will continue to retreat. Xiaohua will have to wait for no man. The shadow of his hand will keep coming like a raging river.
Even a few feet back, Xiao Gui still can’t get rid of Xiaohua’s attack. He can’t help roaring, flying out of his feet in a row and pointing his feet straight at Xiaohua’s chest.
Laughing at Xiao Hua, he sneered, "How about Xiao Gui now? You know I’m amazing, right?" After that, both hands quickly took a hard shot of Xiao Gui’s seventy-two feet and they were bounced several times at the same time.
Unwilling to stare at Xiaohua Xiaogui, he grunted, "There is progress, but it’s no big deal. Now let’s go and see who is the final winner." With that, his hands stretched out and his green light flashed, and a powerful momentum extended outwards, and he transferred dozens of zhangs of Fiona Fang nearby to cover his control.
Xiaohua’s face is hey hey say with smile, "I’m afraid you won’t succeed if you come for real." Then he stepped forward with his right foot, and the whole person’s body stood side by side with his palms facing a green and misty brilliance on his chest.
Peripheral lotus nut looked at hurriedly put away his giggling expression and quickly withdrew from the ten-foot body cloth defense mask, looking at the two of them.
Seeing that the war was coming, a flute suddenly came to the top of the mountain, which made the three people in the forest hesitate for a moment and then put away their posture and turned to fly to the top of the mountain.
A moment later, the three men came to a row of huts and stood respectfully outside the door. "Master, don’t you know what the orders are for bringing back your brothers?"
A serious voice in the room said, "How do you usually teach your classmates to love each other and not to do anything at random? What about you? After a little bit of emotional struggle, I threw my words behind my head. Are your wings hard and you don’t listen to the teachings? "
When the three men heard this, they looked scared and said, "Master, calm down and my brothers will never dare again when they know that they are wrong."
The sound in the room eased a little, and some feelings said, "I don’t want to scold you either, but you all know that I got this disability, so I don’t want you to follow my footsteps."
Chapter seventy-seven Return to his legacy
Hearing this, Xiaohua hurriedly said, "Master has painstakingly taught me that we will love each other and will never live up to Master’s expectations."
With a slight sigh, the outsider whispered, "Come in now for nothing."
Xiaohua three people should be a light slowly walked into the door.
See a wooden bed in the corner through the sunlight, an old man with white hair and beard lying on the bed, his legs are up to his thighs, and his left hand is half broken, only his right hand is healthy.
The old man’s face is gaunt, and his eyes are cold and threatening, as straight as a sword, which makes people feel a little awe.
Looking at the three people coming in, the old man narrowed his eyes and judo "Lianxin, come here and master Youhua will tell you."
Girl lotus nut should be a submissive walked to the bed, gently kneeling hands holding the old man’s right hand looked up at him.
The old man smiled lovingly and whispered, "You’re a girl. Don’t always call Xiaohua a little expensive and quarrel with you. You should take care of each other like brothers and sisters at all times."
Lotus nut whispered, "I didn’t dare after Master Lotus nut."
The old man smiled indifferently and looked up at Xiaohua Xiaogui. "You don’t forget your brothers’ feelings just because you like lotus plums. Things are wonderful. You are still young. After you have learned a lot, you will understand the mystery. It’s almost half a month since Tieshan left. You should have come back a few days ago. I think something delayed you on the way. You should come back soon these two days."
Xiao Gui said, "Master, don’t worry. It’s sure nothing will happen if the big brother practices profundity."
The old man shook his head slowly, and the three people couldn’t understand the look. The tone was a little strange. "Tieshan has never been punctual, and he hasn’t come back this time. I think it should not be so simple."
Xiaohua saw that Master was a little upset and quickly comforted, "Don’t worry, Master. I guess the big brother must have bought some supplements for your old man and some gadgets from the younger sister, so don’t worry. I’ll go and see if I can meet you."
The old man smiled with relief and a face of kindness. "Tieshan’s filial piety is commendable. It would be great if he were a little more smooth."
I heard Master praise Tieshan Lianxin’s coquetry and said, "Master, don’t just say that the big brother is good, is there nothing worthy of praise?"
The old man heard this and laughed. "Our hearts are beautiful, smart and beautiful. That’s rare."
With a charming smile and a lotus heart, she said, "It’s very kind of Master to like Master best."
The old man laughed. "Master is an old man. You’d better find a handsome young man. Haha-"
Lotus nut turned red and said angrily, "Master is a big, bad guy, so you know that teasing people ignores you. I’ll go and see if the master elder brother has come back." Then he flashed out and disappeared.
The old man laughed a few times and immediately said to Xiaohua Xiaogui, "You also go. If Tieshan comes back, remember to bring the horse to see me." Xiaohua Xiaogui nodded and turned away.
In the scorching sun and mountains, a figure shuttled through the mountains and wandered in the treetops, and then flew far away for a moment, and then disappeared from the sun.
A long time ago, this figure suddenly appeared on a hill, looking far ahead.
By bright sunlight, I saw that this man was about twenty-seven years old, with a resolute face and a sad face, and carrying a huge sword on his back turned out to be far from Tieshan Mountain Village.
Looking at the bleak eyes of Tieshan, who lies miles away, he said to himself, "Soon, soon, I’ll talk to them."
Think about the blood feud in the mountain village and think that you can feel a pain in your heart and make him feel worse.
Bowing their heads, Tieshan took out the urn containing all the villagers in the mountain village from his arms, feeling dejected alone.
Tears fall every time I see this bottle of Tieshan, I hold back my sad tears and deeply blame myself, which makes him want to go crazy.
Tieshan has always hated himself when he thought of what happened that day. If he could get back earlier, things would not be so rare, and some people’s fate would change.
However, he neglected that even if he went back, could he really change anything?
He never thought about it. He was the murderer who put all the blame on himself.
Today, when he came back, he didn’t ask anyone to forgive him. He told everyone and said goodbye to Master, and then all the villagers in Jianshan Village died and got back the blood debt.
Even if he dies, he will not have the slightest fear, because he is white, which is what he must do, because he is also a mountain villager and the only one left in the mountain village.
The wind blew gently, awakened Tieshan in meditation and brought his thoughts back to his eyes.