Compared with all kinds of clever luck, the magical power is amazing. Although the artistic conception is high, it shows one word-smash you to death!

This magical power has never risen at first sight, and it has reached the limit of what can be done today.
"There are still two times in the jade statue that the true meaning of the seal is left like that?"
The thought in my heart can be put aside for a while, and then I am immersed in sublimation and integration of the avatar.
Five-color divine light, five elements of Yin and Yang magnetic extinction divine light needle, congenital five emperors canopy, five mountains and rivers seal, five elements of mixed yuan boxing, too empty dreamland, too empty Taoist body, five elements of divine thunder, nine immortals thunder, disillusionment divine thunder and so on all come to mind.
Many insights and inspirations, many magical powers, artistic conception, evolution and sublimation, and rapid progress in levels.
And such as the five mountains and rivers, this magical power is clear and micro, and it is a big step to take the essence and discard the dross.
After all, there is a time when the magical power is the "Sun" level, and there is too much to learn from it.
He is not arrogant enough to integrate this avatar into the seal of heaven, so he thinks it will lower the level of this jade avatar
It’s not that the five mountains and rivers are not strong, but who to compare with …
The head is thick and ethereal, and there are many different images outside the five-element cave, Zhenqingyun. When the scene evolves and changes, the five elements behind Qingwei blend with each other, and a trace of chaos is born in the depths of Tai Chi. It seems that everything will be unified in the beginning of the first yuan, and the evolution of the five elements seems to be like a magic road.
Changliu fairy mountain
It’s urgent for the mountain master to repair his heart when he sees Qingwei leisurely.
However, he also knows that Qingwei can’t comb for too long this time, and he doesn’t mean to look around.
"There are still about twenty years to go, and it’s not like breaking through him. It should be possible to get out in five years."
After Lu Xianling handled the finishing work of this year’s test, he was deeply impressed to see his mountain owner sigh again.
I am a little fairy and I can’t help anything.
I’ve been to Guanchouhai, but I haven’t been deep enough, and I was almost robbed of my body by the Lord of Xiangdong.
"I can help the Lord!"
When the owner of Changliu Mountain saw that his deer had brought into tears, he couldn’t help but pinch the eyebrows and immediately waved his hand and said, "You and I have passed."
"Pray for this tiny friend to be smooth and safe."
It’s the first time that the owner of Changliu Mountain, who has been proud of Yingzhou for so many years, found himself so pious.
"Dao Jun bless the Heaven Emperor!"
After watching the movement of the island for more than three years, the owner of Changshou Mountain was pleasantly surprised to find that he was awake.
"Good good!"
The calm breath of the island’s clear eyes makes the world move more and more, while the vast legal principle is perfect and true, and then it seems to be a chaotic, dark and unpredictable thing.
"Now is to try to buckle the fairy gate …"
The micro-mobilization has been sublimated, trying to evolve into the prototype of the cave, but it seems that it is not as expected.
"It is still a’ complete’ dharma to break through Shizhou, that is, to learn from the natural road of Tiandi Avenue. Yingzhou is good, but it will not be polished after this breakthrough."
Qing Wei thought that there might be some spiritual problems in Yingzhou Terran now, so he couldn’t help but make a decision.
There are some things in the blood of his hundred families, which make up for some restrictions of Yingzhou’s isolation to a great extent.
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Irrigation sorrow sea refined treasure
After a foundation repair, sublimation and polishing, it seems that the barrier of the fairy can be broken at any time.
It will be another great transformation from a fairy to a fairy, and it is also a step from "human" to "fairy"
The fairy’s body scene, the prototype of the cave, the contact with the evolution rules of the world, the mysterious operation, even if it is only an illusory prototype, the fairy has far more power than ordinary people.
And Qingwei thinks he is extraordinary, but it is only in the late stage of the fairy that he has the strength to rival the fairy.
This is the special foundation of other scenes, that is, the evolution of the five elements and the emptiness of the world, which is a kind of embryonic shadow of the cave.
And if you succeed in breaking through the fairy and realize that you have perfected the prototype of the cave, it may be smoother than others.
"Mixed Yuan Tian" … this is a general outline of a certain department of Yuxiu Palace, but it is important for my luck. Chaos is extremely dominant over Taixu and the five elements, and it is a great accident! "
Qing Wei smiled with satisfaction and immediately thought of his own Shou Yuan.
It has been more than 1,700 years since I was born in Shou Yuan. Although it has been consumed in recent years, how long has it been?
However, the owner of Changliu Mountain can directly prolong his life by 900 years with a glass of wine. Now he can live nearly 2,600 years!
However, Qing Wei, who is behind the achievement method, also found that even if he didn’t die, he unconsciously passed quickly. Ten or twenty years can be described as fleeting.
Speaking of Qing Wei, I can’t help but suddenly realize that I have saved three lucky draw opportunities now!